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The History of Yogurt

Analysis of the L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus genome indicates that the bacterium may have originated on the surface of a plant. Milk may have become spontaneously and unintentionally exposed to it through contact with plants, or bacteria may have been transferred from the udder of domestic milk-producing animals. 647 kata lagi

Food History


Breakfast. Something I really love. It’s probably my favourite meal of the day, but it has not always been! I used to really hate having breakfast, because I ate the same thing every damn time. 461 kata lagi


Plum Smoothie

Smoothie is a very healthy breakfast option.

Serving – for 2 persons

Plum- 3 medium sized – cut into small pieces and frozen overnight. 73 kata lagi


Food with enough twists to keep your interest

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52 Boat Quay
Tel: 6866 1933.
Open for dinner only Mon to Sat: 6pm to 11pm (restaurant); 5pm to 12am (bar).
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Money Matters

Cucumber Raita

I’ve been dabbling in a spot of scuba diving. A surprise to myself as well as those who know me. Being painfully un-athletic and colossally uncoordinated (who put that wall there?!), I never saw myself in a wetsuit, 20-something metres underwater, breathing from a tank and incredibly, … 549 kata lagi