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DeathNote Dorama 2015 (Reseña 1er episodio)

Para los fans de deathnote esta puede ser una buena noticia o una mala noticia, el 5 de Julio estreno el dorama de la serie Deathnote. 347 kata lagi


Light Uagami From DeathNote

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Death Note

Po dacie widać, jak dawno zrobiłam ten rysunek :’)

You can look at the date and see how long ago I made this drawing :’) 9 kata lagi


Light Yagami works for Duolingo!

Always good to see Death Note references in Italian lessons…


Yagami's discovery--one of the top beauty onsen!

You’ll notice Japan has a lot of “Top 3” lists. There’s not really any ranking within these lists–if something is in the top three, it does not mean it’s a kind way of saying third place, it means it shares first place with two others of its kind. 658 kata lagi

Local Anecdotes

Bug-warding and baby-birthing shrines

Carrying on from where we left off, there was a gap of time between when Onamuji was revived the first time after his burning encounter with the red boar boulder… 461 kata lagi


Death Note

AKA: Death by Notebook

Episode Count: 37

Basically, Light Yagami, a bored honors student stumbles upon a black notebook titled, (you guessed it) “Death Note,” which has the power to kill any person whose name is written in it. 263 kata lagi