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Finding Me

Look at you…

You are all grown up now..

Strong, independent, intelligent and passionate.

I knew you always had it in you.

You can go anywhere, become anything. 65 kata lagi


Catching my breath

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster in every sense of the word since I last wrote a blog.

I have moved house, work has been utterly crazy, it’s been winter which is always a struggle for me, and I’ve had to face a relationship breakdown which has been sad and difficult for both of us. 441 kata lagi


Mike Smyth: Notley won the battle, but who will win the pipeline war?

Premier John Horgan seems just a tad sensitive to any suggestion that he wimped out in the great wine war with Alberta counterpart Rachel Notley. 855 kata lagi


When the whole world is criticizing you, remember that your family will never leave you.


One day soon

Darling, one day soon,

I will see you face to face.

I’ve already analyzed every detail,

And thought about where our first touch would take place. 159 kata lagi


Temple of art

Not a day goes by without me picturing your smile.

Your beauty has taken my mind hostile.

All my thoughts has been reserved by you. 121 kata lagi