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yahiko sfw and nsfw headcanons? he gets no love

poor bb you right



•Poor bb but he went through this period of time where he was really insecure about his looks? Who knows why. 559 kata lagi

Purple Asters & Fireflies

This is meant to come perhaps a day or two after the final scene of “The Legend Ends.”  That last smirk is a priceless way to end the films, and only Kenshin could manage to say so much, so indirectly.  2.578 kata lagi

Rurouni Kenshin

Fukigen na Mononokean: Episode 10-11

Out of all the episodes, I like this set the best. I liked the mono story, the character development, but the outcome for the cliffhanger is most likely going to be cliché. 505 kata lagi


Fukigen na Mononokean: Episode 9

There are some animes that make you hate humanity, Black Bullet was one of them. The way people treat others, and then to see it happen to characters.. 411 kata lagi


Rebirth - Nagato

Nagato, the man who once called himself Pain after he lost his best friend Yahiko. Thereafter, he quickly became the power which tried to take over the world and it’s pain by starting anew. 74 kata lagi


Season One of Rurouni Kenshin... Will You Hate Me If I Wasn't Blown Away?

Anime fans!

It has actually been awhile since I’ve done an anime season review so I hope you are all excited for this. Today I will be reviewing season one of… 1.012 kata lagi

Grimm Otaku

Collab REM Review - Rurouni Kenshin

Writing this review was a slog. The content delay is NA’s greatest advantage, but it’s also our greatest curse. With over a month having gone by since JP got these cards, we now know that most of them have amounted to very little. 2.555 kata lagi

Puzzle & Dragons