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Boyhood and Manhood

I recently saw Richard Linklater’s film “Boyhood.”  It follows a little boy named Mason Evans Jr. and his family from when he was six years old all the way to when he turns eighteen and goes off to college.   697 more words

Stress Relief

Went to Yoga But Not Services

Tired and sleepy but did make it to yoga at 7:30 – it’s such a great way to start the day. i find myself wanting to go more often but at least in the next few weeks i doubt I will be able to make that happen – just too much going on. 97 more words

Quite Contemplation...

I’ve been sitting here enjoying the nice spring evening.  This was after attending a friends opening of her new yoga studio.  It is beautiful and I can’t wait to take in some classes!   929 more words


Weekly Quotation Inspiration ~

“Perfection is the willingness to be imperfect.”

~ Lao Tzu

Finding The Way Of Yoga

Day 17 of 30 days of backbends

For day 17, I added a camel pose. My mentor suggested pushing my breast bone up and my hips WAY forward (I’ve got a very bendy spine).

Strong, Healthy and Happy

I have been so busy the past two weeks! Lee was here for almost a month…a month of over indulging, eating crap, slacking in my workouts, but being utterly happy…the tradeoff is fine…it all evens out–he leaves and I work harder than before until he comes back again and we eat way too much chinese and pizza…eating well for months deserves a few really bad days! 668 more words

IN-Powerment Post of the Day - Kidest OMૐ

“That everything changes is the basic truth for each existence. No one can deny this truth, and all the teaching of Buddhism is condensed within it. 98 more words