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yin and yang

let’s not become,

one of those,

that talk for each other,

or mold into one,

let’s compliment,

instead of sacrifice,

let’s become,

one of those, 19 kata lagi


The End and Beginning

There is a time for everything. Each season brings a wind of changes, each change is an aid for our growth. With changes are a mixture of good and bad and it is up to us on how we react to both.  852 kata lagi


The person within me (a.k.a Yin Yang)

The person within me is often without:

Lame with certainty sometimes, sometimes crippled with doubt.

Sometimes kicking and hitting and scratching and biting,

Forging out from within, she will come out fighting. 152 kata lagi


Balancing Act 

Life is full of ups and downs…  Appreciating the good while understanding there must be bad to counteract. Like the saying goes, can’t have any rainbows without a little rain.  137 kata lagi


Another point of view

Lately, I have had several conversations with friends who are in despair. The reason for their despair varies: broken hearts due to unrequited love (one of the worst feelings in the entire world!), the death of family members, sick family members, empty nests, and hardships at work. 677 kata lagi


The Yin & Yang of Sexual Harassment

from the Mahablog.  great blog.

She makes some great points, including: “And now at least one woman has been caught making false claims for political reasons, which was bound to happen. 70 kata lagi

What is genderfluidity?

Genderfluidity is freedom.

It means having more options available, options that would be otherwise be effectively verboten to those with a fixed gender.

It means flexibility, versatility. 322 kata lagi

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