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Paper in your yoghurt, naturellement!

After some time living in China, I was expecting my new country of residence to be more known to me, especially considering it is not so far from Spain, my homeland. 413 more words


Meatball soup

Hello again! Today, I wish to share with you a fantastic soup recipe from my home country Bulgaria. My granny made me meatball soup (супа топчета) so many times in my childhood, but I finally made it myself a couple of weeks ago. 504 more words


Recipe: Cold Avocado Soup with Cucumber and Yoghurt

I haven’t been posting many recipes lately, because I haven’t actually been cooking that much. There have been some culinary discoveries in my kitchen and I’ll share them all eventually, but first I need to tell you about THIS COLD SOUP. 310 more words


1/2 Gelas Susu Kefir, Migrain Hilang Lenyap?

Alhamdulillah, seorang pelanggan saya memberikan testimoninya, ayahnya punya keluhan migrain, dan ini sudah berlangsung lama, tiap kali kambuh, katanya, tidak segan² beliau konsumsi obat warung sampai 8 butir!!! 63 more words


Fresh Yoghurt Quinoa Salad

Who said allergy-free salads had to be boring?

This is a little salad I whipped up while talking to my Mamma. She was telling me about this delicious salad she had tried from a Women’s Weekly recipe with quinoa and greek yoghurt and I thought, I want that! 359 more words

Arnie Friendly Food

Frozen Yoghurt in Cumbria

If you’re at one of our many country shows this year, you’ll find all sorts of treats for sale.  Look out for freshly made frozen yoghurt by Sheila of… 144 more words




300g basmati rice
500g minced beef
700ml beef or chicken stock, hot, preferably simmering away when you need it
1 small cauliflower, chopped/sliced to bitesize pieces & roasted or grilled (see below) 387 more words

Stove Top