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10 Reasons You Should Always Put Yourself First

1. You came to this world alone. Even if you were a twin, someone came out first. And you will most likely leave alone, so you should enjoy yourself to the fullest not caring what anyone says. 278 kata lagi

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8:22 pm

I’m sorry if you ever come across this. This is the only place I really put my thoughts and I know I don’t really talk about most of it.   33 kata lagi


Don't Ever Change

Yes, I’m finally blogging about work. In case you all didn’t know, I’ve been working as a hostess for about two months now. It is the second job I’ve had in my life, the first being a library assistant. 357 kata lagi


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I’m not going to see you for Christmas, am I? I already know you’re gonna have to be at home or even farther with your family the moment school is over. 641 kata lagi



Life throws things at you.
Pain. Grief. Love.
Just remember who you are.
That’s not all you consist of.

Sometimes it feels like you can’t go on. 52 kata lagi



How can two people so different feel the same sun warming their face? How can two strangers look to the same moon? How do you and I look up at the same night sky? 46 kata lagi