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Turns out, Pandas have been ‘doing anal’ all along

Scientists in the reproductive physiology department at the San Diego Zoo have discovered, through the use of thermal imagining, a general predilection for ‘black and white back-door action’ in the panda fraternity.   207 kata lagi


Ep 132: WWE Money In The Bank 2017 Companion Episode

Companion episode for WWE Money In The Bank 2017

As always you can find The Buff Geek Podcast on itunes, Podcast Republic and of course Soundcloud. 137 kata lagi

Black Culture Vs. Pop Culture: Why We're Suppressing The Next Black Renaissance

At age 13, I was a brown belt in Isshin-Ryu karate and the second biggest kid in my class. At 14, I could tell you that the origins of “Superman” actually trace back to German literature. 789 kata lagi


5 Highlights of Kurt Angle's WWE career ... It's true!

In Orlando this year, I had the absolute pleasure of being in attendance to witness the olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. 1.341 kata lagi


Going in Raw reviews In Your House 3

The guys Steve and Larson review In Your House 3. It’s interesting to get their take on things, especially with Michael Hayes being Dok Hendrix. I remember watching WWF in my younger days and my stepdad saying the same thing.


Fathers Day Interview with Yuji Tsurata on AJPW Legend Jumbo Tsurata

We recently got to interview the son of Jumbo Tsurata, an AJPW legend. We spoke about his fathers legendary career, from beginning to end, in its full extent. 1.008 kata lagi