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Sinking in the Swamp of Sadness – Review – I Miss You

Sinking in the Swamp of Sadness – Review – I Miss You

Well, this drama was a big ball of bawling.  If you made a drinking game involving how often the characters broke down into hysterical tears, you’d be drunk off your ass before the end of episode two, possibly a danger to yourself and others by episode four and definitely dead from alcohol poisoning by episode six.  1.206 kata lagi


My Top 10 Favorite Dramas of 2016

Ah, 2016 was such an eventful year. We had great dramas, shit dramas, dramas with great beginnings and shit endings… All in all, we got a lot of variety, which was both exciting… 1.322 kata lagi


ruler: master of the mask drops first teaser

Well, I’ll watch this for Kim So Hyun because I have never gotten around to appreciating Yoo Seung Ho though he is a solid actor. I like that it is a revenge-themed and not fluffy romance, the two seem to have mastered their mutual glares. 45 kata lagi


Seondal: Kisah Penipu Ulung Penjual Sungai 😃😃😃

Hanya orang gila yang bisa menjual Sungai kepada penguasa yang lalim 😁😁😁, dan orang itu adalah Kim Seondal 😄😄 penipu ulung yang bekerja berkelompok dengan 3 kawannya Bo Won (Ko Chang Seok), female buddhist Yoon (Ra Mi Ran) dan Gyeon (Kim Min Seok/Xiumin Exo) adalah komplotan penipu terkenal seantero negeri… 538 kata lagi


First Trailer Released for Korean Sageuk Drama Ruler: Master of the Mask

We have our first teaser trailer out for the upcoming MBC sageuk drama Ruler: Master of the Mask starring Yoo Seung Ho (Remember: War of the Son… 242 kata lagi


Sageuk Royalty Yoo Seung Ho & Kim So Hyun Shine in Ruler: Master of the Mask 1st Teaser

Only Yoo Seung Ho could make me get out of my sick bed (gallbladder surgery for the win) and blog.  OK, maybe a handful of other actors as well, but YSH is at the very top of the must share this juicy teaser list.  150 kata lagi

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INFINITE's L Joins the Cast of Korean Drama Ruler: Master of the Mask

INFINITE’s L (My Lovely Girl) has been confirmed to be joining the cast of the new MBC sageuk drama Ruler: Master of the Mask starring Yoo Seung Ho ( 258 kata lagi