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Birthday Cake]

It’s a nice relaxed morning for Aoba and Hifumi. Actually it’s nearly noon, and they’re having a slightly early lunch because they’re soon heading out to walk under the cherry blossoms. 2.337 kata lagi


[Original Doujinshi] PAX 1

TL comment: surprising amount of leg and thigh service.

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title: PAX 1
author: awauri (Aice)
original work published on: 2016-05-05… 8 kata lagi


The Grand Pilgrimage Finale: End of the Pilgrimage

Lais was the first to regain consciousness. She checked over everyone in turn and smiled gently at Inés. “They’ll be fine,” she reported. “They’ll need time to rest and to take it easy, but there won’t be any permanent damage.” 1.309 kata lagi


Underwater Recovery

Even with there not being that much to do on the station, Valentina still felt like the three days of R&R just flew by. She got to spend more time with Samus, which was good. 2.140 kata lagi


Love, Guitars, and the Nashville Skyline - Visual Novel Review

Released for English-speaking audiences back in November 2016, Long, Guitars, and the Nashville Skyline is about road trips, music, and romance. What did I think about this yuri visual novel? 702 kata lagi


Strawberry Panic and Learning to Cope with Finality and Death

It’s not a big secret that we’ve all had some form of romantic history. Everyone’s gone through it at least once, be it a quick, week long escape in middle school, to a years long, country spanning journey with grandiose highs and deep, impacting lows. 1.412 kata lagi