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My tiny new work-space
As I don’t use a table, I got this small wooden trolley and stacked all my art supplies there. Nothing extravagant but I love it. 30 kata lagi

My Workstation(s)...

I decided to post a tour of where the magic happens. I didn’t actually clean up the places. And I took them with my phone so please forgive the quality. 931 kata lagi

WintelGeek Sales Links

Links for WintelGeek’s fixbit.org suggested software and services, which are all software and services that I personally use, so I recommend:

Domain Name Registrar: NameSilo… 105 kata lagi


3 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Workspace

The arrival of Spring tends to get most of us thinking about organization and spring cleaning. The thought of an organized inbox or cleaning off your desk (so you can actually see the bottom of it!) usually inspires us to attack the job head on and all at once – which can lead to an even further mess if you’re not careful and strategic about your approach. 316 kata lagi


New and improved KelsusIT

   Let’s start by saying we launched our website no more that 2 weeks ago ( http://kelsusit.com ) filled with some of our best products. I say “some” because we’re still in the progress of populating it. 80 kata lagi

Desktop Computers

Tips: Logic X

  1. Splitting track quickly: Double click with “marquee tool”
  2. Accessing hidden audio files: “Show package contents”
  3. Dragging with accuracy: Using playhead as a marker

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Music Production

A2 - The Caveman Returneth

In “The Singularity Is Near”  Ray Kurzweil, technological futurist and Google director of engineering, prophesies that humans and computers will merge within the next 100 years. 735 kata lagi