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Revolutionary Girl Utena 20th Pt. 2 and Anime 30 Day Challenge Day 8: Favorite Couple.


Hello again.  Here is part two of my primer for Revolutionary Girl Utena in celebration of it’s 20th anniversary.  Also, I will be posting day 8 of my 30 day anime challenge (long overdue), as a couple from this anime takes the spot. 677 kata lagi

"Nostalgie Science/Tsumetai Taiyou" by MIZTAVLA (single details + digest + NEW LOOK)

MIZTAVLA will release their new single “Nostalgie Science/Tsumetai Taiyou” on March 8th! They also have a new look, so check it out below!

Single: Nostalgie Science/Tsumetai Taiyou (ノスタルジーサイエンス/冷たい太陽) 131 kata lagi


Cinematography of Yuri on Ice, Episode 1 Part 1

WARNING: In this article we will make some reference to events in later episodes. It’s pretty much unavoidable since this show has a lot of foreshadowing.

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Yuri On Ice

BanG Dream! Episode 5 Review - "My Heart Was Racing!"

Time for Kasumi to seduce Tae into joning the band!

(Spoilers in this review468 kata lagi


Urara Meirochou Episode 7 Review - "Invocations and Witches Sometimes Have to Be Ready"

The episode title, as usual, does a decent job summarizing what happens.

(Spoilers in this review631 kata lagi


Cheery Amnesia Chapter 1

Cheery Amnesia Chapter 1

明るい記憶喪失 Second chapter of the Yuri Love Comedy. Also due to the Pervert Elf third chapter will be delayed by 8 days. 27 kata lagi