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Fear #WalknTalk No11

WalknTalk no 11 is all about fear.

Fear is hard is to overcome but it isn’t as painful as regret. Regret last a lot longer and is much more difficult to erase. 11 more words


Love your enemies 

Pray for those who persecute you. – Pastor’s Wife

In my weakness,
You help me find
An immaculate remedy.

In my anger,
You help me see…

85 more words


Being a human they say is for a purpose greater than anyone can define in worldly words. We do have a darker side to every aspect that many avoid to see and one of them is living with a hope that you will breathe tomorrow. 219 more words

Batman VS Superman Trailer

Overview of the Movie (Source : Imdb) :

Rating — / —

Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Directors : Zack Snyder

Stars : 8 more words

Encouraging Life

Blank Page

“You must not come lightly to the blank page”
–Stephan King

Here we are with the laptop in our lap–where else–ready to write. Seems like the trick is to say something intelligent for one thing, but also, interesting. 175 more words