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From scratch: Yoghurt

I’d always assumed yoghurt would be difficult to make. The good stuff costs a fortune, there seems to be a stack of it on store shelves, so it must be hard, right? 418 kata lagi


Cashew yoghurt- Dairy free

This is a great alternative to dairy yoghurt if you’re looking for one that doesn’t require a yoghurt maker. This one is flavored with cinnamon and coconut milk. 121 kata lagi


Foothills Cafe, We now have pastries, home made energy balls, yogurt pots and chia pudding

Foothills Cafe

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We now have pastries 6 mornings a week: Monday to Saturday. (And we still do home made energy balls, yogurt pots and chia pudding 7 days a week).


Trying Something New for Breakfast

I’ve always fancied trying muesli for breakfast, but more often than not the ones you buy in the supermarket contain nuts or seeds which means I can’t have them :( So when I saw this recipe for Bircher muesli in the… 212 kata lagi


Dietary Needs of a Cancer Patient

Foods to avoid as a cancer patient

It is always advisable to cancer patients to observe their diet especially during Chemotherapy. Below are some of the foods that Cancer patients should avoid:- 294 kata lagi


Face masks I use to get rid of blemishes-

In this blog post I want to share which natural face masks I use to remove blemishes from my skin. A blemish forms on the skin as a result of skin damage, in my case the skin damage is caused by spots. 320 kata lagi