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Managing a team but not getting results? This can be helpful.

Hello Everyone! Missed me all this while? I really missed coming back to be speaking to you like before! Well, just in case you wish to know what I was up to all this while, the previous couple of months were not as smooth as I had expected, but not the roller coaster ride you would imagine. 749 kata lagi


How to enable 3D Acceleration for guests in VMWare Workstation Pro 12.5

Just edit the file ~/.vmware/preferences and add the following line

mks.gl.allowBlacklistedDrivers = “TRUE”

That’s it, enjoy!

Source: http://askubuntu.com/questions/537787/enable-3d-hw-acceleration-on-vmware-workstation-10-on-ubuntu-14-04

Make A Move: How to maximize movement during your workday.

Are you sitting right now? And have you been sitting for most of the day? Chances are, if you’re an office worker, the answer is yes. 436 kata lagi


Meja Kubikel Kantor Kirim Luar Jawa

Pesanan dari Mr Edward di kota Ambon yaitu cubicle workstation / meja sekat kantor dengan penjelasan sbb :

1. Straight Cubicle Worsktation for 2 person, total 8 buah / untuk 16 person di 4 ruangan berbeda. 185 kata lagi

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Is my laptop too slow for development?

We are in the year 2017, and I’m struggling with one big problem for me: My laptop feels way too slow for Development purposes. Should I go back to the PC era? 612 kata lagi

Produksi Furniture Interior Mebel Kantor Pemerintahan di Semarang Jawa Tengah - Cepat Tepat Waktu Deadline

Puas dan cocok dengan kualitas hasil kecepatan produksi & kualitas hasilnya, Kantor Akademi Kepolisian Semarang melaksanakan repeat order yang sama, yaitu renovasi kelas / peremajaan meubelair kantor untuk kelas Nuri 3 dan Nuri 4. 158 kata lagi

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VMware Workstation Pro Latest Version Free Download

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VMware Workstation Pro Latest Version Free Download 
Download VMware Workstation Pro Latest Version Free v12.5.2 and continues VMware’s myth of presenting great features & performance that technical experts rely on every da…