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I am the worst person

I am the worst person who ever lived.

It’s been said by those who I have loved.

I’ve made them cry and hate me,

My family, my father, my sisters- the whole family. 204 more words


Met 2015 11 Best and Worst Dressed List


6. Sofia Vergara – Being she really didn’t go with the Asian theme, she barely squeaked by. Perfectly tailored and classy. She gives off a timeless glam look. 405 more words


A Clayton, NC Optometrist Explains the Worst Ways to Treat your Eyes

It’s increasingly important to have an annual eye exam in an eye care center in Clayton, NC, such as Clarity Vision, due to the many things that could affect your eyes and your vision, such as staring too long at mobile devices and phones. 70 more words

Rational Thoughts

A light shone on this incident, I was in the drum all along.

What a perfect realization.

The night when A texted, I should have been more rational and sent her the following, rather than a text which came from a confused, pissed off teenager. 205 more words


The Best T.V. Series on Right Now?

Hey! Today i’m going to be talking about my favorite television series that’s on tv right now! This was a really hard decision for me because I like so many shows and there are so many good ones. 59 more words


You know that feeling when you’re falling for a good friend who you know really isn’t the best choice but not the worst choice, however, you are 100% sure they are not in the least bit interested in you? 43 more words