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*Worst intro ever.*

It snowed today. I like the snow. Yes, I do. I really really do.

*Worst intro ever.*

Anyway, during the past couple of months(or three, maybe) I have had nothing interesting happen to me. 298 more words

Top Ten Worst Moments In A Reader's Life

Hey everyone! How are all a y’all? I’m fantastic (contrary to the mood the title sets…). So last week, the top ten post was the… 385 more words


Fear Driven Development - Enterprise Induced Worst Practices (part 0)

The Internationalization Antipattern

Some years ago I was still working for Big Time Consulting but I was not even a proper employee. I was a contractor from a company owned by BTC. 418 more words


This Week’s Brand 'Bests and Booboos'

My Favourites This Week:

Converse Celebrates 100 years of Chucks

Footwear brand Converse launches its biggest campaign yet on Monday to mark their iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoes reaching their centennial year. 498 more words



When I was in college, I had to live in a pity apartment to be closer to my school. During those years, I had the chance (not) to live with some others people that I didn’t really know and that I honestly didn’t want to know. 253 more words


Further To Movies Thread...what Have Been Your Best And Worst Ptsd Movie Experiences?

Or any movie that kinda portrays mental health, services or PTSD. I have to say, I HATED Ordinary People. I was shown it and in the middle of it I left the screening and ended up self-harming to the point that I found it difficult to walk for a few days. 69 more words

Scoring the Best and Worst Anime I've Seen Round 6

I’ve been able to watch quite a bit of anime lately, but thanks to college life, I can’t plow through nearly as many series as I would like to. 562 more words