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XTC - " English Settlement " Released 12th February 1982 35 Years Ago Today

XTC released their fifth studio record, the double album “English Settlement”, on February 12th, 1982. When compared to the band’s previous record, 1980’s Black Sea… 1.201 kata lagi


Ranking XTC: Less Great to Most Great

There’s a thing about lists ranking movies, TV shows, albums, etc. by their level of quality – subjectivity. These kinds of lists are just opinions and, no matter how reasoned the list-makers think they’ve been, someone is bound to disagree. 1.874 kata lagi

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XTC • English Settlement [2LP]

Here’s another great album anniversary for me to go on about: English Settlement, the 1982 2LP set from XTC, turned 35 this week, and it’s yet another release with a distinguished place in my collection. 743 kata lagi


XTC's English Settlement: 35 Years Old Today

Virgin Records, released 12th February 1982

Produced by Hugh Padgham and XTC

Recorded at The Manor, Oxfordshire, October/November 1981

Working titles: Rogue Soup, Motorcyle Landscape, World Colour Banner, Explosion Of Flowers, Knights On Fire… 319 kata lagi

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XTC - The Meeting Place

This week’s new entry is one of my favourites with a second consecutive UK#100 hit.

It was their 13th of 19 hits from ’79-’99.

We’ll be late back again

Humble Pie - Sergeant Buzfuz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In these times of descriptive hyperbole and overstatement it seems as if a day doesn’t go by without a “totally unique” band being wafted my way. 295 kata lagi