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BCM325, BLOG I: the a**hole of the internet


In 2003, we witnessed a few notable instances; Finding Nemo opened at the box office to a near one billion dollars, the world lost Johnny Cash and a high school student made a website that would much later be the catalyst to the creation of a world famous decentralised international hacktivist group. 666 kata lagi


The best manga of 2016? Review of Yotsuba&! and Kimi ni todoke

2016? Yes, that’s right, we’re still not finished with that year. This time we’re going to look at some ‘problematic’ middle volumes of long-running manga series: how come first volumes and, on rare occasions, final volumes get all the media attention while all the volumes in between get none? 862 kata lagi



was gonna finish this today. my room got colder. this is how i hibernate.

i am a snake in the cold.

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