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Vegetarian souvlaki

Vegetarian souvlaki – chopped up Quorn burgers, Apetina feta, diced tomato, red onion, mixed leaves and a yoghurt sauce served over flatbread thins.


Spring salad with feta and quinoa

This is the Waitrose LoveLife feta & lemon quinoa salad which I served over extra mixed leaves and added cucumber, tomato, shallot, seeds, and some leftover tahini-yoghurt dressing. 23 kata lagi


Muller corner lactose free (LF)

Yummy lactose free yoghurt

A few months ago, I saw online that Muller were going to be releasing a lactose free corner yoghurt in Asda, and have been looking for them ever since! 373 kata lagi

Lactose Free

Yoghurt Alternative Review

So I think one of the foods I mourned the loss of most was yoghurt.  I wasn’t even a die-hard, Greek Yoghurt purist– though don’t get me wrong, some honey, some granola, a little bit of fruit?  761 kata lagi

Ulcerative Colitis

Start your day the right way with these healthy, lower sugar breakfast swaps

You’ve probably heard it said a hundred times before, ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, but how many of us actually give our breakfast choices much thought at all? 1.329 kata lagi

Blueberry Yoghurt Cake

So there’s this French Yoghurt cake, known affectionately as Gateaux de Mamie or Granny’s cake. It’s one of the first recipes a grandmother passes on to her grandchildren because not only is it delightful to eat, it is also delightfully easy to make. 531 kata lagi


What's for dinner on Uber Eats, Mum?

“There are people in the world starving, you know?”

It’s the standard phrase children hear when they are not eating their greens for dinner. If that doesn’t work, the warning that there will be no dessert usually does the trick. 488 kata lagi

A Slice Of Cheesecake