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Blonde Lashes

In my head, we only just met that night at the party; the night you came outside, the night I couldn’t think of anything to say other than “I’m sorry.” The night that I wished so badly for a looser set of principles, for any shard of disloyalty so that when I stepped closer and you didn’t back away, I could have closed the gap and kissed you; that’s the night I first saw you. 51 kata lagi


The Meeting that changed the course of thinking

Par it were you

Par it was me.

It was ‘mutually.’

Your cordiality,

Mine Feminine trust in you.

Of course, this was interesting,

to see you caring about me. 33 kata lagi


Belief in You

Belief is what gives you wings, not redbull. Plus that stuff isn’t good for you, soooo ya.

Whatever you are doing in your life; if you are in high school, college, starting your career, or building your already impressive portfolio; you have to believe and have belief in that you can do it. 407 kata lagi

Bath time

Id like

your hands

to trace

the tracks

of my razor

up my legs,

and to be honest

thats what I

was thinking of

while I shaved… 28 kata lagi