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Real masturbation

For the first time in my life, I actually got excited thru touching myself. I didn’t realize gentleness was so important- it teases and is very fun. 84 kata lagi


It is 3am (…) I´m here listening to Yeh Jism Hai to Kya by Ali Azmat and letting my soul speak.

The existence is composed of two polar energies: female… 814 kata lagi

Inner Issues

Choices - Light or Dark?

Choices – Light or dark?

I’d had the idea for a long time, perhaps ten years or more. It started out as almost a philosophical theory and then gradually morphed into a mechanical representation of that idea. 843 kata lagi


Qigong Master Chi Energy - The Power of Meditation

This energy isn’t possessed by a select few. We all have this ability, it is just whether we develop it or not, like a muscle.


Suckled by beelzebeb

And his cold, dark, creaky, heavy hands.

Taunted and teased by the Grand Bitch Ashtaroth.

Mislead by Lord Lucifer.

Polarity - Why the universe is perfect (1 min read)

It’s so much easier to maintain a state of blissfulness when you understand the necessity of the eternal balance that is ubiquitous throughout the entire universe. 179 kata lagi