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The Grand Pilgrimage 42: Inés VS Michael

Michael led the trio to an area littered with flat stones.

“I don’t see a shelter,” Serena said.

“You are not intended to,” Michael said. “Stand back.” 1.002 kata lagi


Stella no Mahou Episode 4 Review - "Skill Up"

Now that the girls have decided on the plot for their doujin game, how will they progress? Will Honda manage to successfully draw Stella, Samyu, and the Selection Box? 335 kata lagi


Flip Flappers Episode 4 Review - "Pure Equalization"

This week, Cocona and Papika start living together in an attempt to synchronize their impedances (otherwise known as feelings) so they can secure more fragments. If you’ve watched… 529 kata lagi


Let's Talk Flip Flappers - Episode 4 Review

Looks like studio 3Hz finally answered my prayers.

No nonsense. A lack of acid trip like colors. No eccentric scenes being crammed down my throat without context. 738 kata lagi


Loot Crate: LynLynSays' Dream Crate

Last week, Loot Crate contacted me if I’d be interested in a little project they are doing. Initially, I thought it was a joke because no one actually uses the “Contact Me” form on my blog and to me, a company like Loot Crate wouldn’t possibly look at this blog in a million years, but I was wrong. 969 kata lagi


I miss you Ch.11

Chapter 11: Ice cream and Bowlerhats have nothing in common, nothing!


“So~ how do you explain me saving a teen from committing suicide and another from eating dirt out of the dumpster without sounding like a overconfident jerk and showoff?” she whispered sitting in front of the grave. 2.009 kata lagi


I miss you Ch.10

Chapter 10: Fear and Loathing in Vacuo


“Guess what? I am apparently the mascot for a tequila brand in Vacuo.” She said while her eyes looked as dead as a fish’s. 1.580 kata lagi