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Sailor Moon Still Works As A Figure Skating Routine

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This isn’t the first time Evgenia Medvedeva has done a Sailor Moon routine, and it’s probably not the last time, either. 67 kata lagi


Noemi [1]: Status Update

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Raindrops hit the windows, creating a continuous noise in this otherwise quiet apartment.

My middle finger taps the keyboard at an andante pace. 587 kata lagi


Let’s Talk About Yuri Visual Novels [List of Yuri Visual Novels]

When it comes to visual novels, my knowledge is pretty limited, since I have just not spent that much time on playing many. Of course, part of the reason why I haven’t done so is the fact that there are simply not that many translated visual novels available that trigger my interest, so my knowledge is almost solely limited to yuri VNs. 3.007 kata lagi


Twin Angel Break Episode 3 Review - "The Moonlit Night and the Hedgehog"

Sometimes a bland and boring show manages to show some promise by episode 3. The rule is thus upheld etc. I would say that Twin Angel Break… 676 kata lagi


BanG Dream! Episode 13 Review - "We Sang!"

And here we come to the end of another series.

(Spoilers in this review576 kata lagi


Hinako Note Episode 3 Review - "Mistaken Friend"

This episode showcases Hinako’s slow improvement regarding conversing with others as well as her naivety. In other words, Hinako Note is staying true to its roots as a slice-of-life series due to its steady, unrushed sense of progress. 773 kata lagi