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We are very excited at the National Youth Council because The World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM) has released their final copy of their Youth Involvement Policy. 146 more words

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2014, an excellent year for everyone at Scout Experience.


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For everyone at Scout Experience, Ready for Life, 2014 was an amazing year. It was a time of consolidated processes that produced tangible results, which in return, benefitted children and young people in vulnerable communities. 349 more words

Abilities workshop, an opportunity for the development of skills for young people.

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One of the main characteristics in the scouting method is that their members participate under the philosophy of learning by doing, in order to generate significant knowledge. 335 more words

Scout Experience, volunteer program at the Central American Moot.

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One of the most significant events that take place within the worldwide scout movement is a Moot, which is a meeting point for Rover scouts (young people from 17 to 21 years old). 301 more words