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On Them Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

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I’ll admit it – when I started blogging, I wasn’t sure what I was doing and certainly didn’t know the most efficient way to get readers. 455 more words


Testing the WP Plugin

Testing the WP Plugin
Wp For Dummies : Some Guidelines What almost all do you know regarding WordPress like a blogging system? Would you like to learn just exactly why it’s probably the most

16 Breakfast Recipes to Take You Around the World [via #Digg]

Breakfast is always lauded as the most important meal of the day, yet it’s so easy to fall into a rut: a bowl of cereal and a cup of joe if you’re in a hurry, pancakes if you have the time, and oatmeal when you want to feel virtuous. 207 more words


20 Ways to Style a Pair of Lace Shorts [via #Digg]

Lace often gets a reputation for being fancy; something you’d reserve for a night out. While that’s certainly true— nothing’s chicer than a lace cocktail dress —we’re also seeing the dainty fabric make its way into daylight, thanks to bloggers, editors and other fashion insiders who favor lace shorts. 71 more words


These 4 Delicious Dishes Could Actually Make You Happier [via #Digg]

Cookbook author, Rebecca Katz has both culinary, and nutrition training, so she knows how to make healthy food taste good. Her latest, The Healthy Mind Cookbook , features more than 120 recipes that optimize brain health, helping to boost your mood, improve your memory, and fight off disease. 1.711 more words