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How “Scouting” Stands to be the Greatest Global Education Youth Movement Of the 21st Century | HuffPost

A one week conference that gathered 1800 Scout delegates, representing 169 National Scout Organization (NSO)—serving over 50 million Scouts. The conference was recorded as the largest Scouting conference in history; the direction of the Scout Movement is revamped as they now set sail their program for the next three years.

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Importancia del Movimiento Scout | #InstaScoutEntrevistas

¿Por qué es importante el Movimiento Scout? fue una pregunta abierta para capturar respuestas instantáneas en pocas frases durante la Conferencia Scout Interamericana de 2016 en Houston, Texas, Estados Unidos. 36 kata lagi

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Importance of The Scout Movement | #InstaScoutInterviews

Why is Scouting important? was an open question to capture instant answers in a few sentences during 2016 Interamerican Scout Conference in Houston, Texas, USA. These are the Scout leaders who took this challenge. 25 kata lagi

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Today ...

So, Today,

I went out to the place where my children are buried.  I cannot do this often, but I still must do it sometimes, or the press of the sadness and pain would bury me, would hold me tight in Earthen arms.   653 kata lagi


Excerpt (or Exception) on Life


The intrigue of the dance has captured me and I allow myself to be lead, not by the hand, nor by the nose, but with the whole of my body.   631 kata lagi

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Scouts of the World Award (SOWA) | UK Scout Network | The Scout Association | WOSM

The Scouts of the World Award (SOWA) is an international award initiated by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) with over 50 National Scout Associations taking part. 23 kata lagi