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The rainiest days, digital Lion. I will see you probably and even if you ask right my heart feels like love. Whispering this in his days for all feels like mine. Whispering this in his days.

After a long absence (sorry about that) I have decided to start up the blog again. Many things have changed in my life in the past year and you will undoubtably see this reflected in my posts. 191 kata lagi


Blackberry, Lemon, Yoghurt & Almond Streusel Muffins

In my attempts to bake a healthier muffin, I have sacrificed so many lovely ingredients to the kitchen gods. An array of beautiful flours, the ripest fruits, different sweeteners, fragrant vanilla – they have all gone into creating some of the most unappetising muffins around. 407 kata lagi


Day 44 weigh-in

Current weight:  185lb….-1lb!

Today’s food:
Blueberries in yoghurt
Beef meatballs

Exercise: walking….over 12000 steps today

3 Stone In 3 Months

Think of your Opti-wellbeing

I recently attended an event for Optiwell – a new yogurt drink that’s just launched. It contains no added sugar, and at just 64 calories per glass is the perfect alternative to unhealthy snacking. 442 kata lagi

London Experiences

Lazy Breakfast Smoothie

Hello. Happy New Year. I took a, much needed, break from the blahg (he he). I’m back! Let’s pretend I never left, shall we?

It is Summer and that means sometimes it is too hot to make warm meals (for lunch and breakfast). 163 kata lagi

Healthy Eating

Lamb Burger, Roasted Brinjal Yoghurt, Cucumber and Mint Dressing

One of my favourite cheat meals out there is just a simple cheese burger. If it’s done right, it can’t be beaten. To me, a good burger needs to be packed with flavour, oozing with melted cheese, dripping with juices and sauce and big enough to require the use of both hands. 384 kata lagi