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That Escalated Quickly; YUI is now married AND pregnant

Until now, I still find it hard to believe. :O

This last week, news broke out that my ultimate idol YUI is now married, and moreover, pregnant as posted in this… 155 more words


My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Too Episode 3 Discussion

Today I will be discussing episode 3 of Snafu Too. Just as a note, I may post pictures of potential spoilers, though I will try not to, but I suggest watching the episode before reading these episode reviews in the future.  529 more words


K-On! Moe Moe Music

We’ve all known about K-on! so much, but what of it? It’s moe of course!

I know this is a bit old, but K-on is just great enough to be carved into us when it comes to moe and music. 172 more words


J-pop Singer Yui Announces Marriage and Pregnancy

Yesterday, J-pop singer and writer Yui has announced on her official blog that she is married and is pregnant.

Congrats! おめでとうございます!

Many of you know her from performing songs for anime such as… 8 more words


YUI - "I Know"

Artist: YUI
Song Title: I Know
Album: From Me To You
Released: 2006
Lyrics By: YUI

One of my many favorites from YUI.

English Translation / Romaji / Kanji… 289 more words


Recomposed the New Lyrics of "I Remember You" Originated by YUI

I remember you

Lyrics: Miss Kevin

Originated : Yui (Japan)

I remember you instrumental

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Expecting message

How can my phone doesn’t vibrate… 203 more words


A woman's playfulness

Portrait ~ Digital ink & airbrush, Manga studio 5

Subject: Yui hatano

Title: A Woman’s Playfulness

Artist: Michael Lochlann

Time: 5 hours