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As I may have mentioned before, I am an ice cream fiend.

You may remember this from a very long series of blog entries where I verbally drooled over its inexplicable but unparalleled deliciousness. 723 kata lagi


bkf = Niku-man steamed pork buns, pumpkin puree soup...

bkf = Niku-man steamed pork buns, pumpkin puree soup, cream cheese walnuts omlette and yogurt topped with coconuts milk soaked Chia seed and fresh Kyoho grape

On My Daily Life

Episode 78 "Doug Smith of Natural Pastures Cheese"

Doug Smith of Natural Pastures was gracious enough to join us tonight to discuss cheese! As one of the Comox Valley’s cornerstone food producers that help put our humble, beautiful Valley on the map, Doug is one of those key talents that took a small business idea, and turned it into a national brand! 206 kata lagi


Snow Days, Work Days, & Weekday Workouts

This past month has been difficult getting back in the swing of things after Christmas break, New Years break, snow day breaks… it’s been a struggle. 645 kata lagi

Chicken Wings Redux Plus Blue Cheese Dip

Well, just so everyone is prepared for an evening of Budweiser and Dorito ads tomorrow (frankly, the Bud ones have gone downhill the last few years – they’re getting cliched), with way too much football breaking the ads up — seriously, I don’t even know who’s playing.   839 kata lagi


Syrian Mutabbal

Mutabbal is a Levantine dip/spread made of roasted eggplant. I love its smoked flavor. The best mutabbal I ever had in my life was prepared by my Syrian friends from Aleppo who were forcibly displaced due to the conflict. 231 kata lagi