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Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다)
par MissWho

Synopsis: Lee Su Gyeong vit seule depuis son divorce et a pour passion d’essayer tout nouveau restaurant qu’elle découvre en suivant des blogs dédiés à la restauration. 1.232 more words

A La Une

Let's Eat 2: It's Spring!

And what comes to mind but…cherry blossoms! So pretty! I’ve always like my kdramas that air in spring, cos there are bound to be postcard perfect shots of our characters kissing, hugging, walking and now, cycling, down cherry blossoms lined streets. 1.259 more words


Let's Eat 2: A surprising turn of events

Eat 2 has pulled the rug (or maybe “tablecloth” is more appropriate?) from under us again. Although the debut is invitingly similar in terms of delivery and character-types, events in eps3/4 turn everything topsy turvey. 796 more words


Let's Eat 2: Though I still miss Soo-kyung unni...

I may still be pining for Lee Soo-kyung, but…but…Dae-young + Soo-ji pairing are giving Eat 2 a refreshing vibe. Soo-ji is as different from Soo-kyung as fire is from water, but she is starting to grow on me, and I can’t wait for her + Dae-young’s romance to blossom. 620 more words


[NEWS] Hit Muk-Bang themed drama Let’s Eat returned for second season

CJ E&M’s hit Muk-bang (eating scene) themed drama Let’s Eat has returned to the small screen for a second season. Its premiere episode was aired via tvN on April 6. 260 more words