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Citrus Berry Pancakes

Sometimes I surprise myself at how big of a mess I can make of a recipe. The first time I made these pancakes, I more than doubled the flour because I was trying to go from memory rather than look at my phone again. 301 more words


BONUS CLIP! Farrah Abraham Forces Father to Wear Her New Restaurant Mascot Costume

In a bonus clip of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham receives a custom made mascot costume for her future restaurant and forces her father to test it out! 176 more words


Say hello to my little friends, erhm, parfaits.

I have a massive sweet tooth. No, really. I’m two months clean currently, but there was a time when I couldn’t quell my hunger with anything but chocolate or chips. 212 more words


Recipes for Dogs: Yogurt Pupsicles

At the same time I was making the liver treats for Bixby, my sister-in-law sent me a recipe filled with some of his favorite things – bananas and peanut butter – so I had try it. 131 more words


Pantry Chicken Salad

I’m all for a quick and easy lunch. I found a recipe in the latest Cooking Light magazine for a chicken salad cup, and it inspired me to make this up on a whim today. 129 more words


Mini Frozen Yogurt Pops

Happy Friday!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Sure, most of us do, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose candy bars or a huge bowl of ice cream. 125 more words

Recipes Of The Week

Tuna salad and the pursuit of happiness

Haha you know what you are looking at? Tuna salad and mozzerella cheese salad on rice cakes…AS BREAKFAST. Now, my mom always taught me that salads are not for breakfast. 235 more words

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