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By now it’s become axiomatic that rock ’n rollers seldom age well. Rock music was, after all, forged in the newly emergent youth culture of the 1950s and it was young people who were its most ardent practitioners. 2.217 kata lagi

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Day 21: 'Senses Working Overtime' by XTC

XTC scored a fair few hits, but I think this was their finest single. Their clever lyrics and idiosyncratic sound set them apart from their peers. 31 kata lagi

100 Songs In 100 Days

XTC- White Music

“Gonna run you right through//with a stick of bamboo” – Neon Shuffle.

In this series, I’m hoping to write about albums I like with an element of my personal life intertwined. 774 kata lagi


Song of the Day, November 18: Season Cycle by XTC

Today’s song is a thematic centerpiece of XTC’s finest album. Skylarking has strong natural rhythms, and Season Cycle represents them well. A joyous celebration of all that nature has to offer, it finds Andy Partridge in especially fine voice. 47 kata lagi

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The year of the Falklands War, the birth of Prince William, the launch of the Commodore 64 and the first year of Channel 4. It was also the year my parents got married. 814 kata lagi

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2005 Piper PA 32 301 XTC

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One Day

It was summer.  We all drove motorcycles and gathered every afternoon at the recreational places of our suburb. We would hang out, talk about nothing and everything, smoke cigarettes whilst watching kids play on the playground. 766 kata lagi