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Yin: You think you know...

I’m a lucky guy, my life is not perfect, but I consider myself extremely blessed. I have a good job as the South-West regional head of marketing in Globalcom Nigeria, not the best paying job, or the most glamorous, but a good job. 3.289 kata lagi


Happy Lunar New Year!

The terms yin and yang originated in ancient Chinese philosophy. Yin and yang mean literally the “dark side” and the “sunny side” of a hill. In Chinese and much other Eastern thought, they represent the opposites of which the world is thought to be composed: dark and light, female and male, Earth and heaven, death and birth, matter and spirit. 14 kata lagi

Visual Arts

Happy Chinese new year! But beware, it'll be a tough year for monkeys

We’ve all been curious about the future. That’s why horoscopes, crystal balls and tarot cards were invented. We want answers to life’s biggest questions. Is this the year I will finally win the lottery? 434 kata lagi


Notan: Harmonizing Darks and Lights

I’ve been taking some art classes this week.  While studying composition, I came across the Japanese term, “notan” which literally means “dark-light.”  It’s a fascinating design concept centered around the idea of creating harmony in a drawing through value contrast.   255 kata lagi

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The Transition

From my bed at home to the bed in the hostel, flumping with comfort. I have been blessed as far as the cosiness factor is concerned. 347 kata lagi


Yin Yoga ~ Purpose & Benefit

Yin vs. Yang

Yin and Yang are the constant balancing forces within life; Yin is the moon to Yang’s sun, the dark to the light, the cold to the hot and the passive to the active. 1.220 kata lagi



Hi.  I’m Honor.  Nice to meet you.  If I know you, I’m glad you’re here.  If I don’t, I’m equally glad you’re here.  This is a new beginning for me!   554 kata lagi