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What is Zakat?

Zakat, the giving of alms to the poor and needy, is one of the five pillars of Islam (the others are declaration of faith, prayer, fasting in Ramadan and Hajj). 517 kata lagi

Up, Up and Away: Tracing the Trajectory of International Cooperation in Zakat Management

The World Zakat Forum which ended its 5th International Conference in Jakarta on 16th March 2017 witnessed participation from 21 countries. During the last seven years of its existence (it was born in the October 2010 at a similar event in Yogyakarta, Indonesia), … 787 kata lagi


World Zakat Forum 2017

World Zakat Forum 2017: Strengthening the Role of Zakat as a Global Instrument to Eradicate Poverty

The 5th International Conference of Zakat, which focuses on strengthening the role of zakat as a global instrument to eradicate poverty, was held in Jakarta on 15th-16th March 2017. 776 kata lagi


Launch of Sadaqa Initiative

Today the World Zakat Forum at Jakarta is coming to a close. On this occasion I have an important announcement to make. Today we are launching the Sadaqa Initiative at… 82 kata lagi


The difference between zakaah and sadaqah

Praise be to Allaah.


Zakaah means worshipping Allaah by giving that which He has enjoined of different kinds of zakaah to those who are entitled to them, according to the guidelines prescribed in sharee’ah. 1.101 kata lagi

Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

Zakat Payment to Non-Muslims: Revisiting the Issues

In an earlier post (Should zakat be used for humanitarian finance?) I discussed whether zakat payment is exclusively meant for Muslims, noting the divergence of views among scholars on this issue. 183 kata lagi


There lies every solution of your problem in Islam

Before Muhammad conveyed Islam to this world, it was a dull place. Everyone had overlooked and of the lessons of the past prophets mutilated. Islam came as the light for humankind. 355 kata lagi