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Before Everything Else!

Blog posted JULY 3, 2012

It took me at least 10 years to really find the answer. The idea of having a home-based job started to occupy my mind in 2000 when the internet business started to spread wide and far in the Philippines. 642 kata lagi


Memories from VMware's Hosted UI

I wrote a tribute last week to my old team at VMware, the Hosted UI Group (aka HUG). These people were like family, and through their hard work and dedication, mutual respect and insane depth of knowledge, they built some amazing products, Workstation and Fusion being just two of them. 3.891 kata lagi


A Tribute to VMware Workstation, Fusion, and Hosted UI

Updated February 2, 2016: Once you learn about our team and who we are, come take a trip down memory lane with us!

Yesterday morning, the Hosted UI team, responsible for VMware’s Workstation and Fusion products, woke up to find themselves out of a job. 1.630 kata lagi


Day-to-day Ergonomics

Yesterday, I did an ergonomic assessment for an employee at the hospital I work at and was reminded by how fun these assessments are. That aha! 437 kata lagi

Occupational Therapy

This $5,900 workstation lets you work lying down

If you thought standing desks were extreme, you are in for a treat, my friend.

Sonoma Valley, Calif. based startup Altwork has announced its first product, the Altwork Station, a workstation allowing users to sit and stand in all manner of positions. 680 kata lagi


Space Workstation

We can’t imagine what is going to happen at Space Workstation.

Science is moving very  first.



Well – here I am writing a Blog to capture the fun, trials and tribulations of creating the many items that I sell on my… 91 kata lagi