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Kashgar: China but not China

The westernmost city of China, Kashgar, hardly feels like China. Uyghurs are the majority here. The old parts of the city have a unique architectural style that feels more Middle Eastern than Chinese. 557 kata lagi

Silk Road

Turpan: Uyghurs & Han

The surroundings of Turpan, having a long history of being a significant center along the Silk Road, are riddled with ruins. Ancient cities like Jiaohe, a garrison city during the Tang, and Gaochang, an important political center before and after the Tang rule, can easily be reached from Turpan. 716 kata lagi

Silk Road

Turpan: Wine and water

Turpan, an oasis town, situated in the deepest valley of China at 154 meters below sea level, is a hot and dry place. The surroundings of Turpan remind of the landscapes in old Westerns movies. 520 kata lagi

Silk Road

Uyghur Urbanism in Recent Modernist Poetry

Self-Portrait in a detail of Yarmemet Niyaz’s 2013 painting “蓝色的旅律”

A good while ago the anthropologist Stevan Harrell asked me to consider the unique position of Uyghurs as heirs to an urbanism that predates the rise of Chinese cities in Central Asia. 528 kata lagi


China's Leader Xi Jinping Reminds Party Members to Be 'Unyielding Marxist Atheists'

Li Jiangong and his wife Ding Cuimei stood in front of the bulldozer in a last-ditch protest. A government-backed firm had ordered the demolition of the small church they ran in Zhumadian, in eastern China’s Henan province, on April 14. 705 kata lagi

Why India Granted Visa To Uyghur Leader Dolkun Isa?

Dolkun Isa is much on the news after Indian Govt. granted visa to him. The Chinese Govt is unhappy with this action by India and  Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, “What I want to point out is that Dolkun is a terrorist in red notice of the Interpol and Chinese police. 654 kata lagi

Eastern Glory

What's a Uyghur?

Since moving to Xinjiang I’ve been asked the same question most times I catch up with someone from home. “What’s a Uyghur?” So here is a brief explanation of where I’m living, and a similarly brief explanation of who else lives here. 662 kata lagi