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"Good Witch"ep1~ep2~Do Hee:” If you stay near me, people will think of me as lowly as you are.”

Cha Sun Hee and Cha Do Hee are identical twins, but their personalities are opposite. Sun Hee is too nice for her own good. She wants to help everyone and gets used by everyone around her. 881 kata lagi


Lee Da-hae Characters' Posters and First Stills From "Nice Witch" Released + More Characters Details

SBS has opened the official page for “Good Witch” and seems the official English title will be “Nice Witch” so I guess I will use that from here on in my posts. 1.546 kata lagi

Lee Da-hae

“Just Between Lovers” ep10~ Kang Doo:”I don’t think I can miss the timing!”

Kang Doo’s been gone for few days now. Moon Soo is depressed. She misses Kang Doo, but the grandmother gave them the opportunity to meet soon. 609 kata lagi


TV Review: Stranger/Forest of Secrets (Kdrama) (Spoilers!)

Last month, as I was looking over the list of things I’ve reviewed and watched in the past year, I realized that I hadn’t watched as much Korean dramas as I wanted to, despite the fact that Netflix has been distributing a lot of them as of late. 1.163 kata lagi

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Lee Da-hae's Drama "Good Witch" Confirms Line-Up

The official news for SBS weekender “Good Witch” is finally out today confirming Lee Da-hae in a dual role as she plays the titular character “Cha Sun Hee” and her “witchlike” twin sister “Cha Do Hee” who becomes involved in a situation that pushes her kind housewife sister to pretend to be her. 356 kata lagi

Lee Da-hae

Bluebeard (2017, Lee Soo-youn)

Bluebeard runs just under two hours. The last forty-five minutes of it basically undo–or seem to undo–everything in the first seventy-five minutes. Writer and director Lee doesn’t want to answer the questions the film’s mysteries raise, but reveal entirely new mysteries with entirely new answers. 513 kata lagi