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Face Rollers

Has anyone ever tried the jade or rose quartz face rollers? The first time I heard about them was through Black-ish actress Tracee Ellis Ross. I want to buy one to see if it’ll be effective but I’ll be pretty pissed if I buy one and it doesn’t work.


Throwback Saturday: WordPress Content

Content. Isn’t that a word that we hear so often? In a world of decreasing creativity, content is king. The best bloggers find ways to constantly create new content, publishing dozens of unique posts a year. 1.171 kata lagi

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Wordpress Meetup (I) 2020

DATE: Saturday, 25th December 2020.

TIME: 2:00pm-4:00pm

VENUE: Nairobi Garage, Pinetree Plaza, Ngong Rd. (Changed to Big Square CBD)



Discussing the state of WordPress in the new decade.


This is so awesome and in the UK where we have libraries closing down everyday, maybe we should have something similar, with thanks to Chris…

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6min 48sec @theeconomist clip - How making #babies is being transformed by #science

text from youtube “Science is enabling women to have children later in life as new technologies transform IVF success rates. But an increasingly globalised IVF trade also poses dangers. 437 kata lagi


Some days I wish to
Take my phone and
Break it into two halves
Like how I break
Everything I touch
Maybe I was never filled… 161 kata lagi


A Walk In The Clouds

Taken over South Africa at 37,000 ft. My son-in-law is a bus driver at altitude. As you can see, he picks candy floss for a living. 27 kata lagi