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You saw me. You saw it in my eyes.
I made sure you can see it.
I saw you too. With your patient and tired eyes. 37 kata lagi

An Open Letter to a Guy

Dear You,

Hello there! I don’t know much about how you function simply because I’m a girl… but I do know that you’re just as important as anyone else. 425 kata lagi

Be Bold


you cannot trust yourself because
of your cracks
you cannot trust those because
that is where i hide.

i feel only indebted to you… 260 kata lagi


Others like you

There’s that weird feeling that sets in once you’ve gone through all the requisite stages of forming an identity: made friends, realized you have nothing in common with them, began searching for others “like you”, saw your criteria narrow and narrow down into barely anything, thought perhaps there just isn’t anyone to find, then came upon others who’d thought the same thing, befriended yet eventually discarded those too, and finally sat back with all this data gathered and tested for all of humanity on your palm and started to analyze it all. 235 kata lagi


ALL NEW! Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

If you know anyone who is interested in trendy makeup, you have probably heard them mention that the makeup company Younique had some EPIC ANNOUNCEMENT coming on July 1. 297 kata lagi

What Do You Believe In?

Dear Awesome Reader,

I came across this video by JacksGap (on YouTube) and it was entitled “What Do You Believe In?” And so I thought that this topic would be an interesting blog post idea. 208 kata lagi