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'The End Times': 18-19


 – 18 –

“The one who clings to his religion … is like someone who grips a burning coal.”

Let us think why we talk but don’t listen … 548 kata lagi

The End Times

Amazing Health Benefits of Wudu

Islam is not just a religion pertaining to spirituality alone; it is a complete lifestyle. It is a lifestyle promoting kindness, truthfulness and cleanliness. Cleanliness is prominent in the Islamic faith, as Muslims are expected to always be in a state of physical and spiritual purification. 595 kata lagi


Salah Study: Wudu

The importance of salah is emphasized indisputably in the Qur’an and sunnah. And the very significant prerequisite to our salah is Wudu. We are encouraged to make wudu throughout the day.  734 kata lagi


Wudu’ is half of Salat

Reported by Abu Malik Al-Ash`ari (RA):

The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said,

  • “Wudu’ is half of Salat, and the expression:
  • `Subhan-Allah (Allah is free from imperfection)’ fills the Balance, and the expression:
  • 16 kata lagi
A Great Act Of Worship

Dogs, are they prohibited and impure in islam?

“You would think they were awake, when they were in fact asleep. We turned them to

the right side and the left side, while their dog stretched his arms in their midst” 856 kata lagi