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Blended Duality

No greater disservice to humanity has ever existed than the attempt to lump people into categories of either good and evil. Colors bleed into each other and create beautiful complexity, wouldn’t life be boring with just black and white or red/blue/yellow? 74 kata lagi

Trista Blouin

Dynamic Equilibrium Of Life

As night chases the day into the darkness
And day chases the night into the light,
Good and bad, joy and sadness, Peace and turmoil… 69 kata lagi

Famous Symbols and Their Meaning - WIF Confidential

Famous Symbols

(And What They Really Mean)

Symbols are meant to stand for something. We see them every day, and without even thinking about them, we know what they mean… for the most part. 3.355 kata lagi

Writing And Grammar

Rice and its uses

note: photo of my granddaughter’s creation.

Going with the flow

In the mind, the river can flow up or down

So don’t call something red when its brown

Or don’t try to plug something round… 57 kata lagi


Yin & Yang

Yin loves Yang but,

She stays away

cries alone

thinks beyond

and below

herself and love.

She is dark.

Yang loves Yin but,

He tries hard… 88 kata lagi


Working with Sexual Energy

Our sexual energy is the energy of life. It is imperative to our development that we learn how to work with it.

In males especially, it is very important that we learn how to store this energy. 490 kata lagi

Yin Yang