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Getting feedback about your blog

My blog has been created for, and will be assessed as part of, my university degree.  Being a new blogger, I am keen to get feedback on what I have developed so far and want to make improvements to increase followers and achieve a high grade. 211 more words

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Please rate my blog

I have created this blog as part of a university unit and will also be assessed on it.  This is the first blog I have developed and would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to comment on it attractiveness and usability.   13 more words

'How To' Tips

The 29 Day Challenge: Part 7- 5 Favourite Foods (With Recipes).

Urgh. This one seems sucky. Right. I’ll give it a shot. Seb style.

1- Pot Noodle.


I’m legitimately addicted to this. It’s my life. So. The recipe on how to enjoy this deliciousness: 468 more words


Italian Stallion.

My mother asked me what I wanted from when she went to Florence as a gift. Casually, you’d ask for a big ass Ferrari wouldn’t you? 179 more words


Pokémon Showdown.

This is a Pokémon story I made as a ridiculously belated birthday gift for one of my dear friends, living in Austria. And she wakes up to see a lovely panoramic view of mountain ranges and shit and it makes me super jealous. 2.485 more words



*Casually looking for typos that I can be arsed to change on my blog page. Glances to the right*

“Join 666 other followers.”

NO. I DON’T WANT TO. 30 more words



I had my mental health appointment recently. Went pretty well. It pretty much consisted of me talking more rather than him talking and doing the whole consoling thing. 1.978 more words