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Chinese Haji pedals his way to Makkah

Chinese Haji pedals his way to Makkah

ARAB NEWS | Published — Thursday 25 August 2016

Mohammed Bama Chun … journey of faith

MAKKAH: Riding his bike for 8,150km, crossing several countries, a Chinese Haji has reached Makkah. 58 kata lagi

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China 01 - Silk Road 10 - A Hard Sleep and a Mysterious Canyon

Full photoset @ flick

I’ve arrived in Kuqa as a watery sun struggles to pierce the early morning smog. I’m a bit tired and grumpy from the overnight train due to sleep deprivation – it was an all-night circus going on with the Chinese lack of concept of personal space or consideration that people might be trying to sleep on a sleeper car, possibly so named from a Confucian sense of irony but I’m doubting that. 608 kata lagi


Family Denied State Compensation for Xinjiang Engineer’s Unnatural Death

August 18, 2016 | By a Minghui correspondent in Xinjiang Province

(Minghui.org) The family of an imprisoned woman who died an unnatural death has been denied state compensation. 807 kata lagi

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 Karakul, Xinjiang, China قاراكۆل

I made one last sidetrip from Kashgar before leaving China. Again, it didn’t feel like China. But it didn’t carry at all the Uyghur character of Kashgar either — this is Kyrgyz land. 980 kata lagi


Xinjiang trade raises doubts over China’s “Belt and Road” plan

Catching up on another late post, this time for the Financial Times Beyond BRICS blog looking in some detail at the question of how the ‘Belt and Road’ has had an impact on Xinjiang-Central Asia trade. 792 kata lagi



 Kashgar, Xinjiang, China قەشقەر

Kashgar — the name itself already evokes the Silk Road. (The Chinese name, Kashi 喀什, not so much.) At the furthest western end of China, it’s closer to Iran and even eastern Turkey geographically than it is to Beijing and feels nothing like China. 2.157 kata lagi


Portrait of Happiness

In a city of
Greys and dust
And muted blues
A young smile
Comes to me

“Take my picture”
She says
Then stands there
Happy and poised… 63 kata lagi