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How to (Not) Overclock a Xeon 2660 V4

This summer I dumped my connection to Apple and built myself a super computer.  I’ve not regretted it for a second but due to the unique nature of my setup I’ve had quite a few questions about it.  609 kata lagi

Introducing the HP Z2 Mini G3 Workstation

HP’s first mini workstation designed for CAD users.

Finally a revolutionary mini PC for CAD that delivers breakthrough power and versatility in a small, elegant design. 123 kata lagi


Microsoft makes a splash in Kaby Lake with Windows 7

If you haven’t already heard, Kaby Lake is the name of Intel’s new 7th gen processor. It replaces Intel’s current 6th Gen processor (Sky Lake). Before talking about Kaby Lake, lets get a little background on Intel’s release structure of their core I processors. 375 kata lagi


LED strip lights

I bought this LED strip light when I wanted to light up my desk because I couldn’t see what I was doing when I was working on my electronics and I needed a light which did not create much heat which meant that LED’s were perfect as they are a lot more efficient whilst still being very bright. 410 kata lagi


The Varying Workloads of Gantry Cranes

A gantry is a structure that may be built spanning a work space or object in most cases provides some functional advantage of the region of operations. 444 kata lagi

Gantry Cranes

SCCM & WiFi Driver Updates

The Issue

Over the last year our corporate wireless infrastructure has undergone some major updates and standardization across our locations. This means brand new Cisco controllers and AP’s. 569 kata lagi


Project SoundMachine - A Semi-Modular Synth System

Something that has always amazed me is the synthesiser, taking a basic waveform and manipulating to the point where it can emulate nearly any sound. Just the idea of taking a sine wave and then making it sound like a thunderstorm is amazing. 236 kata lagi

Project SoundMachine