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Self-reflection: Movement

Bengt draws Tao, the yin yang picture and says that the first pillar of life is Movement.


Within the context of traditional Chinese philosophy and religion, the  448 more words


The Forbidden Fruit & Me

As my psychotherapy progresses, I am exploring more hidden parts of my unperceivable unfathomable mind. Each therapy session is a tap on another unexplored area. Sometimes it is more than I can handle. 301 more words



The most satisfying of journeys
Are incomplete;
The ache left behind
Of a story untold
Revealed in all its perfection,
In each of its individual lives. 136 more words



Musik Kami Seperti Yin Dan Yang

Ketika ditemui di hotel mereka menginap di tahun 2013, Karmin mungkin tak pernah menyangka, bakal besar dan dikenal di seantero jagat. 394 more words


raw mango

If the experience of summer can be distilled to its essence, I think it’ll come down to a raw mango, to its tangy tartness with the 3-D pop, having you pucker up like only a first kiss can. 201 more words

Odd Love Confession [*edit]

“The unconditional love is,
the rhythm of love.

Love isn’t a chase,
love is the dream.

Being loved, brings magic.
Yearning love uncovers tragedy.

Fire brewed loves creation, 121 more words