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پولۇ Polo (Xinjiang, China)

From the portion size, you can tell they knew I was coming.  From the reused cooking oil, you can tell I knew what I was getting into. 237 kata lagi

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Last Days on the Silk Road and a March to the Arch

The Radisson Blu hotel had an indoor pool and we enjoyed doing a few laps after the copious buffet breakfast. We enjoyed the luxury of this hotel but would not have wanted to stay the whole time here, as it was a bit out of town. 777 kata lagi

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Silk Road 11: Karakul Lake and Tashkorgan 

A couple of months before we went to China, we had arranged a two day trip to Karakul Lake and Tashkorgan with an overnight stay in a yurt at the lake. 854 kata lagi

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Silk Road 10: Kashgar 

After a six hour delay at Urumqi airport, we could hardly believe it when they called the flight to Kashgar. We arrived at 8.30 pm and were relieved to find that the Xinjiang Sultan Hotel was very comfortable and central, with quite over the top faux French antique furniture in the rooms. 682 kata lagi

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Silk Road 9: As Far From The Sea As You Can Be

Urumqi is the furthest city anywhere in the world from the ocean. This makes it sound very exotic as does saying the word Urumqi (or its lovely Mandarin equivalent Wulumuqi). 435 kata lagi

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Silk Road 8: Turpan - The Heat is On

Three and a half hours after leaving Liuyuan South, we got off the train at Turpan North and things had changed. We were now in Xinjiang, a huge province in China’s West. 1.233 kata lagi

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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 384 km W of Urunchi, China / pop: 1,509,000 / local time: 05:44:30.9 2017-08-09
364 km E of Taldyqorghan, Kazakhstan / pop: 117,000 / local time: 05:44:30.9 2017-08-09… 10 kata lagi

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