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Banned By The BBC (Part 13)

Moral panic and political censorship have created a long tradition of records filtered out of the BBC radio playlist. Here’s some notable examples…

Split Enz – Six Months In A leaky Boat (1982) 54 kata lagi


If There's A Secret Can I Be Part of It?

100 Albums returns with a new entry over on Haunted Jukebox: XTC’s Nonsuch, proto-Britpop released at the height of grunge (as usual, the trio from Swindon were slightly out-of-step with the times).



(My 100 favorite albums in chronological order: #32 – released April 1992)

Track listing: The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead / My Bird Performs / Dear Madam Barnum / Humble Daisy / The Smartest Monkeys / The Disappointed / Holly Up On Poppy / Crocodile / Rook / Omnibus / That Wave / Then She Appeared / War Dance / Wrapped In Grey / The Ugly Underneath / Bungalow / Books Are Burning… 1.533 kata lagi

100 Albums

Robin Renee On… Joan Armatrading's Track Record

Each week, one of Biff Bam Pop’s illustrious writers will delve into one of their favorite things. Perhaps it’s a movie or album they’ve carried with them for years. 1.239 kata lagi


Song of the Day, June 23: Making Plans for Nigel by XTC

Today’s song is a standout track from XTC’s wonderful 1979 album Drums and Wires. “Wires” refers to guitars, with the title indicating the change in sound that resulted from the departure of keyboard player Barry Andrews. 139 kata lagi

Song Of The Day

CD Review: “Skylarking” - Corrected Polarity Edition

Received my copy of the Polarity Corrected version of xtc’s “Skylarking“. I am literally gasping at how different it sounds and how much better. 161 kata lagi

Music Review

XTC and Hickeys

Today started off as just one of those Fridays. Waking up, school, hang out with friends and go to bed drunk. It ended off ending quite differently, and with a gigantic hickey on my neck. 686 kata lagi

My Life