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Return of The Iron Palm

Iron Palm is not a style but a skill that is an essential component of Kung Fu styles. Some people specialize in its practice but that is like the Muay Thai student who is known for his strong jab, or the judoka who has a good inner leg reap he may have developed this tool to a high level but he still needs the other aspects of his style to support it. 214 kata lagi

Gong Fu / Kung Fu

Iron Palm

Iron palm training, also sometimes called “iron fist” training, is a system of hand conditioning used by martial artists to develop toughness in their hands and the ability to deliver powerful strikes.  238 kata lagi

Gong Fu / Kung Fu

Happy Half Term Monday!

Happy half term Monday everyone! Well, it’s not Monday anymore is it… ah who gives a shit? It’s Internet Land where time and truth are flexible. 1.863 kata lagi


Filling gaps in learning tai chi

I’ve noticed that, while I received basics in beginning tai chi, much was skipped over. I entered mise-en-scene. I jumped into the middle of the stream. 713 kata lagi

Learn Tai Chi

Tai Chi Internal Kung Fu Style

Certain Tai Chi movements or Qi gongs can be used to change the bodies state to heal it. For example if the body is too yin. 204 kata lagi

4K HD Wallpaper: Creative Vision of "Yin and Yang"☯

From the very talented graphic designer – Jonny Lindner – comes this stunning “Yin and Yang” themed image, which he has graciously shared for free under the Public Domain CC0 license. 75 kata lagi

Travel Travel, Adopt a Camel

Travel as a personal narrative

There are two things that give sense to our lives. One is the ‘anchor’ and the other is ‘change’. These two are the yin-yang of our personal narratives. 1.335 kata lagi