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Potato and onion soup

A while back I got hold of a copy of ‘A Girl Called Jack‘ for £4.47. It’s a recipe book with very low cost meals. 199 kata lagi


5 Braids Yoghurt Loaf Bread

Had fun doing this braided bread. I used Yogplait strawberry Yoghurt and the smell is amazing throughout the bake, but not very discernible when eating. Recipe is from the expert… 149 kata lagi


Pengalaman Menikmati Kue Semi-Vegan dari 3 Tungku

Beberapa tahun terakhir ini tren kue vegan atau plant-based atau serba-berbahan dasar tumbuhan semakin menyebar. Saya bukan seorang vegetarian dan tidak merasa bermasalah dengan kue-kue ‘konvensional’, namun sesekali tubuh saya perlu menikmati kue-kue yang lebih ‘ringan’.

458 kata lagi

Beating the Cravings

With the chilly grip of the Winter weather bearing down upon us, turning to snack food for comfort and energy to get us through the day is tempting, particularly when there are an abundance of delicious festive treats getting passed around the office! 733 kata lagi


Viet Nam 2: ca phe sua chua - please put yoghurt in my coffee!

Viet Nam is one of the most inventive countries when it comes to coffee. And I am not speaking of the varieties achieved by adding syrup to it – no! 210 kata lagi


What food don't you like?

My 31 day Blog Challenge – “My ten favourite foods”

Only ten? That will be difficult! I love food! It would be harder for me to think of ten foods I don’t like, but as you discovered yesterday that I am a non-conformist, I will do this instead…. 286 kata lagi

Introducing the blog, and Yoghurt the Cat!

After days of deleting/reading old blogs, creating a new one, fixing the theme, header, font size and font type and adding some words on the front page, I am finally writing an inaugural post. 580 kata lagi