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I watched

As you destroyed my life

Like it wasn’t mine

I realized

Much too late

That it was


I'm learning to forget you.

I dreamt of you.

I missed you.

I loved you.

But I don’t want you.

I do miss you.

I did dream of you. 25 kata lagi


You're the perfect shade of ...

Eyes glowing in the sunshine

Hands soft and playful

Moves elegant

If I could paint you

these brushes

Could do no justice

Finer than the best work of art… 53 kata lagi


You are...

Who do YOU think you are? Are you happy with yourself? Do you wish you could be a different person? Do you love yourself enough? Are you actively trying to change? 268 kata lagi

A few things have come up over the past week or so that I need to verbalize.

Someone that doesn’t even know me questioned my self esteem. 734 kata lagi


Just Be: a poem

Staff Writer

There is a cloud that hovers over your existence;
It fills with every sigh you breathe,
And holds all the sorrows you bring. 183 kata lagi

Sword And Shield

იცი თუ არა რომ..

იცი თუ არა, რომ მსოფლიოს მოსახლეობის 11%-ია ცაციაა

იცი თუ არა, რომ დათვს 42 ცალი კბილი აქვს

იცი თუ არა, რომ კრუასანი ავსტრიაში გამოიგონეს

იცი თუ არა, რომ ვაშლი უკეთესად აფზიხლებს დილით ვიდრე ყავა 232 kata lagi