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If it wasn't for our love...

I accidentally bumped into you and became childlike again, like I used to be only with you.
For that, if it wasn’t for our love, I wouldn’t be writing this. 287 kata lagi


Book Review: You

You, by Phil Whitaker, tells the story of a father whose teenage daughter cut him out of her life after he left her mother. Told in flashbacks as he makes his way across the country to meet her for the first time in seven years, unsure if she will turn up at the rendezvous, it is a tale of inherited hurts and modern manipulation. 450 kata lagi

Book Review


Never let another
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To your Life Story



At this moment
when my heart feels light..
Everything seems worth
Everything that I have ever gone through
Everything that I will ever go through.. 78 kata lagi

Poetry & Thoughts


I can see them swimming, the lies 

In the pool behind those stormy eyes 

Take off the mask and bear your soul 

Make me believe that you were once whole  73 kata lagi


Song "Only In You" by artist Jeremy Camp.

Song “Only In You” by artist Jeremy Camp.
Lyrics in video.