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When I was younger I would picture myself being a runway model or a fashion designer. The next I would be a world famous singer.  I also wanted to be a flight attendant and fly all over the world, or go to the moon as an astronaut. 403 kata lagi

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Our Life Choices: Right or Wrong?

As we look back in the years we lived, and we ask ourselves, “Is that I wanted with my life? Did I made the right choices?” and we get an answer, “Certainly not!” That is the moment of realization that the way we chose to spend our life is not the path destined for us. 504 kata lagi


Ayu Tingting - Happy anniversary @official_aytinglicious Love you so much g...

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I saw something I liked. Someone wrote: I only write when I’m falling in love or falling apart. That is something I can relate to. However, I also write when I can’t decide what to do. 320 kata lagi

Beautiful aunt B.

Been looking for a mirror in this house for the last one hour

You’d think for a beautiful lady like her she’d have mirrors at every corner…

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made you become love

held as the engine of the golden sounds

and winds as the turning

and held as the cello

and well on the umbrella

and manner on the wish… 50 kata lagi