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Pada kotak dialog XAMPP control panel centang semua service seperti gambar di bawah ini. Maksud dari mencentang adalah untuk menginstal service apache, mysql, dan Download XAMPP for free. 417 kata lagi


Choosing a Drupal Development Environment

As I mentioned in the previous post, I recently became a web developer for a federal contractor working on Drupal sites. For those of you who have never worked on Drupal, it’s like most content management systems (CMS) in that it requires several things to be set up and configured in order to run. 2.168 kata lagi


Working With XAMPP

After installing xampp,just go to the location where you installed XAMPP (usually C:\Program Files\xampp) and double click on XAMPP Control Panel (xampp-control.exe). This will bring you following screen. 335 kata lagi


Getting Started PHP

Getting Started with PHP

Here, you will learn how easy it is to create dynamic web pages using PHP. Before that, be sure to have a code editor.Here are few: 162 kata lagi


Error: how the hell do I get a pdf viewer on my website and test locally? (Xampp)

For viewing pdf on your website, the first thing you have to do is get viewer.js or pdf.js.

I recommend http://viewerjs.org/

  1. Get Xampp
  2. put your project folder in xampp/htdocs folder…
  3. 107 kata lagi

how to configure wamp/xampp on windows

To run php files we need a server. xampp/wamp act like a server on our local computer

1. Install xammp from this url below.

https://www.apachefriends.org/xampp-files/7.2.2/xampp-win32-7.2.2-0-VC15-installer.exe… 102 kata lagi


A Look Inside the Toolbox

As an up and coming web developer, I’ve been exposed to several great tools that help get the job done. Here are a few of my favorites. 311 kata lagi

Development Tools