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Hiroshige: the other Ukiyo-e Master

My wife and I visited Japan for the first time, a year ago.  We stayed with my brother-in-law David, his wife Mutsuko, and their three boys in Shizuoka, a coastal city 180km west of Tokyo, at the foot of Mount Fuji. 590 kata lagi


I Remember You (YUI)(Rewritten In My OWN English Lyrics)

I wish I knew how to say the words I have to.
But it’s not that simple for me to just go living on.
The smell of fresh air, reminds me why I’m here, but is there any point in living without your loving? 398 kata lagi


Tonight (YUI) Rewritten In My OWN English Lyrics

I can’t believe a word out of your mouth.
A lie!
A lie!
A lie!
Honesty is not your strong point.
A lie!
A lie! 310 kata lagi


Alfresco create from template menu arrange with sub menues

Alfresco has separate toolbar for document actions to select, delete and other arranging options. Among those create is a drop down which provide facilities for folder creation and document creation. 38 kata lagi


Because Of You (OneShot)

Title : Because Of You.

Written By : Tinker Bell.

Cast : Cho Kyuhyun, Yui Haruno, etc.





            “Yak! Oppa! Sudah ku bilang jangan pernah menyentuh buku ini!” 13.578 kata lagi

Cho Kyuhyun

Thoughts on Yui

TLDR. This is a super short post on what I think about Yui’s role in the series. Basically I don’t see any reason she was added to the series even though she seems like a decent character. 190 kata lagi


Monthly Purchases #1 HUGE UPDATE!

Hi everyone! I decided to change Weekly Updates to Monthly Updates since my purchases aren’t as often (though they’re still big purchases!).

So I’ll start off with a HUGE update to my closet/anime room: 248 kata lagi