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The Intent of Creating the White Race Pt. 3

Yucatan and Mixicu or Mexico (meaning mixed) is the ancient land of Judah, Ham, Mu, the Cushite and Khaldean nations, and the Garden of Eden, all of which were established by the great scientist Yakub/Yacub/Yaqub/Jacob. 909 kata lagi

Ancient History

Who Created the White Race Pt.2 (God is a Magickian)

The pale People (white people) are relatively new people on the earth today and they do not have much of a history nor any ancient history. 1.157 kata lagi


Creation of White Race Pt. 1 (An Experiment Gone Bad)

There was time that people on earth were homogeneous. Growing up in Western culture many of us are force-fed lies and distortions of history that are mainly told by the very people who conquered many parts of the world (including the west) and took it upon themselves to re-write history. 794 kata lagi

Ancient History

ISIS and the Nation of Islam?

Above Image: A crowd of Black Muslims applaud during Elijah Muhammad’s annual Saviors’ Day message in Chicago in 1974.


In respond to my recently posting… 2.956 kata lagi

Travel With Jaro, Cae Jones & Chandy Around Chicago In "Low Lights"

W&V alumni Jaro has shared the first set of visuals from his La Bleue EP featuring my personal favorite from the project, “Low Lights.” Directed by  54 kata lagi


Trapo Strolls The Windy City In "Chicago" Video

Aside from the heist we witnessed in “She Moved On” and his recent loosie “.,” Trapo has remained fairly quiet as he preps his forthcoming album. 153 kata lagi

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