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Yoo Seung Ho Offered Lead Role in Korean Drama Ruler: Master of the Mask

Yoo Seung Ho (Remember: War of the Son) has been offered the lead role in the new sageuk drama Ruler: Master of the Mask.  167 kata lagi


The actor of the month - Yoo Seung Ho

Innocent and cute face, delicate features and a profound voice describe Yoo Seung Ho, the leading actor in “Remember – The Son’s War.” Born on 17th of August 1993 he is the proud “owner” of a great career. 142 kata lagi


Yoo Seung Ho courted as lead for fantasy sageuk drama 'Ruler - Master of the Mask'

Actor Yoo Seung Ho is courted as the lead in an upcoming fantasy sageuk drama ‘Ruler – Master of the Mask‘.

The drama will be about an 18-century Joseon prince who becomes a hero, fighting against a shadowy organisation that wields power behind the scenes.  125 kata lagi


My Prince  (2)

Title: My Prince (2)

Author : Rienha93

Main Cast: Lee jieun (IU), Yoo seung


Support cast: Lee hyun woo.

genre: romance, fiction, sad

Rating: General. 2.677 kata lagi


Movie Review - Kim Seon Dal (2016)

How often do we get to see Yoo Seung Ho as a cheeky character? Hardly, which is why I was totally looking forward to this movie, where Yoo plays the titular character Kim Seon Dal, a folk hero not unlike Hong Gil Dong. 571 kata lagi


Soo Ae Offered Lead Role in Korean Drama The Man Living in Our House

Soo Ae (Mask) has been offered a leading role in the new KBS comedy drama The Man Living in Our House.  The Man Living in Our House is based on a webtoon about a woman whose life becomes a lot more complicated when a man the same age as her turns up 201 kata lagi


The Way Home (Korean Movie 2002)

(Mình có tiết lộ một số tình tiết trong phim, nếu lạc vô thì nên cân nhắc trước khi đọc ^^)

Một bộ phim hết sức tuyệt vời, mình dám chắc là trong vòng 100 năm nữa, nó vẫn đủ sức làm lay động lòng người từ thế hệ này sang thế hệ khác. 840 kata lagi

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