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White Man Attacks Civilization Pt. 8

Little attention was being paid to the newly arriving whites who were put into the Caucasus Mountain region. From time to time, roving gangs of white tribes would wander towards the south , set up camps and would survive mainly by robbing and scavenging. 1.048 kata lagi


Travel With Jaro, Cae Jones & Chandy Around Chicago In "Low Lights"

W&V alumni Jaro has shared the first set of visuals from his La Bleue EP featuring my personal favorite from the project, “Low Lights.” Directed by  54 kata lagi


Trapo Strolls The Windy City In "Chicago" Video

Aside from the heist we witnessed in “She Moved On” and his recent loosie “.,” Trapo has remained fairly quiet as he preps his forthcoming album. 153 kata lagi

Don't Sleep

Why this intolerance against PM Modi

It has nothing to do with democracy, concern for poor, concern for minorities, concern for Dalits, opposing fascism, or concern for India’s Constitution.

Whether it was Yakub supporter Rohith’s suicide or crackdown on JNU’s  ‘Bharat ki Barbadi’ culture the Congress \ Commies \ Maoists \Jihadis \Evangelists and their media friends are constantly cooking up reasons for attacking P M Modi. 251 kata lagi



The Rise of the Phoenix

On 30th July 2015, the doors of the Supreme Court were opened to determine the fate of a convict on death row, due to be hanged the next day. 2.848 kata lagi