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Thank you faithful followers

Thank you faithful followers

Most followers may be faceless
Post likes not placeless or traceless
When welcome for blog stop
Then some more on-board hop… 11 kata lagi

Lost Children

I am odd, I am unique and my name is Iuan,
I am a lost child a child within the shadows of society,
this world holds many dark sides like many other children, 92 kata lagi

Day 7- Journal

Dear Celebrity I Despise,

I suppose I should thank you for your work and what you contribute to the world.

But then that defeats the purpose of this letter. 71 kata lagi


Do you have a Blogging Identity?

I officially started blogging in January of this year and thus far its been an enriching experience. But I notice something about me that I have been doing with this new blogging experience. 641 kata lagi