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XTC - Drums and Wires


“Drums and Wires”

Pleasantly weird, but not in an over-the-top kind of way. The dated sounds of the ’80s (read: SYNTHS) are not nearly as distracting as other albums from the same period, but it is definitely a product of the times. 48 kata lagi



Rare is the album that hooks you in less than ten seconds. As the opener “Summer’s Cauldron” creeps into audibility, the listener is instantly filled with sonic imagery perfectly encapsulated by the song’s title. 989 kata lagi

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Two monumentally good bits of music had failed to provoke any interest in the record buying public. Nor had the debut LP, White Music, exactly set the heather alight. 345 kata lagi


1982 Gave Us These 10 Excellent Alternative (Mostly) Albums...

Continuing with my look at excellent alternative albums from the days of yore (or from when I was young and kept up with what was going on), this week I’ll be listing ten albums released in 1982. 946 kata lagi


That Wave - Fassine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It initially seems like an odd step for my new, favourite purveyors of ultra-chic, hi-concept, cinematic, alt-pop to cover my home town’s most famous musical son, but once you get your head around the idea you realise that there is a lot of wonderful warped, psychedelic middle ground. 277 kata lagi


In early 1978, there was a fair bit of excitement in the music press around XTC with some journalists boldly claiming that they were the sort of band that would have a future beyond that of many of their peers thanks to their ability to knock out the sort of catchy, upbeat tunes that had been evidenced on their debut single and which were very much to the fore on the follow-up. 146 kata lagi



I hummed and hawed about who to follow-up The Undertones with. Your offered suggestions of Joy Division/New Order, Big Dynamite, REM and The Cure were all very tempting but I felt would take forever to do…and when I had a look at the James singles a while back I did get a wee bit bored towards the end and I’d hate for that to happen again. 437 kata lagi