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Carrot Bhaji with Yogurt Sauce

  For me, a meal isn’t complete without a big heaping pile of vegetables.  However, I’m married to a man who thinks potatoes are the only vegetable he will ever need.   293 kata lagi


Yummy-ness that is Chobani

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I got mine the other day. Not the strawberry but the peach one. 8 kata lagi

Be Fit

Masala Cheese Pancakes

One of my favorite dishes in one of my favorite restaurants in Kuala Lumpur is masala cheese balls at the Gem Restaurant in Little India.  However, the last time I went there (to celebrate my birthday no less) they were all out.  429 kata lagi


Indian Spiced Fish Cakes

I like my fish the same way I like my diet: sustainable.  I’m a big fan of buying less desirable but highly sustainable cuts of meat and fish.  506 kata lagi



Tzatziki is a Greek cucumber yogurt dip. It’s a healthy sauce you can serve with grilled veggies, pita chips, falafels, even with biryanis and as a dip with raw veggies like carrots and cucumbers. 262 kata lagi

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My Go-To Snacks

My Go-to Snacks:

Snacks are really great to keep you fueled throughout the day. It is actually healthier to eat smaller sized meals (or snacks) throughout the day instead of just eating 3 larger meals. 100 kata lagi