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Significance of Wud'u (ablution) in islam?

ALLAAH is Pure & He accepts only Pure .

InshaALLAAH, in this article we shall learn the significance of Wud’u with few ahadith

1.) If we wash the body parts which is to be washed the sins committed by them is wiped off… 518 kata lagi


Wet Wudu & Dry Wudu(Tayammum), How are they Done ?-A Brief from ALLAAH's Words

La ilaha illa LLAAHu, ALLAAHu Akbar

There is no God But ALLAAH, ALLAAH is great (saheeh al-jaam’i as-sageer 713)

1.)A Simple Process for Wet Wudu… 232 kata lagi


Fikih Praktis Mazhab Syafi'i 5



Rukun-rukun Wudu

وفروض الوضء ستة أسياء

Rukun wudu ada enam yaitu:

النياة عند غسل الوجه، و غسل الوجه، و غسل اليدين إلى المرفقين، و مسح بعض الرأس، وغسل الرجلين إلى الكعبين، والترتيب على ما ذكرناه 106 kata lagi

Fikih Praktis

5 Thoughts I Had the First Time I Made Wudu

1.Wait what order does this all go in? Looking down to check my little post-it note next to the sink…Really, face then arms, then head? Ok got it…wait how many times was I supposed to was that again? 133 kata lagi


Permissibility of touching and reading Qur'an from Mobile Phone in non Wudu 

​Assalamualikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu. .May I know that do it is permissible to recite Qur’an in mobile with out ablution .?

Wa alaikum as salaam wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu… 561 kata lagi


Wiping Over Socks

​Wiping over Khufoof or Kuffayn (a kind of leather slippers that covers the ankles ) & socks ( jawrabayn) ???
Khufoof or kuffayn or khuff are term used for leather socks but every socks need not to be leather. 438 kata lagi