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Tape 10

The first side is the week of December 18 1994… The second side is, I believe, October 30 1994. That side REALLY slow and warbly in some places, haha. 58 kata lagi


XTC Play "Wrapped In Grey"

Listen to this track by tri-cornered melancholically optimistic pop concern XTC. It’s “Wrapped In Grey”, a should-have-been hit single as taken from the band’s 1992 double-LP… 1.209 kata lagi


The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul

I sometimes wish that my life had turned out a little different, but then don’t we all from time to time? We’ve all seen those movies where you can go back in time and attempt to change a single event, or make a different choice and follow a different path, but so often the moral of the story is that making that little change in history or making a different decision never produce the desired effect, and usually lead to catastrophic and unforeseen consequences. 1.523 kata lagi


Back to the 80s: X is for XTC.

It’s the end of another week and once again, it’s time for my Back to the 80s Challenge. We are now down to the last three and it hasn’t always been easy coming up with band names. 268 kata lagi

Debbie Johansson

A Brief History In Sound

Those of you who have been following from the beginning will no doubt be aware of my rekindled love affair with all things XTC in recent months. 3.921 kata lagi


Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (12/4/17)

It’s okay to only want to listen to Christmas music in December, but here’s a few different tracks for you. 115 kata lagi


Thanks For Christmas

It’s the 1st December and that can mean only one thing…

Actually it could mean thousands of things… it could be your Friday payday, your Friday night out, a day off work to start your Christmas shopping, your birthday, your first date with a girl you will soon fall in love with, or date night with your spouse of many decades, or maybe just meeting up with good friends this evening that you miss terribly and whom you really wish you saw more often. 1.604 kata lagi