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Deleting VMs from VMware Workstation

I have VMware workstation but I rarely use it as I have access to a large ESX cluster. However, we do acquire companies and sometimes companies do things like run production from the workstation product as it’s cheaper. 177 kata lagi


Common Computer Workstation Errors and Solutions for Discomfort Relief

by The DEMO Conference
If you’re encountering pain inside your wrists, fingers, fingers, neck, shoulder or back again and work at a pc for much more than four hours daily there it is time to get a shut look at how your pc workstation is designed. 10 kata lagi

Workstation and hardware icons

A few nice computer images I found:
Workstation and hardware icons

Image by Ember Studio
3D network workstation and data hardware icons.
Creative Commons Attribution license. 17 kata lagi


Dalam dunia Organ Tunggal Keyboard Arranger yang menjadi posisi 1 atau dengan kata lain yang paling diutamakan dalam penampilan sebuah organ tunggal ,ada beberapa keyboard arranger yang sudah beredar di Indonesia, diantaranya : 971 kata lagi


60's Workstation

I’m at work for the theatre department, trying to brand this show, and I found that the art of the 60’s is SO much fun to pull from. 15 kata lagi

Typographic Inspiration

VMware Workstation Pro 12.0.0 Build 2985596

VMware Workstation Pro 12.0.0 Build 2985596

New Download : VMware Workstation Pro 12.0.0 Build 2985596

VMware Workstation Pro 12.0.0 Build 2985596

VMware Workstation is a hypervisor that runs on x86-64 computers; it enables users to set up one or more virtual machines (VMs) on a single physical machine, and use them simultaneously along with the actual machine. 21 kata lagi


Navigate to Storage and highlight the Volume you just created and Select create zVol

Enter a Volume name and the size, if using GB be sure to enter the g after the number.  265 kata lagi