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Remember-war of the sons (2015-2016) 记得儿子的战争

Genre: Melodrama, Crime, Thriller

Enjoyment: 9/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Yoo Seung Ho… 848 kata lagi

Korean Dramas

Everything is Late - Prolog

Title : Everything is Late

Author : QiinkYheoh

Poster : AYUIEO

Rating : PG – 15

Genre : AU, Friendship, Romance, Family, Angst

Length : Chapters… 769 kata lagi


Operation Proposal o tropecé de nuevo y con la misma piedra

Operation Proposal (2012) fue un drama bastante frustrante para mí. Tengo que reconocer que me sugirieron que no lo viera, pero bajo mi propio riesgo me aventuré y, esta vez, el resultado no fue el que esperaba. 1.412 kata lagi

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Flash Review: The Magician [Movie]

This is one of those movies where it would’ve been really, really helpful if someone who’d seen it before me, had told me how best to enjoy this movie, before I watched it. 1.088 kata lagi

Flash Review

Love Back [Oneshoot]

Love Back

Author : Jzy

Main Cast : Kim Myungsoo | Bae Suzy

Cast : Yoo Seungho, Park Jiyeon

OC’s : Jung Soojung, Bae Wan Yeong… 5.763 kata lagi

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

Remember-war of the sons quotes (Korean Drama)

I was an attorney who could remember everything. It was my ability as well as my disability. Because of the memories, I was happy and sad at times. 

135 kata lagi
Korean Dramas

Remember: War of the Son

To me, Alzheimer’s is one of the scariest diseases out there. It is untreatable and the most you can do is slow down it’s progression as you gradually lose your own identity and bodily functions. 604 kata lagi

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