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Cooking: A Link to the Past and Future

China has been on my mind a lot lately–especially XinJiang and Inner Mongolia, but really all of it. My passions are cyclical–me always going on an all-out pursuit of whatever current passion, only for it to be quickly abandoned and left alone for long periods of time; yet, after it has rested, I invariably return and pick it up again–almost with more vigor than the first time. 946 kata lagi


Ilham Tohti: A Short Introduction

Ilham Tohti-A Short Introduction – a one-page PDF flyer for download

Ilham Tohti is the most renowned Uyghur public intellectual in the People’s Republic of China. 630 kata lagi

Rule Of Law

Homesick for Yesterday: Images of Kashgar in the 1980s

These images (below) are currently been widely shared among Uyghur netizens on Weibo today. They have also been generating much nostalgic sentiment for what the netizens describe as the more ‘relaxed’ ( 414 kata lagi


Äskär: an Independent Uyghur Musician

Recently a Uyghur intellectual told me that the most important representations of Uyghur life are in music. Literature and film are also important but because these cultural mediums have a shorter history and smaller industry among Uyghurs, music continues to be the main mode of expression that circulates beyond intellectuals and cosmopolitan urbanites into the homes of every Uyghur family. 935 kata lagi