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The Dragon and the Phoenix

Do you remember the story your Uncle Wen told us before we went to get our tattoos? How Dragon, the water spirit, and Phoenix, the fire spirit, met and fell in love? 481 kata lagi


Giving Back Love and Grudges That Don't Serve You

Is it possible to give back old love and let go of grudges to the people who have hurt you or your family?… 736 kata lagi


The Thief & The Chief (Part 1)

Whenever I embark on a new journey, I feel like I’m on top of the world. Flying high up in the sky, looking out at the curvature of the earth has that effect. 1.169 kata lagi

Dualism as a Force of Separation

Dualism as a Force of Separation Based on a Comparison of the Philosophies of Descartes and Heidegger

Early in the Twentieth Century, Martin Heidegger[1] 619 kata lagi

Society And Civilization

Middle Yin and Middle Yang

“I can’t believe she did that to me!”  –  “I can believe that she did that me, it makes total sense”

“What a jerk!”  –  “I get it, I understand their behaviors” 284 kata lagi


Hot Days, Cool Yoga

Special Summer Yin Classes

Join Vaishali for special summer yin classes on Sunday mornings in July. In these sessions, we will dive deep into the cooling, refreshing waters of yin yoga. 134 kata lagi


Based on a true story - June 15th (yin yang)

I’m so hopelessly trapped in my internal world, there may be no escape. Some dramatic, external event needs to happen to shock me back into reality. 161 kata lagi