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Hot Hot Heat: Elevator

Album: Elevator
Artist: Hot Hot Heat
Released: 2005
Country: Canada
Label: Sire Records

I spent about two decades in journalism. The first decade was spent covering general news, and the second focused on financial news. 301 kata lagi


Covered In Glory Day 3: Thin Lizzy, Sarah Blasko, XTC & Scissor Sisters

Two years ago I posted Lizzy’s ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ during our celebration of songs related to summer, to some debate.

It was variously claimed that it was not a summer song (it is) and that it had been covered by Toploader (a completely different song!) So hopefully to less controversy, here is Thin Lizzy’s version of… 476 kata lagi


The Decision - The Young Knives

Welcome boys and girls to the theme week to end all theme weeks*. This time we’re spanning back to a decade only just behind us. This musical voyage does not have the long lens hindsight to make anything old enough look retro cool. 370 kata lagi

Certain Songs

"Stupidly Happy Romeo" by BASEMENT JAXX Vs. XTC

This is another entry whence two songs, sometimes, three, four, five, rarely six, become one. The kids call it the mash up. In fact, I call it the mash up. 42 kata lagi


"Standing In For Joe, Owner Of A Lonely Heart" by YES Vs. XTC

To paraphrase Francis Bacon, or his doppelgänger, “Hope is a good breakfast, but an ill supper.” Apparently he had no idea what constitutes a good meal. 35 kata lagi


Prelude to summer's cauldron

“It would shock you too…”

“…the things we used to do on grass.”

(Brisbane, California 2018. See my other work here and here. XTC rules.)

Music/Popular Culture

"Running Up That River Of Orchids" by KATE BUSH Vs. XTC

Here is an example of conflict and complication in this country. The animals have become so racially insensitive. I saw a goose Hitler-stepping in front of a Jewish retirement center. 8 kata lagi