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Aero Hazelnut & Chocolate Mousse

AERO have released a new limited edition flavour of their mousse selection, Hazelnut & Chocolate, to join their Mint & Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Creations varieties. 197 kata lagi

New Food

Smoky Chipotle Salmon & Coriander Dressing

Serves: 2

This is seriously, so good. Like, so good.

You’ll know it off by heart the first time you cook it. It is incredibly healthy, especially when served with… 262 kata lagi


Fruit yoghurt

I make my own yoghurt. Not only is it cheaper than store bought (It costs me about $1 per kg) but healthier as it doesn’t contain any added sugar and has live cultures. 217 kata lagi

Caffe Bene

It is a challenge to me to eat an ice-cream when I feel cold or at a winter country. Caffe Bean, Myeongdong,Seoul which is located right at the exit 8 of Myeongdong station. 66 kata lagi


Carrot Cake

Last Saturday morning, I really wanted to do some baking. I was thinking about making banana bread, but I didn’t have any bananas. I didn’t have any apples either. 263 kata lagi


Nobody said it was easy - 114.6kg again

A young boy swallowed a £2 coin and was rushed to hospital.

When his dad phoned for an update on his condition the doctor said: 120 kata lagi

Fuck You

Apple & Yoghurt cake with Cinnamon crumble topping

What could be better than morning coffee with some cake? Morning coffee with this apple & yoghurt cake, perfect for that gloomy autumn morning I am sure everyone of you have already experienced. 263 kata lagi