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Opening of the Week: Again by Yui(Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OP 1)

One area of comparison between the original Fullmetal and Brotherhood that people will admit the original wins by a large margin is the music, but that is not to say that Brotherhood has no good music. 269 kata lagi

Jack Scheibelein

"BLACK MONEY" by MonstlloW (single digest)

MonstlloW will release their 2nd single “BLACK MONEY” on December 21st and you can listen to a sample of each song in the video below! 64 kata lagi


Popularity of names in Japan, (most of) 2017

I had made my predictions a while ago regarding what the top 5 Japanese baby names of 2017 would look like. Did I get them right? 341 kata lagi

Popularity Ranking

Love is Like a Cocktail

Love is Like a Cocktail (Osake Wa Fuufu Natte Kara) is a web manga series turned anime about a young professional woman, who turns into a adorable woman when she drinks. 304 kata lagi

Witch Hat

Dear Diary,

I got a witch hat today! Love it! Goes smashingly with my pumpkin mask skull dress. Too bad I don’t have any halloween plans… 41 kata lagi


Moonicorn Thoughts

Dear Dairy,

I took another selfie today of me on the moonicorn! Isn’t he adorable! So perfect for lounging at home. I also decided it was time for shorter hair. 78 kata lagi


Out of sight

Dear Diary,

Selfie today. When I looked back through the glass, she was gone though. The chair hung empty. The evening grew longer.


Body… 34 kata lagi