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Yoga: Some Like It Hot

I have recently been recovering from a hip injury that was caused by tight hips and weak glutes and figured that it was time to listen to the positive yoga stories and take a hot yoga class. 789 kata lagi



others love you as much as you love yourself.

my inner self wears this white lululemon outfit and has a big grin on her face and is somewhere tropical and is kind of sweaty but lifted and joyous and alive. 87 kata lagi


Stretch and the City- Yoga in the Walkways @ Tower Bridge

Earlier this week i enjoyed a blissful start to the morning 42m above the River Thames at my first Yoga in the Walkways class.

I am trying to incorporate more active recovery into my marathon training and for me yoga is the perfect solution. 439 kata lagi


Advaita Vedanta: Gaudapada's Method (Mandukya Upanishad Karika)

Gaudapada is a giant in the history of Advaita, and he is often known as the great-grandfather of Advaita Vedanta. Here in this post I want to focus on the practical aspects of the principle text of Gaudapada, the Mandukya Karika, aimed at the seeker of liberation. 1.610 kata lagi


4 Ways to Do the Yin Yoga Trend

Yin is trending in the yoga world; yin is in.  Yin yoga is characterized by long holds in mostly seated or supine positions, with very little muscular engagement.   586 kata lagi