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Pawndered Thought: October 6, 2015

Little sisters can be the worst sometimes.

I’m pretty sure he’s hoping she’ll turn into a pumpkin come Halloween.

(At least that way she can’t keep stealing his toys.)


To Get Rid Of The Worst Spyware You Want the Berst Anti Spyware Software

by Esthr
Imagine your self walking along a busy avenue, minding your personal business. You cease by a men’s clothes store. You have a look at the window show, point at a brand new pair of shoes. 18 kata lagi

The Woman in the other side of the Mirror

October 4, 2015 is just an ordinary day to a thousand days that will pass by though my life. But hell, this day is killing me. 200 kata lagi

Cynicism and Criticism

Cynicism is not the same as being critical.

  • Cynicism can be defined by two characteristics: one is being negative, and the other is being prejudicial. This means that a cynic will naturally assume the worst in a lot of situations.
  • 781 kata lagi

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (Movie) Review

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (more like Shocking and Terrible) is a 2010 ‘horror’ film by James Nguyen where eagles and vultures attack for seemingly no reason. 433 kata lagi