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I Don't Need my Boots On - Bury Me with my Yo-Yo's and Clackers

The sixties were a great time to be a kid and we owe it all to President Kennedy.  My history is a little rusty, but I’m fairly sure he ordered the NASA scientists to “make toys for the astronauts to play with on the moon”.   977 kata lagi

Elementary School Years


ESSINGFORD LANE, an unremarkable, snaking, interminable byway connecting one sprawling outskirt of Elmford to another, marked the point at which the ugliness of the town began to blend with the shabbiness of the surrounding countryside. 1.784 kata lagi

Own Fiction

Bits and pieces from a couple of days in Urgent Care

I explained the news in a flash

About laws confusing and brash

With circumstance and pomp

In workman’s comp

We’re not allowed to take cash. 625 kata lagi

Urgent Care

New Yoyo.

So finally I bought Yoyofactory Replay Pro(Aurora).
And I could see the difference in the level with my first throw. My previous yoyo is no where near to it. 71 kata lagi


TGIF. Flashback to 20 years ago when Brandy’s soulful R&B hit single I Wanna Be Down came out with an all-female hip-hop remix featuring MC Lyte, YoYo & Queen Latifah. 29 kata lagi



He wasn’t sure why he brought the yoyo to space. Like his farther before him, and his father’s father, Carlisle had a fascination with the stringed contraptions. 49 kata lagi


‘Unsung’ Tonight: Yo-Yo Proved She Was An Even Better Rapper Than The Boys

Rapper Yo-Yo has been a pioneer for female rappers since the very beginning, and now we’ll finally learn how she got in the game in tonight’s episode of… 234 kata lagi