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...A friend I hate but...

…There were times,

After I’d met you,

I thought to myself, “That’s it,

I want nothing to do with this dude” !

Your theories, your knowledge, 449 kata lagi

Darkness brings Light.

When the love you thought you understood runs astray and leaves you sobbing like a lost child. Where do you go? Where do you turn to? 193 kata lagi

The Good Life Through Polarity and Transcendence - part 1

In his encyclopedic book exploring the mysteries of science and philosophy, Guy Murchie (1978) identifies polarity and transcendence as the two great mysteries of all life systems. 1.139 kata lagi

Virtue, Happiness, & The Meaning Of Life

I've seen shit

Somehow found myself directed to tumblr because of hearing about how “popular” the Luciferian tag is there. So I made a new tumblr thinking I could reblog shit. 157 kata lagi

Perceptions of Good vs Evil

While i LOVE new age metaphors, like “light vs dark” type stuff, i feel i must speak out to distinguish my own beliefs with ‘witch hunt’ type attitudes that come off as ‘holier than thou’. 379 kata lagi

Git, Get, Bigot Duality Theory

To ‘beget’ seems to have some relationship to the words git, get, and bigot.

– Drogo Empedocles

Git or ‘yit’ was old english for ‘you two’. 337 kata lagi

Introduction to my blog...

I am a non conforming, INFJ {my┬ápersonality} submissive {In play} laby in my 40’s. I am a deep thinker { 606 kata lagi

Subbie Thoughts,