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Hisashiburi da na..

Hisashiburi da na YUI-san. Kamusta naman ang buhay buhay?

Ngayon nalang ako ulit naka bisita sa YUI-lover.com at nakita ko yung picture nya sa tsutaya saka tower records. 142 kata lagi


K-ON! Clubroom – Characters!

Time for a progress update. I’ve ported the loading screen from the Unity 4 version:

But now you can select your favourite character! The full list: 161 kata lagi


K-ON! Clubroom – Back In Action!

It’s been a long time, but I’m finally ready to continue working on this project.

One of the lessons from K-ON! is that you shouldn’t be afraid to rely on your friends! 91 kata lagi


The word YOGA

The Sanskrit word yoga comes from the root yuj, meaning “to control”, “tighten the yoke” or “unite”. Commonly the word YOGA is translated as “bond” or “union”. 165 kata lagi