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Everyone was happy in Syria

“Before the war began, everyone lived happily in Syria”. I heard this recently from a British doctor, himself involved in humanitarian work. He got this message from the Russian media, which he said woke him up. 923 kata lagi

Trapped in XinJiang

The Chinese government has been quietly increasing the crackdown in XinJiang, but the most recent measure is drawing at least domestic attention. The government is now requiring that all 11 million Uighurs in the province (including those who now live in other parts of China, but not non-Uighurs in XinJiang) to… 59 kata lagi

China Orders Everyone in One Province to Hand Their Passports Over to Police

The Chinese government is requiring all residents of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in the country’s northwest to hand their passports over to police, the latest restriction on movement in the restive region. 324 kata lagi

「新疆菜和鸡蛋仔」Xinjiang Lunch & Hong Kong Egg Waffle

Hi foodies,

back with another food adventure and review!

So today a friend of mine wanted to eat some lamb meat skewers again so we went for a new place called  667 kata lagi

Diary 日记

「星期一」Calligraphy & Xinjiang Food

Hello folks,

today was a boring day but I still wanted to post something about it.

I had calligraphy lesson like every Monday afternoon and now we’re finally starting to write actual sentences, not only strokes or single characters! 343 kata lagi

Diary 日记

The Blank Piece of Paper

Xinjiang is a blank piece of paper (新疆是一张白纸)

On May 17, 1966, Zhang Zhonghan (张仲瀚) gazed upon a sea of “educated youth” standing before him in Shanghai’s Cultural Square.

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Một suy nghĩ về quãng 20 - A thought on the 20s of our lives

4h23 phút sáng, tôi vẫn chưa đi ngủ. Vừa tắt điện thoại và quẳng sang một bên, tôi nghĩ về một vài giấc mơ gần đây và một vài người trong ấy. 1.291 kata lagi