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Linz Linear Workstations With Storage - Office Furniture

The unique Linz series base is composed of tubular steel frame on one side and a fixed pedestal on the other which is its defining feature. 156 kata lagi

Office Furniture

Brought from the Snoopers Market - My Creative Inspire T10 Stereo Speakers

Yesterday I bought a pair of loudspeakers at a flea market. They only cost me 90 SEK; that’s approximately 10 USD. It’s a pair of Creative Inspire T10 2.0 speakers. 699 kata lagi

Film Gear

Halfway solution

A month or so ago I upgraded from Fedora 24 to 25, keeping the desktop (Workstation).  It was fast and smooth. Switched to Wayland automatically without a fuss. 209 kata lagi


‘Ode’ Ready To Use Linear Workstation System

Set up your work area, any size, anywhere in no time with Ode smart and modular workstation system. A scalable two seater workstation with frosted glass screen, walnut laminate desk top, wire management tray and three drawer pedestal for storage. 153 kata lagi

Boss’s Cabin

Trip to Ikea, Some Life Lessons & Current Room Set up

The Story:

I was a young student way back when my sister and I had to live alone in a condo. There was no one except us. 697 kata lagi


Importing a Workstation VM to AHV fails with NFS3ERR_NOENT error

To import a Workstation VM to AHV, KVM based Nutanix Hypervisor from Nutanix, I copied it to AHV container by WinSCPing to the the Prism IP:2222. 124 kata lagi


Managing a team but not getting results? This can be helpful.

Hello Everyone! Missed me all this while? I really missed coming back to be speaking to you like before! Well, just in case you wish to know what I was up to all this while, the previous couple of months were not as smooth as I had expected, but not the roller coaster ride you would imagine. 749 kata lagi