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¿ Sabes que es lo que más me gusta de ti?

Que eres joven de corazón

Eres guapo

Que me excitas

Que estas igual de atrapado que yo… 31 kata lagi

50 Word Inspiration: Believe In Yourself!

“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.” -Unknown

Keep this in mind when it comes to you believing in yourself.

Today is a 50 word inspiration about believing in yourself. 238 kata lagi


26 photos that will give you a mini heart attack

They say nothing makes your heart race faster than wondering if you left your straightener on. If only that was the only case…

Lucky for us, the list of heart-dropping-to-toes moments is endless. 192 kata lagi


Decide on Change

Something went wrong. Something traumatic occurred causing your life to spiral out of control. A job loss, a death, addiction, end of a relationship, something happened plugging you into a hole shattered your being in the aftermath. 179 kata lagi


14 profound thoughts about grammar you never thought about before

People are throwing proper grammar and spelling out the window, thanks to texting and emojis becoming a popular form of communication. Luckily, the grammatical enthusiasts who are passionate about English won’t let some popularity trend define how they converse. 243 kata lagi


What are you full of?

From the fullness of the heart speaks the mouth, and a tree is known by its fruit. If we have the Spirit of Jesus Christ in us then we will bear good fruit. 252 kata lagi