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Song of the Day, June 22: When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty by XTC

Today’s song is a celebration of the overwhelming power of attraction. After two albums of raw post-punk dance pop, XTC began shifting direction when Barry Andrews left the band. 154 kata lagi

Song Of The Day

"Bamboozled" by Yesses

“Bamboozled (supercilious boy)” is the latest single from Dunedin music creation entity Yesses. It’s a huge leap ahead from Yesses’ impressive self-titled 2015 EP. 103 kata lagi

Pop Lib


Absolutely chuffed that Johnny the Friendly Lawyer has again popped up with this particular contribution. It’s a follow-up to ICA 26…..

Greetings JC.

I suspect you’re probably inundated with proposed ICA’s these days, but this one was meant as a companion to the one posted about… 905 kata lagi


1979. A great year in alternative music.

Ever since I went to art school in the mid-80s, my musical tastes have favored the alternative stuff. And, at the time, I can remember friends of mine with a similar taste in music remarking on how many of our favorite albums came out in 1979. 839 kata lagi

Pop Culture

The Month in Music & Books (5/16)

This is the fifth post in my new “The Month in Music & Books” series.  It’s chugging along nicely, but I’m getting a little bored with how I only include the things I like.  1.254 kata lagi


Hey hey, it's Fountains of Monkees!

Nice piece in fastcocreate.com (h/t to DB) on Adam Schlesinger and what he brought to the production of the Monkees’ new album, “Good Times!”

Schlesinger, the bassist and co-songwriter for Fountains of Wayne, has become a go-to guy for what the author terms “fictional music” — that is, music for fictional musicians — including “That Thing You Do!” for the Wonders, “Way Back Into Love” for the film “Music and Lyrics” and songs for the TV series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” 472 kata lagi