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Dividing China

In 1934 Hu Huanyong drew a line across China from Tengchong in the south to Heihe in the north. The line divided China’s landmass and population, then including Mongolia, such that roughly two thirds lay to the west, yet 96% of the population lived on the east. 352 kata lagi


Chapter Two - 历史,八年级上册

The following is a rough translation of a portion of 历史,八年级上册 (Eight Grade History, Part 1) 北京师范大学出版社 (Beijing Normal University Publishing Group). All translations are a work in progress and liable to change. 681 kata lagi


Founders of China came from Egypt and Greece?

Last January I argued that Cathay, associated to be the archaic name for China, did not refer to China, but to another kingdom north of China, which was inhabited by white, not Asian, people. 690 kata lagi


If China refuses to accept Pakistan as the “MOTHER SHIP” of terrorism, then what about Uyghur Muslim community in Xinjiang?

October 16th 2016 was an action packed day at BRICS Goa summit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his international isolation of Pakistan to greater heights. He said “In our own region, terrorism poses a grave threat to peace, security and development. 848 kata lagi


Rassegna settimanale 10-16 ottobre: Cina e Corea del Nord

10 ottobre 2016, CINA – Cina respinge le accuse secondo cui i suoi peacekeepers avrebbero abbandonato le postazioni nel Sudan del Sud

Il Center For Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) ha dichiarato, in un report pubblicato la scorsa settimana, che i peacekeepers cinesi, che prendevano parte alla missione delle Nazioni Unite nel Sudan del Sud, avrebbero abbandonato le loro postazioni invece di proteggere i civili dopo essersi trovati sotto attacco, lo scorso 11 luglio. 403 kata lagi

Rassegna Settimanale

Photo Essay: The Dargah of Nizamuddin Aulia and Its Basti Through the Lens of Muslim Harji

“The dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia is the unquestionable historic, religious, and geographic origin of the neighborhood, the reason it came into existence, and the reason it continues to draw visitors from the world over.” …

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Global News | Uyghur Muslims

Uyghur activist wins prestigious human rights award
  • Chinese scholar Ilham Tohti, famed as a moderate bridge between Uyghur and Han Chinese cultures, was awarded the Martin Ennals Award, a human rights prize awarded by a jury including representatives from organizations such as Amnesty International.
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