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Chapter 6

I love her with all my heart. I love her smile, the way her lips pouting when she’s angry at me, the way her eyes curve upwards when she’s happy and her voice when she talk to me. 3.406 kata lagi



Tittle                : ETERNITY

Cast                 : Kim Taeyeon

Kim Yujin (Uee)

Kwon Yuri

Krystal Jung

Jessica Jung

Tiffany Hwang

Kang Seulgi

Girls Generation, After School, Red Velvet and Others… 3.975 kata lagi


It's Hurting

“Yul, I want that.” Jessica pointed at a brown bear as big as her just hanging behind the counter. There’s a carnival coming to their town and both of them decided to enjoy their date here. 3.321 kata lagi



Tittle                : INDESTRUCTIBLE II

Cast                 : Kwon Yuri

Kim Taeyeon

Tiffany Hwang

Jessica Jung

Krystal Jung

Im Yoona

Girls Generation Member and Others

Genre              : Gender Bender, Sweet, Comedy-Romance, Friendship… 3.807 kata lagi



It start as a friend. Well no definitely. They were just classmates and she took the liberty to be his friend instead. He really likes her. 3.785 kata lagi


Silhouette 25

Title: Silhouette
Cast: SNSD, F(x), Girl’s Day, KARA and other
Genre: Yuri (girl x girl), fantasy (maybe), Adventure (maybe), gaje :v
Author: AkbGG

Chapter Sebelumnya.. 9.936 kata lagi