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Getting Started with Yoga

I started doing yoga nearly 10 years ago strictly as a workout. I always looked for the cardio yoga and that’s what I limited myself to many years. 609 kata lagi

I practiced Yoga every day for 2 weeks and here are 10 things I learnt...

Since local yoga studio The Yoga Attic closed it’s doors I struggled to find my way back to the mat. My weekly visits to the beautiful white open studio had become a habit (Plus a social gathering) So once it stopped.. 1.064 kata lagi

Ballarat Yoga


People do yoga for many different reasons: excellent sunset Instagram photos on the beach, increased flexibility in bed, or to be a complete twat who wears Lululemon exclusively and carries a yoga mat everywhere, even if he/she doesn’t have a class that day. 1.065 kata lagi

Carolyn Balk

Rock Steady Boxing

There are a number of tools I use in my “fighting Parkinson’s” tool box–yoga, massage, resistance bands, twice daily walks, medication, and a careful diet.  I have just added a new one: boxing.   614 kata lagi


My first blog post

Can you just regurgitate your thoughts onto a page and call it a blog? Well……… I am.

I have so many thoughts (not any different than anyone else) and I decided to write them down and share them (also no different from anyone else) but I have this vain idea that my ideas will be funnier, and better, and run faster… (no, that’s also the same as everyone else…) Well then, I have no idea why I am writing this blog and expecting anyone else to read it, but it’s being done. And it will be done.


Why is enlightenment all different shades of blur?

Disclaimer: I was actually going to write the title as “Enlightenment: all different shades of grey”… but totally didn’t want a reference to a particular series of novels. 843 kata lagi