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Yin Yang Moon.

The moon is ridiculously bright tonight…very yang. Yet the moon is by nature very yin.


The crowning glory.

Yin Yang Moon Heaven.

Goodnight moon.

"Black when it's white"

Yin yang. My style is normally more astrological zodiac, but Chinese stuff is really cool, too.

P. S. Even the people that like small spaces can, in fact, hey claustrophobic.

I love you all! <3

Advice That You May Or May Not Ever Need

Dusk Bringer

The last lights danced across the field a golden ballet as twilight took hold. The brief glimmer of magic between sun might and moon mystic pull. 49 kata lagi

Ace, The Jester

Yesterday I saw pain, but today I have seen the smile of a child and now I know happiness still exists.

Yesterday I saw destruction, but today I have walked through a burnt down forest. 92 kata lagi

Yin Yang Tai Chi Method

“There are only 5 hands in taiji, the 2 major ones are yin and yang, yin is the peng principle and yang is the aun… 1.044 kata lagi

Steve Rowe

Yin Yang — Ancient Wisdom for Personal and Planetary Transformation.

You likely don’t know the treasure-trove of wisdom contained in the Yin-Yang symbol. Much of it in fact was not even taught to me in Chinese medicine school. 2.613 kata lagi