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hi little cat, ivory.

The little cat that we caught is super aggressive, :c we even fed it, I don’t know if we will be able to help it find a home… We either have to let it go or drop it off at the humane society? 279 more words


Me, My Self, and I | Part 1 | Chapter | Suci AN

Tittle                : Me, My Self, and I.

Author             : @SuciAmalia_N

Cast                 :

  • Kim HyeEun (OC)
  • Nichkhun Hurvejkul (2PM)
  • Yoon DooJoon (Beast)
  • Lee YooBi
  • And Others…
  • 1.084 more words

Let's Eat 2: Reset ... and Forward

Sometimes, in order to move forward, you first need to return to your starting position. Eat 2‘s characters do exactly that with their personal story arcs. 619 more words


Let's Eat 2: Of Truths and Lies

With only one more week to go into Eat 2‘s (extended) storyline, things have come to a head. The lies the characters tell themselves begin to wear thin, someone’s secret identity is exposed, and surprisingly, new ties are forged. 910 more words


Let's Eat 2: Alliances - Make/ Break

Last weeks’ eps13/14 feel very much like a filler — there’s suddenly much more food porn, ranging from Thai food to homecooked fried rice (duh..? on the latter). 933 more words


Let's Eat 2: Everything's not what they seem

Tension in full swing for last week’s eps of Eat 2, as we continue to puzzle over Joo-seung’s real identity (yawns), amongst other things. Cracks are beginning to show in the budding relationship between Sang-woo and Soo-ji — it’s only a matter of time who throws the white towel first. 916 more words


19MAY2015 [NEWS] StarN News Poll: Park Yoo Chun wins over Yoon Du Jun in a popularity vote

Choi Moo Gak (played by Park Yoo Chun) in drama ‘Sensory Couple’ was voted as the most popular new drama character over Gu Dae Young (played by Yoon Du Jun) in ‘Let’s Eat 2.’ 199 more words