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Worst Week Ever!

Well this week has been a miserable one. Last weekend me and my mom decided to go on a diet. So you know its been a week without any sweets, and all the delicious non healthy things. 469 kata lagi

Adventure Time!

Today was one of the best days in my life and also the worst. Let’s start with why was this day the best. I spent the whole day with my friends at Eden┬áNature Park and I had a really great time. 326 kata lagi


The Worst 18th Birthday

On my 18th Birthday, this year I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing or anything but I expected it to be a bit better than it was. 500 kata lagi


Chris Rock "Black Women Have It The Worst In Hollywood"

Chris Rock says in the new issue of Essence magazine that black women have it the worst in Hollywood when it comes to decent roles and decent pay. 122 kata lagi

Entertainment News

The Best And Worst Squares To Get In Your Super Bowl Pool

Here are the BEST numbers to have in your Super Bowl SCORE pool.

If you’re going to a Super Bowl party, someone’s definitely going to propose a SQUARES pool like we have here at work. 112 kata lagi


PH ranked among the worst in the world in LTE speed and coverage

The Philippines is ranked at the bottom of the list of countries in terms of LTE speed and coverage
The list is topped by Asian countries like Singapore and South Korea… 22 kata lagi