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WordPress Community Interview With Doc Pop

Doc Pop (not his real name) is a Jack of all trades, a musician, artist, dramatic yo-yoist, and video game designer-wizard. He does the weekly… 104 kata lagi


Ups and Downs

It hit me about 10 seconds after I heard the door close behind me, and about three steps from my car. I didn’t have my keys. 1.576 kata lagi

I Got a Yo-Yo

One of my colleagues is a yoyoist and we quickly talked about it the other day which lead me to purchase one.

I like toys and gadgets (I already published a couple of times about these: … 122 kata lagi

Loner Lifestyle

Week 6 - Practical (Storify Article & Reflection)

Practical A: Storify Article

Here is my storify article on the property market in Central Queesland.

Practical B: Reflection

Who will be the audience?

My audience will be directed at new and old parental figures everywhere and the concerns they might have. 260 kata lagi


YoYo Spotted in DC with Raheem DeVaughn at the Kennedy Center [VIDEO]

DFW, remember Boom Fest this Spring? We brought out Hip-Hop’s living legends including trailblazer, female MC YoYo. Well the busy bee recently popped up online in a picture with DC-based Hip-Hop band The Crossrhodes. 147 kata lagi