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Instalasi dan konfigurasi XAMPP di Lubuntu

Instalasi dan konfigurasi Apachefriends XAMPP di Lubuntu linux.


  1. Download XAMPP for Linux di sini. Pilih yang 32 bit atau 64 bit sesuai spefisikasi komputer yang digunakan.
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Read Your Gmail Emails Using PHP and IMAP

Hello Friends ,
Recently i have worked on drip email campaign project for that i need to read emails using PHP From the gmail inbox. 685 kata lagi


WEB701 Week One

Today in class we hit the ground running.

Todd presented us with what is required for the assignment for the course and the understanding that we have TWO clients visiting our class tomorrow to discuss their business and their request for building them a website. 865 kata lagi


How to configure the base_url of website in codeigniter?

It’s very easy to set the base_url of website in codeigniter. Just follow below steps:-

  1. Click on application folder at root directory.
  2. Inside application folder, click on config folder like application > config…
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Getting free SSL from wosign

You can get free SSL from wosign for upto two years. In this post I will show you how to get  the CSR for the SSL certificate with XAMPP on windows 7. 377 kata lagi


xampp-cli for your command line

No doubt, Linux is a great environment for development. Its Terminal is as great as itself. We, developers, often (always) use command line in our development process. 119 kata lagi