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The Edge of the Bazaar, A Documentary About Uyghur Rural Life

One of the emerging trends among young Uyghur film directors is a new attention to documentary filmmaking. This approach has long been a part of Uyghur cinema, but previously it was often part of a larger public relations presentation sponsored by the Chinese Culture Ministry. 793 more words


The Southern Silk Road – Ten Days of Dysentery  

N.B. It would be false advertising to not have included the addition of dysentery in the blog title.

There are a few ways to return to China-proper from Kashgar. 810 more words

Happy Chinese New Year!

And in its honor, a primer to understanding China’s international relations:

Let’s say I’m China, and I have this delicious cake. It’s fluffy and moist, covered in all the flair with like chocolate flakes and candied rose petals and stuff. 406 more words

Kashgar Sunday Market  

As one of the largest markets in Central Asia, Kashgar’s Sunday market not only pulls in tourists, but a plethora of nationalities and ethnicities from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, India and more. 456 more words

New on 500px : A Journey to the East by mengzhonghua

This hand-stitched pano was from 2 continuous shots. I did’t pay too much attention to the cloud until I finished the post-process. The cloud and one curve of desert were actually parallel and made a sort of frame to the caravan. 7 more words

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