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Duality - now you see it now you don’t

Opposites attract we have heard. This is certainly true with the ends of a magnetic while those that are the same push apart. Have you ever spent much time thinking about duality? 428 kata lagi



They say life is just a cycle of ups and downs,
Highs and lows,
Happiness and sadness,
All crafted with attention to detail in the form of a Yin-yang. 606 kata lagi


Consumption & Creation

I’ve recently become aware of a balancing act in the human experience: Creation VS. Consumption. As humans, we have some innate draws: We want to know the latest ‘news’ and we also want to feel like we are contributing to societal needs in some way. 718 kata lagi

Afternoon Delight: A Rhapsody of Intimacy

In the poem “Otherwise,” Jane Kenyon, former Poet Laureate of New Hampshire, writes with simplicity and grace about her day and appreciating each moment. I particularly like the line in that poem: 814 kata lagi

The Music of Life

As a musician of sorts, my life would look much different without, well, music. Even in the last year, where my busyness has overcome my time for much practice, a lot has changed. 319 kata lagi


His fears were phantoms in the dark.

Their icy fingers pulling him back into the life he had abandoned.

Bringing warmth and hope, she could challenge the sun. 14 kata lagi

"No pain no gain." Is that true?

I was recently staying with some friends in a cabin east of Seattle. Beautiful place and surroundings.

During breakfast, the wise father was trying to convince the 11-year old child of going for a 1000 vertical feet hike in the breath-taking surroundings. 1.403 kata lagi