Label » You

Baby, will you be my valentine?

Baby, will you go out with me?
Will you let me walk beside you?
Will you not mind the hotel?
Will you sit with me? 156 kata lagi


Sun and Moon

Sun and moon,

We evade each other

While I can’t hold it together

You can’t look away


As you walk away, back turned,

Oblivious… 36 kata lagi


In the city

The cold wind.
Faint noises of cars and people restlessly trying to make it home.
And the sound of music filled my heart with a pain I couldn’t explain. 54 kata lagi


Teenage Photography

Why should you do photography? When I think of photography I think of self-expression. Photography is where you can take a picture of something and be able to show the world it. 427 kata lagi



Love grows by the day
Making the heart very strong
Over a lifespan


Just know

When does the pain end,
And the happiness begin,
Living life trying to be Christian,
But all I’ve ever know was sin,
Trying to find the light, 77 kata lagi