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Blogger Recognition Award

WOW! All I can say is really wow. This is my second award since I’ve started blogging back in February and I can thank the nomination for… 592 kata lagi


50 things that will turn your world ‘Miraculous’ (From a 23 year old)

1. Start your day by saying good morning to yourself and smile for everything you have got, no matter how small.

2. Live a disciplined life. 852 kata lagi


The Sunrise...


For every sunrise, there is sunset

For every gain, there is pain

For every sowing, there is a harvest

For every man there is a woman… 92 kata lagi

Blogging U

What is the difference between ‘Communities of Practice’ and ‘Online Communities’?

Communities of Practice and Online Communities; the two terms sound quite similar don’t they? Lets look at them both in a bit more depth…

Communities of Practice (CoPs) 481 kata lagi


The Greatest Benefits from Choosing WordPress

There are several different web design and platform options to choose from, as well as software which leaves many people wondering, which is the best, which will be the most efficient, which is the easiest to use and what is going to help me get to where I am trying to go? 369 kata lagi

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