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Out of sight

Dear Diary,

Selfie today. When I looked back through the glass, she was gone though. The chair hung empty. The evening grew longer.


tsg. Mimi mesh head, tsg. 27 kata lagi


"BLACK MONEY" by MonstlloW (single details + NEW LOOK)

MonstlloW will release their 2nd single “BLACK MONEY” in December.
They also have a new look!

Release date: December 2017

1. Beautiful Lie… 112 kata lagi


Why I Love Yui (Angel Beats!)

Hello fellow otaku!  Today I am talking about one of my all-time favorite characters.  Of course I am talking about Yui from Angel Beats.  There are many reasons why I like her, but be for I get into that be warned there are… 227 kata lagi


Day 20: Anime character that gets you in the nerves

This one was kinda easy: Yui from Diabolik lovers because that girl need some common sense ASAP before she gets herself killed (but she appears to be mysteriously immortal with all that blood inside her).I’m starting to suspect she does not have a basic danger instinct. 24 kata lagi


Dropping the Ball

Hi everyone!

Major apologies for my absence. Long story short, life happened and I haven’t posted in months (as you all have probably noticed by my last posting). 172 kata lagi