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The Monster Inside

Crouched in her element:

Damp darkness so thick she could bite off a piece,

Roll it around in her mouth,

Taste it,

Chew it.

When swallowed, 135 kata lagi


In Balance We Trust

​My opinion on the importance of duality or yin and yang.

We curse the Dark as it should not even be allowed here. We complain about the negative and the dark aspects of ourselves, others and life, but the truth is that everything that exists is needed. 366 kata lagi

Why We Are Here

Polar bears, be gone.

Is it me or does every day feel just like an attempt at something, some are filled with what seems like successes and the others disappointment. 439 kata lagi


The Holiness of Paradox

As our souls expand, we might peacefully hold two opposing views in our minds at once. For example, you can hold a view that life is hard and how this planet is hell all the while having a knowing that everything has purpose, everything is perfect and going as it should be. 279 kata lagi

Free Thinkers

The Writing of Self-Discovery & The Knowing of Nothing!

 A Brash and Naïve Young Man

As time passes, these books of mine tend to take on more concrete forms in my perception of them. As I take three steps back, my books appear as what they are: mere expressive templates for my self-discovery. 511 kata lagi

What Is White Wolf Outdoors?

Let me preface by saying, everything is up to your own interpretation. When reading this blog, it is up to you to decide what resonates with you and what does not. 655 kata lagi


Exploring The Duality Of Good And Evil With Mister Negative

Comics are some of the best places to find diverse characters and Marvel have done a lot to push ethnic superheroes and villains in recent years. 568 kata lagi