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Dell hardware for Simulation Computational Fluid Dynamics

With an outsized range of computing choices out there nowadays, it will be quite difficult to pick a system which will deliver optimum performance and capability at an inexpensive value. 351 kata lagi

HP Laptop

VMware Workstation 12: Mouse clicks and keyboard not working

Go to your installation directory for Workstation, right click on VMware.exe, choose properties, click on compatibility tab, and ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’.

Agile Working

by Ann McCracken

I recently took my dogs on an Agility course and it was inspiring! We learned to work together to achieve outcomes we have hardly imagined, we both had to work harder than we have ever done, we did things we have never done before and we want to do again!! 428 kata lagi



I think I may have temporarily disabled two laptops by installing faulty upgrade software.  At least I have an old desktop I can use to help recover stuff but it looks like I’ll be busy with this today instead of writing… and I had quite a bit on my mind too.   10 kata lagi