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Dilemna or Dilemma?

In helping YA proofread an essay last night, I noticed that “dilemma” was not underlined as misspelled. When I corrected it to “dilemna”, I got the squiggly red line saying it was now incorrect. 116 kata lagi

Celebrating the value of virtues at family event in Faribault

WORDS HOLD POWER. Positive or negative. The words we choose to speak—because we really do choose—can heal or hurt. Uplift or defeat. Encourage or discourage. Unite or separate. 357 kata lagi

Avant-magoria #4: Cotard Re-released a Genuine Itch that it Preferred Chainsaw Piss Discombobulated Diatom

Twisted afternoon
ate the syntax cream,
lawyers massaged
the hurricane sternum –
behold, Napoleon shoes foreclosed.

Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved. 102 kata lagi

Nano X

#5 Fly Away

the less I say 
the more you lie
the more you play
the less I sigh
the more you betray
the less I cry
why don’t you go away
I’m not going to ask why



you see me as still


wonder why i can never just say the things I think

that i can write these feelings with such ease… 31 kata lagi


Magic Trick: Mind Reading - Revealed!

Having followed the steps outlined in my previous post, entitled Magic Trick: Mind Reading, it’s now time to reveal the magic!

Given they’ve applied their two different… 55 kata lagi