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Thursdays: enlightenment.

Once a week I participate in this incredible thing called YOGA SCUPLT. Yoga with weights….enough said. It’s insanely good! I love it purely for the fact that not only is it physically challenging and incorporates cardio AND resistance training (win!) but it also completely eases my stresses and worries, as I completely shift focus to my body and give it the release it requires. 322 more words

The Path of Calmness Challenge - DAY 1

I’m a Buddhist because of my culture (FYI, I’m from Vietnam). But the way I adore and believe in Buddha is pretty different from most Buddhists ( in Vietnam at least), as the fact that he’s human – a prince called Siddhartha exactly- and his life is so inspiring. 665 more words


6 Words That Rocked My World

My husband Jason is a scientist and someone who has a very intense filing system for a mind. His mind never shuts down. If the average person has over 20,000 thoughts a day, he probably has more like 10x! 506 more words


"Poppies. Poppies Will Make Them Sleep"

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir

Loud Australians shouting about teacher salaries hour upon hour.  

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The spiritual import of Pranayama

By the time you have gotten to the point of practicing Pranayama regularly, you take your practice seriously. Pranayama is the end of the line of the physical practice. 416 more words


Lotus in the Mud: Blackness, Decolonizing Yoga and Tai Chi and My Teaching Practice

By Dr. Herukhuti

I started learning yoga, pranayama, tai chi chuan and chi kung when I was 14. Our school, the Temple of the White and Gold Lotus, Shrine of Amen-Ra, was housed in the parlor floor of a pre-gentrification, Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone that our teacher had  1.282 more words


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The Necessity for Opening of the Inmost Soul or Psychic Being

Mental rules or solutions cannot accomplish the conversion of consciousness, inward and outward, that leads to a total transformation of both the inner and the outer life. 565 more words

Sri Aurobindo