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Coconut Yoghurt & Granola Breakfast Jar topped with Stewed Cinnamon Apple & Sultanas

This is actually my favourite breakfast. Its quick, easy, healthy, budget friendly and DELICIOUS, everything i love. 

I just love all the flavours and textures of this breakfast jar… 172 kata lagi


Creamy Yoghurt Cheese

This simple soft cheese brings compliments at every gathering I take it to and I never have to worry about left-overs… the container comes home clean. 241 kata lagi

Mindfulness In The Kitchen

Greek Yoghurt

Yesterday’s recipe provided detailed instructions on how to achieve no-fail yoghurt with a straight forward cold-start method. The yoghurt from this method has a mild, fresh flavour. 155 kata lagi

Mindfulness In The Kitchen

Rose and Yoghurt Soap

Our Rose and Yoghurt Soap is just the best soap in the world! Hahaha. It is made of natural rose petals and yoghurt. You might ask yourself why you should use this soap. 438 kata lagi


Homemade Yoghurt

Some of you may have the impression that this is a ‘Vegan’ blog (not sure why I put that in inverted commas) however while I share a lot of vegan recipes these are relatively new for the blog, as is our journey with our son into his preferred eating style.  515 kata lagi

Becoming Healthy

I don’t think it will be too long until Yoghurt here next moults.


Sunn yoghurt panna cotta med bringebær

Du trenger, 4 store porsjoner
400 g frosne bringebær
400 g naturell yoghurt *
50 g Sukrin+ *
5 plater gelatin
4 ss vatn

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