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Goodbye Youtube.

Wow.. Here comes the same old line… “I feel like I haven’t posted in forever”.. Well that would be because I obviously haven’t. Recently I have been re-evaluating my online life. ¬† 532 kata lagi

Bottled Cat

“Here, kitty kitty kitty, Rosey won’t hurt you…” A little girl sneaks up behind a cat as it rummages through a pile of trash. “Kitty, sweet kitty…” A noise further down the alleyway catches the cat’s attention. 623 kata lagi

Written By: Briahna

American Assassin Review

After losing his fiancé in a brutal terror attack, Mitch Rapp decides to take revenge on those responsible. When his efforts to infiltrate the terrorist cell gain the attention of the CIA, Mitch is placed into the Orion program where he will learn how to become a lethal assassin. 1.136 kata lagi


Photo Challenge - Layered

I missed the photo challenge last week. However in a way it was great that I did not happen last week. I was so busy at work, that I don’t think I would have gotten around it. 84 kata lagi

Weekly Photo Challenge

“People want that cuck’n fuck. If you don’t give that cuck’n fuck, you don’t get that money.”-Mom, about getting famous

We Interrupt This Blog . . .

There may be an official ordinance about posting unfunny things on a humor blog, but I’ll accept a warning citation. Ironic short stories are my original genre of writing and several readers have encouraged me to share more widely here. 2.405 kata lagi

I'm Back ... For Now

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted a blog post. I think it has been at least a month. That time has gone so quickly. 432 kata lagi