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Making time for yogurt..

Yogurt is great for breakfast or as a snack. If you want to get the kids op eat yogurt, choose one that has their favorite fruit in it. 50 kata lagi

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Therattipal (Palkova)

No festive occasion or social function among Tamilians is complete without therattipal as one of the dishes in the cuisine. A very laboriously prepared dish by simmering huge quantities of milk over low flame to reduce the bulk with constant stirring to ensure that the milk does not get burnt, this dish is quite time- consuming too. 405 kata lagi


Fresh Yogurt

Fresh homemade yogurt is so, so much better than commercial yogurt; no preservatives, no sugar, no hidden ingredients – it is literally just milk..

My mum has always made yogurt once a week, when we were kids we would eat it with fruit as a snack, after dinner or with main meals like Indian curry and tortillas (a very healthy sour cream replacement). 446 kata lagi


Mediterranean Chicken

As we prepare for Heart month in February, remember to take care of your Valentine’s heart. Adopting some Mediterranean diet attributes  could be very helpful and delicious. 356 kata lagi

Quick Spicy Potato Curry 

This is my first post using my phone. Good luck to me. Sometimes Indian food gets a bad rap that it takes too long to cook. 273 kata lagi

A Nutritious Treat!

Now I have posted periodically on the subject of food and included enticing photos for you , my dear readers, to enjoy.

This time I am going the extra step and including the recipe for those of you who may wish to make your own batch of these Three Seed Yogurt Muffins! 228 kata lagi