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Ready for Fall! New Classes and Offerings!

It’s been a long, hot summer in the Pacific Northwest. Sheesh. But we will endure! There is hope for coolness and hydration on the horizon. I am really starting to notice those first inklings of Fall in the air. 191 kata lagi

Rangda & Barong (Negative & Positive aspects from Balinese Mythology)

is a Demonqueen of Bali.

She had a Flaming Tongue and hanging breasts and eyes that roll.
This Dark and deadly creature commanded witches. Her name means ‘Widow’ and she was probably diverted of a Queen from Bali from 11th century who was banned because of witchcraft. 185 kata lagi

"What do you see?"

“See the world for what it is.
That vibrancy in every color.

Those greys will begin to fade,
The monotony becoming tranquility.

You will see beautiful. 10 kata lagi



I used to be her. Only a fraction of my true self.

Only a partial to the whole. The piece that allowed any

And everything to walk in and out as they pleased. 245 kata lagi


The Basics: Yin and Yang

Since the name of my blog is Yin Yang Blonde, I feel I should explain what that means!  For starters, I am a Licensed Acupuncturist.  This means I went to a 4 year non-stop program at Yo San University, where I received a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.   283 kata lagi


The light and dark in you

I see you offering,
Your love and care.
But not your anger and frustration.

How is this fair my dear?
The one who enjoyed your care, 154 kata lagi


Quest Philosophy

“Understand the quest behind every question isn’t always to find an answer.

Sometimes it’s to acknowledge you’ve come far enough to ask the question.”©