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Rose's Authentic Diary from Titanic Finally Published!

Entry #1: Dear Diary, oh rats! We’re boarding the largest vessel ever built and I just realized I forgot to pack Dramamine or Bonine. The weather predicts smooth sailing, so hopefully it’ll be a non-issue. 853 kata lagi


Let Me Ask You A Question – 8/20/17

Let me ask you a question:

When was the last time you took a day trip?  Where did you go?


One step away from change

In the middle of a road,

she stands, barely knowing anything.

and the road divides in two,

leading her to the world’s darkest side. 147 kata lagi


Puffed Rice Delight

Puffed Rice Delight  is very wholesome and tasty. You can make it any time of the day- as breakfast, dinner or a simple snack. The combination of the tomato and onions with the puffed rice is a perfect one. 174 kata lagi


Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Mission accomplished.

I’m going to cheat slightly for this week’s SoCS post, putting The Accumulator on hold (again, I know) to use Linda G Hill’s prompt to check that my new home is visible to y’all one last time, now that I’m properly ensconced on Return of the Internet Nobody. 299 kata lagi


Harapan Untuk Calon Istri di Masa Depan

Terkadang gua merasa, gua butuh menulis tentang apa yang sering kali terpikir didalam pikiran gua selama gua semakin beranjak dewasa, yaitu soal calon pasangan gua atau lebih tepatnya calon istri gua yang kelak bakal menjadi seorang ibu untuk anak-anak gua dan juga orang yang bakal bersama gua ketika gua sedang mengalami kesulitan. 990 kata lagi