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Vegan Food Shopping

As you might know from a previous post I am eating vegan at the moment. I’m doing this for over a week now and I feel so good with it! 199 more words

Fro Yo! Yoghies, Leeds

Hey Guys!

Back on the 14th February, Yoghies, a frozen yoghurt company in Leeds, launched their brand new sparkly venue in The Core shopping centre. I was inverted along to try it out and as a massive fan of Frozen Yoghurt, I was definitely in my element. 132 more words


Morning meals!

The mornings are always too busy for me to make a cooked breakfast, so to start my day I opt for natural fat free vanilla yoghurt, strawberries and banana with a green tea! 17 more words


Protein Packed Strawberry Mousse

Another great fast option for a protein packed dessert or add some oatbran / quinoa flakes and/or chia seeds and HELLO we have a brekkie! 116 more words


The Coconut Collaborative (product review)

It’s Friday! Since Friday means that I’ve somehow managed to survive another gruelling week of school, I know I need a hard-earned reward.

I’ll never forget my surprise and delight at opening the freezer one Friday evening and seeing my first ever tub of The Coconut Collaborative’s raspberry snowconut winking at me. 164 more words


Cucumber and banana raita

This cucumber and banana raita is the only raita we make in the family. A raita is a cooling yoghurt dip kind of a thing. I know I’ve described it badly. 159 more words