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Yin & Yang Festival - Baan Tao, Hyatt, Kalyani Nagar

Baan Tao – awarded best Pan Asian restaurant in Pune three times in a row, has come up once again with the popular Yin & Yang Food Festival this month. 994 kata lagi


Love A Good Old Fashion Dick "Fuck" Instead Of A Yin Yang Tattoo Prank

Love a good ol fashion dick tattoo prank. Kinda shocked you don’t see more of this really. And I partially don’t blame the tattoo artist. I mean maybe the chick bought that he was tattooing a cheesy yin yang symbol when he was starting off with the balls, But your body should be smart enough to tell your nerve endings that something is wrong when he starts drawing what was described as a “Massive Penis.” Must’ve been a rookie getting a tattoo. 213 kata lagi

Yin in the Yang of Twilight

My sincere admiration for sunsets had always been scorned by the elders around me. I was advised to adore the sunrise instead of the sunset. In their defence, Sunrise signified all the good things: hope, nascence etc., whereas Sunset only signified end & in extreme beliefs, even mortality. 664 kata lagi


The Storyteller Doll: Singing Symbols of Love and Union, Part 1

People often ask writers, Where do you get your stories? One answer is, They are all around you.  Listen.

It was in the Santa Fe Museum of Indian Arts & Culture… 1.224 kata lagi


Color Wheel

My love looks like the color wheel,

all encompassing of light and dark

sometimes its gradual and others its fierce;

Without all elements, no world would be revealed… 22 kata lagi