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I’ve been counting down as a service to those who might come to practice. Just in case people think they have all the time in the world to learn Primary Series here in Harrisonburg…because they don’t.  587 more words


#47 Drishti| Available

SIZE: 5″ X 5″
TASK: Practice setting a Drishti for 10 minutes 108 times
BONDED TO: Your Name Here
DATE: 5/27/2015

Drishti for a quiet mind… 130 more words

The 108 Mandalas

3 Ways To Get Free Yoga This Summer

There’s no better time than summer to get on the yoga mat – – for free! There are so many options available, at no cost, for you to roll out your mat and get your practice on indoors and outdoors. 250 more words

5 Basic Acro Yoga Poses You Can Do Today

This long weekend was the best! On Saturday I went out to Newport Beach to watch the Warriors annihilate the Rockets and enjoy a few pre-memorial day drinks before heading home to sleep in preparation for Sunday’s yoga binge. 485 more words


"suck the metatarsals!" (said loudly, with vigor)

“You do not need to learn yoga. You need to learn how to learn yoga.” Krishna said that, in his very wise Krishna way. He’s said it more than once now actually, probably because he knows that we didn’t all quite understand what he meant at first. 376 more words


So I just watched the Animals video by Maroon 5. As someone who has experienced a mild form of stalking – wow…freaky. I was going to write about something completely different, until I watched it. 337 more words

The Journey

Runner's High

I’ve been on a running kick for more than two weeks now (no pun intended) I feel amazing. My stamina has increased three-fold, I’m getting into the best shape of my life. 158 more words