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Tahaarah - Purification and Cleanliness

“Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.” (AL-BAQARAH 2:222)

Tahaarah means that the body and cloths of the believer who intends to offer prayer must be free of filth/impurity and place of prayer should also be clean and free from impurities. 

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Required Rituals of Islam

The five pillars of Islam are five basic acts considered mandatory by Muslims. These five pillars are found in the hadith. Today we will look at the first two pillars. 454 kata lagi

2016 Ramadan Prayer

BAIA sau DUSUL, tin loc de WUDHU?

BAIA sau DUSUL, tin loc de WUDHU?

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamin!

Dragi frati si surori!

Cunoscand ca Rugaciunea, fara de care nu exista Islam nu este valida fara purificare, mi-am propus sa clarific in acest articol daca baia obisnuita, tine loc de Wudhu (ablutiunea pentru impuritatile minore), cu alte cuvinte, daca dupa o baie de racorire putem face Rugaciunea fara a mai face wudhu. 790 kata lagi



“Love it! Shukran Jazeelan!” – M, eBay Customer


“Wa alaikum Salam! I received the clings! They’re already up being used by my kid. Thanks so much!

Hope you have a great Ramadan!” -Khaleda


'The End Times': 18-19


 – 18 –

“The one who clings to his religion … is like someone who grips a burning coal.”

Let us think why we talk but don’t listen … 548 kata lagi

The End Times

Amazing Health Benefits of Wudu

Islam is not just a religion pertaining to spirituality alone; it is a complete lifestyle. It is a lifestyle promoting kindness, truthfulness and cleanliness. Cleanliness is prominent in the Islamic faith, as Muslims are expected to always be in a state of physical and spiritual purification. 595 kata lagi