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Brownies made with EasiYo

Look at these delightful brownies made with EasiYo yoghurt! YUM!! This delicious recipe was shared by Melissa Windsor in a cooking group I am in on Facebook. 91 kata lagi

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Yoghurt marinated BBQ chicken

This recipe was shared on Facebook by Cass Hopping. It sounds delicious and I look forward to trying it for myself!

She did not give measurements for her spices so just use what you feel would be nice for your own tastes :) 24 kata lagi



Snack, breakfast or dessert. It’s upto you. Let’s make it here real quick. You’ll need…
1/4 Pineapple
Plain Yoghurt
Rosé syrup
Brown sugar… 98 kata lagi


Ubah Pengeluaran Jadi Pendapatan

Ibu rumah tangga seringkali dibingungkan saat menyusun anggaran rumah tangga. Kadang lebih besar pasak daripada tiang. Atau lebih kepada pas-pasan. Pas dianggarkan, pas habis budgetnya. Hehehe… 243 kata lagi

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Knight Frank

I guess this person works for Knight Frank or they are buying or selling a house with them.

Cat owner. What is Nub?

Rice krispies, shreddies, cat food x 2, coffee 37 x 3, veg, yoghurt, lacto free (not sure what), nub, bananas and kiwis, bread. 8 kata lagi


A rather flat result...or why baking powder is important

Imagine…..it is Saturday afternoon, and the smell of baking fills the air.  The sun is shining, and we go outside and sit with a cup of tea.  337 kata lagi

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Kenny Roger's Frozen Yoghurt

Title:  Kiwi Yoghurt!

Date: October 15, 2016

Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)

Location: Kenny Rogers


It’s weekend shopping time!