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These are the worst shorts a man can wear, according to women

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Style mistakes are something a man generally wants to avoid. As for the style mistake that the opposite sex has voted the most egregious? 231 kata lagi


Hezbollah in ‘worst financial shape in decades,’ US says

Years of sanctions on Lebanese terror group Hezbollah have left the organization “in its worst financial shape in decades,” a top US treasury official told Congress on Wednesday. 858 kata lagi

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Best/Worst: Disney Animation

With the recent release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast trailer and the upcoming release of Alice Through the Looking Glass, I wanted to talk about my favorite and least favorite animated Disney movie. 407 kata lagi


Overwatch Heroes, Ranked

(Source: kotaku.com)


Blizzard’s take on the class-based-shooter is so vibrant and full of personality, that each individual character has inspired its own army/fandom. And yet, some heroes are still better than others. 39 kata lagi


If you stand still going up or down on the escalator. You're the worst kind of person.

Ok, let’s get something straight. Escalators were invented to make going up stairs at the mall, or wherever they are located, faster. That way you can get to your shopping sooner and spend less time waiting to get up to the second floor or down to the first floor. 171 kata lagi

Why Exam times are the worse!

I’d just like to apologize profusely for our absence, but we are one of the few unlucky to have exams coming up in a few weeks (2 weeks to be precise) and its our first state exams EVER… 262 kata lagi


If you leave a shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot instead of taking it back. You're the worst kind of person.

Why would you do that? Why wouldn’t you just simply take the cart back? You’re just making it harder for everyone to simply shop. Now when I come into the parking lot, I have to not only dodge people but I always have to worry about rogue shopping carts cause your lazy ass wasn’t willing to put it away the proper way. 72 kata lagi