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Lady Equanimity on Equanimity: You Are On a High Wire, Whether You Like It or Not

I figured since I have chosen to go by the Lady Equanimity handle, it might make sense to finally blog a bit about … well … equanimity. 2.368 kata lagi


The Elusive Creator

If you go searching for “The Great Creator”, you will come back empty handed. Forget the nonsense you were brainwashed with since childhood. There is no so-called “creator”. 273 kata lagi


Yin-Yang Sunspot


I think the positive and negative polarities in this flashy and quite complex Sunspotter sunspot look a little bit like the traditional symbol of balancing opposing forces in Chinese philosophy! 9 kata lagi

Citizen Science

Terangmu untuk Gelapku

Selalu ada “yin” untuk “yang” mu. Selalu ada “hitam” untuk “putih”mu. Selalu ada “terang” untuk “gelap”mu. Maka pelengkap kegelapan saya adalah dua orang teman yang terpisah oleh jarak tapi dekat di hati saya. 242 kata lagi


My First Free Form Line Drawing

Here is my first free form line drawing. I may consider getting a better scanner in the future if there quite a few people showing interest in my work. 21 kata lagi

Edge To Edge

Yang II: Morphine

I came from nothing, I grew up in mile 2. I did not know my father and can’t say I remember much of my mother. My first clear memory is of pushing a wheel made of an old plastic plate tied to a straightened metal wire with other kids at the market. 3.298 kata lagi