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XTC: "White Music"

In a line: jerky jumpy dated arty punk debut
Top Track:  “This is Pop”
Cover Art: awkward band pose
Side 1 Track 1 Impact :  none, really… 628 kata lagi

January 1978

XTC 2016 Retrospective

It’s been about 15 months since I first volunteered to help out with the organisation of the Extreme Tuesday Club (XTC). When I first started visiting XTC around 2005, I would turn up and could pretty feel assured that… 770 kata lagi


xmas top 10 countdown - #10

10.XTC – Thanks for Christmas (1983)

…and straight in at number 10 is an entry by Swindon’s finest export aside from double glazing from way back in the daft early 80’s pop landscape when it both the cool and uncool seemed eager to whip up a festive musical fever. 51 kata lagi


FREE: Thrillseeker XTC Exciter VST

Man! Has Variety of Sound ever made a VST that isn’t brilliant? The company seems to specialise in making plug-ins that sound flippin’ brilliant no matter what you do with them. 124 kata lagi


Senses working overtime

Pull together

I need all five senses to love you

(And the sixth doesn’t hurt occasionally either)

God knows you’re a complicated woman

But when you’re in my arms… 45 kata lagi

Our Story

10 Great Alternative Albums From The Second Half Of The '80s

I have previously written about some of the great alternative albums from the years 1979 and 1985, this time I will pull ten excellent albums from 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989. 1.052 kata lagi


Why you might no longer be a raver:

A neurosurgeon in New Zealand is pioneering a new technique that promises to rid craving for alcohol and drugs  – And bizarrely enough allows you to drink again? 667 kata lagi