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Terrorism and Counterterrorism in China: The Other “War on Terror”

Written by Scott N. Romaniuk & Shih-Yueh Yang.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) comprehensive counterterrorism law that came into effect at the turn of 2016 brought with it waves of criticism from human rights activists, proponents of fundamental rights and freedoms, and liberal states around the world. 1.912 kata lagi


Off we go

On Monday, we set off to explore five Chinese provinces (Yunnan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu and Xinjiang) in three weeks!



China bans religious names for Muslim babies in Xinjiang -- Eliminating a Culture

List of banned baby names released amid ongoing crackdown on religion that includes law against veils and beards

Uighur women in loose, full-length garments and headscarves associated with conservative Islam visit a market in the city of Aksu in western China’s Xinjiang province. 1.252 kata lagi

China Mimics Central Asian States, Bans Long Beards in Restive Region

Chinese President Xi Jinping called recently for the creation of a great wall of iron” in an effort to curb extremist violence in China’s troubled far-western province of Xinjiang. 451 kata lagi


China sets administers on facial hair, cloak to battle fanaticism in Xinjiang

BEIJING: China will venture up a crusade against religious fanaticism in the far western area of Xinjiang+ on Saturday by actualizing a scope of measures, including denying “irregular” whiskers, the wearing of cloak out in the open spots and the refusal to watch state TV. 169 kata lagi

Uyghurs, Khrushchevs, and More

A round-up of my recent blogging on Sources and Methods:

“The Coal Hard Truth,” with Evan Pikulski, February 27, 2017.
History shows China’s coal ban will hurt North Korea. 58 kata lagi