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Thrashing The Yike Bike

I count myself lucky that I work for one of the Island’s most cycling friendly companies. In the run up to Cycle Singapore, there’s always increased focus on riding related promo activities and I’ve had the chance to ride with Phil Liggett, Robbie McEwan, Jenson Button and get a lot of other cycling related activities all under the guise of work over the years… 381 kata lagi


YIKES! It’s a Yikebike from NZ

How is this for the epitome of wrist flapping and campery. Can’t you imagine riding this little number down George street?

YIKES it’s a Yikebike

ECO Cars

Segway PTs take centre stage in "New Christchurch"

A Segway Personal Transporter (PT) takes centre stage in an artist’s impression of the new “pop-up” Christchurch Mall set to open at the end of October 2011. 635 kata lagi


Hopefully the ‘Yike Bike‘ will not go the way of the Segway.  This new mode of transportation, designed by Grant Ryan and actually inspired by The Segway and the idea that our transport system could potentially be changed by the right compact transportation device. 94 kata lagi