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10 Best Korean Melodramas

Ah, melodramas. Some people love them, some people hate them. For me, I love a nice dramatic melodrama when it’s done right. I love lots of angst, longing stares, tragic love, and the array of heartbreaking circumstances that the characters find themselves in 1.987 kata lagi


'My Sassy Girl' Finale Reaches Series High in Korean Drama Ratings Against the Premieres of 'The King Loves' and 'School 2017'


With two dramas ending last week, things looked a bit different this week. My Sassy Girl rose to the top spot in Nielsen drama ratings during the Monday-Tuesday time slot. 251 kata lagi


The King Loves: Episodes 1-4 Notes

The King Loves, set in Goryeo in the late 13th century, premiers this week. As with any historical drama, it’s helpful to know some facts to make better sense of the story. 59 kata lagi


The King Loves Premiers

The King Loves, produced by MBC, premiers this week starring Im Siwan as Crown Prince Wang Won,  Yoona as a Eun San, and  199 kata lagi


[Chapter] 찾았다, 나의 사랑 (I Got You, My Love) - #15. Worried (?)

Title: 찾았다, 나의 사랑

ParkSeungRiHae Storyline

Cast: Lee Donghae, Im Yoona, Choi Siwon, Jessica Jung

Poster by: @Chaerim INDO FANFICTION ARTS (IFA)

FF ini merupakan remake dari drama ‘She Was Pretty’ oleh karena itu jika banyak kesamaan momen dalam FF ini mohon maklum karena niatku memang hanya meremake drama tersebut dengan perubahan disana-sini sesuai fantasiku sendiri. 3.818 kata lagi


K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 3-4

There are little to no plot development in the next hour of this drama. I am not really sure if I like the way things are going as I feel a bit lost in transition. 505 kata lagi

K-drama Reactions

[Ficlet] Stay


Main Cast
Im Yoona | Oh Sehun

Length | Rating | Genre
530 words | PG-15 | Romance

“Cukup, Yoong!”

Sehun menarik Yoona dari lantai dansa. 508 kata lagi