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Ricetta: yogurt speciale


  • 500 gr di yogurt intero Cascine Orsine
  • 40 g fiocchi d’avena Ecor
  • 1 banana
  • frutta a piacere
  • 4 cucchiaini di miele o sciroppo d’acero…
  • 79 kata lagi
Cucina & Ricette

Vanilla Cake-- egg free and yet delicious

A delicious vanilla cake is the cornerstone of every baker’s repertoire. It’s light and airy, and combines beautifully with a myriad frostings to make a delectable treat. 356 kata lagi


Raspberry Kuchen


A kuchen is a cake-like dessert, very similar to a cheesecake, that has a soft dough crust and a topping of custard or cheese that contains berries or other fruits. 312 kata lagi


Ran out of pâté

We’ve run out of pâté and yoghurt. I used the last of it when I had my lunch earlier. I told my dad, so I’m assuming he’ll get some at some point tomorrow.

~ Gwen


Lamb and feta meatball flatbreads

What a simple but great recipe this is! Try it at home in combination with the Quinoa and haloumi spring salad. Also great for a dinner party, you can prepare a lot beforehand. 108 kata lagi