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September's Book #1: The Yo-Yo Prophet

Yo-Yo Prophet  by Karen Krossing

About this book:

Grade 9 can be tough. Especially when you are the smallest guy in the class, you live with your grandmother because your father took off when your mom died and the toughest gang in school (who happen to be all girls) have put a target on your back. 251 kata lagi

Book Club!

In Silli Me Jewels Bangle Bundle 2 Metallic Teething

Bangles today are now regarded as among the cardinal jewelry for some ladies. In some religions, bangles are regarded to become component of their culture like the Hindus. 351 kata lagi

#5. backpack somewhere

As compared to the next corporate attorney who was raised in the Midwest, aka the land of zero topography/trees, I like to consider myself as relatively “outdoorsy.” I mean, in a past life, I frequently car-camped and schlepped through rural Kentucky (redundant?) in order to destroy my hands and body on some incredible… 233 kata lagi


Photo Album: Holy Grail live @ Fubar (St. Louis, MO)

It’s not very often that I would replace the actual headliners name with a different band, however on this occasion I find it appropriate as I didn’t photograph the headlining act. 841 kata lagi

Concert Review

Let us reflect upon the last six months, or you know, whatever.

So I’ve now been doing this blog stuff for just about six months and thought it might be a nice time for some reflection.

We of course live in a world where everyone expects to be a success overnight with a rain of gold coins hitting that instant gratification joy zone. 871 kata lagi


Nap Time Blog

Laying in bed with his hand searching for mine in that sweet, sleepy way of his makes my heart smile. Kiddo is growing up way to fast. 313 kata lagi