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A Voice of Colorado Version 2018 No. 79

This is the State of Colorado. This is The Liars Lodge, in Buena Vista, CO.:



A Voice of Colorado Version 2018 No. 77

Representatives of McPherson and Jacobson, the national search firm contracted by the Thompson School District that serves the Loveland, CO. area to find a replacement for outgoing Superintendent Stan Scheer, heard from hundreds of Loveland and Berthoud, CO. 67 kata lagi


A little about me

Hello Everyone ! Welcome to my Blog.

I thought I would start off by telling you a little about me and what sort of things I will posting on my blog. 298 kata lagi


A Changing Audience

Recently, I have really started putting a lot of time and effort into my blog and my writing. My posting on Instagram and Twitter have become more frequent and my social media has been reignited.  279 kata lagi



I think it sets a dangerous standard when you tell your kids “you can’t be racist because you are a minority and we are oppressed, but you can be prejudice I guess.” 59 kata lagi


Meet and Greet Link

The Meet and Greet continues today and will end Monday evening so be sure to jump in and have some fun!

And don’t forget, you can leave your link multiple times!!

Meet and Greet Link


Pencil Drawing.

Pencil drawing  of Maucalay Culkin as Kevin Maccallister in “Home Alone movie”. Hope you guys like it.

A lumograph pencil and cotton drawing. Anyway, I sometimes stuck at the hair part. 31 kata lagi