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Intention, The Key to Maximizing Progression

Western culture is a beautiful thing. We are incredibly innovative with our capability to explore space and create self-driving cars. Unfortunately, we are also incredibly impatient; if it takes three days to get a package from Amazon we lose our shit. 1.171 kata lagi


How To Live A More Positive Lifestyle

Heyo, long time no see. I’ve been on vacation! My family & I went to Lake Placid, NY (a few hours away from here we live). 579 kata lagi

More mud than hills I think

After heading over the Cheviot during the Wooler Marathon last year I thought it would be a good place for some serious hill training.  So this morning I drove the 40 or so miles out of Newcastle along increasingly narrower roads until I reached literally the end of the road.   208 kata lagi


Mind, Body, Soul

Ugh! I remembered belatedly. Sigh. I’ll get this one of these days.

My friends, I had a revelation. These last couple months seemed to be stretching my mind and mental capacity. 195 kata lagi


Aaaahhh...Control can be good too? Sure.

Becoming less controlling is one of the more fortunate and sought after side effects of a consistent Yoga practice.  There’s an almost “four letter” – feel about this word and what it signifies: denying reality.  651 kata lagi


Meditation Motherland Style: Yogi Enthusiast Creates African-Themed Yoga Mats

Many people practice yoga on a daily basis without really knowing the origins of the popular mediation method. Lisa Brown, founder of Lisa Brown’s Treasures & Gifts… 434 kata lagi

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Staying Active Throughout Your Pregnancy

Let me start this off by saying, fitness is my job. My husband and I run our own CrossFit gym, and I coach several classes each week. 1.003 kata lagi