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My Little Burden chap.1

Author : Fera GoldenStONE

Genre : GenBen

Length : Chapter

Cast : Tiffany Hwang (Namja)

Kim Taeyeon (Yeoja)

Jessica Jung (Namja)

Taeyeon POV.

Pukul enam sore. 1.003 kata lagi

Amanchu! - Anime Series Review

Episodes: 12

Genre(s): Slice-of-Life

Aired: Jul 2016 to Sep 2016

Also Known As: あまんちゅ!

Summary: Ooki Futaba recently transfered to a city near the ocean where she meets Kohinata Hikari, a classmate who loves the ocean as well as scuba diving. 566 kata lagi


Girlish Number Episode 9 Review - "Uneasy Chitose and the Scampering Rookie"

Now that Momoka and Kazuha have gotten over their respective hurdles and hang-ups as voice actresses, how will the story progress from here on?

( 984 kata lagi


Pulse Pulse Pulse (Part 20)

Wow, I’m back. It has been a while. Before I continue on, I want to say Happy Belated Thanksgiving and welcome to the holidays. I always find myself enjoying this time of the year, everything and everywhere is just so festive. 929 kata lagi


I Was Nominated for the Unique Blogger Award!

I know I had just posted about the Blogger Recognition Award, but Avani nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award around the same time. Thank you, Ava! 387 kata lagi


Erin Reads: The Last of the Ozicans

After putting it off long enough, I finally went through the last two of Baum’s Oz books. Both published posthumously, in case this wasn’t sad enough already. 2.312 kata lagi

Erin Watches

Voyages of the Cerberus 104: Den of Saboteurs

“Keep watch,” Lucy said. “I’ll take the scans.”

“Sure,” Farah said. She took her post while Lucy climbed over the portable railing that had been thrown up to mark the zone as an investigation site. 841 kata lagi