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Coventry Motofest & Thank You

Im trying, Lord knows that I’m trying to progress and move on. As I drinking some absinthe and desperado, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Richard Catton, Nav Bains, Farah Khan, Gemma King, as well as others which I cant remember at the moment (sorry if I have missed you out) for personally message me, supporting in this time. 79 more words


We know not who we are...

People know not who they are only who they want to be, who they strive to be. In the process of denying the existance of your immediate self you never learn to love yourself. 97 more words

Life Experience

The Way It Used To Be


“God provides us time machine in the form of good old songs and bestfriends.” 1.778 more words


Society & Body Shaming

How many times have you over heard someone making a comment on another person’s appearance?  We live in a world that is OBSESSED with looks..{yet we also live in a country where more than 1/3 of the population suffers with obesity..but that’s a whole other problem} it seems that someone always has SOMETHING to say. 223 more words

Myself, ourselves, you and those bad, magical glasses...

Myself, ourselves and you. Greatness or failures. Anything is possible. Believe and put those bad glasses away!

I wonder why we psych ourselves out of things we should just believe in like, love and happiness. 180 more words


Look Into The Mirror. You Are You

I’ve done some fun shit in my life, I have done some stupid things in my life. I have faced, met, known and spoken to smart and stupid people. 185 more words

Just My Thoughts