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Why Did I Get Married???

Few days’ back one reader left a comment ‘Why did I get married???’…strange thing nobody ever asked and I never answered…but reader gave me a reason to write… 228 kata lagi



(n); emotional outburst

It was one of my worst night. A lot of things on my mind. I was trying to keep calm. Pero meron at meron talagang makaka-trigger sayo para mailabas mo yung totoong emosyon mo.

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More Than 300 Million People in India Are Reeling From the Worst Drought in Four Decades

The Indian government has begun sending trains carrying water to the western state of Maharashtra, as the region faces its worst drought in almost half a century. 172 kata lagi

My List of The Worst Characters in Grey's Anatomy

I’m one of those people who didn’t really follow through Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning. I only started watching it last January and because of school and other stuff, I progress slowly. 573 kata lagi


This Is The Worst Letter Of Recommendation Ever Written By A Teacher!

Remember back in the day when you had to ask your teacher for a letter of recommendation for college? Well that is what Jack did, and what the teacher wrote is possibly the worst letter ever. 22 kata lagi


World's Worst Airports Based On The Statements Of Flight Attendants And Pilots! Must Read!

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There had been numerous reports about the best airports in the world. However, there are also some of the worst ones. 23 kata lagi