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Cast Shoe!

I went to the doctor today and checked if they can remove the cast on my left leg which has been with me for five days now. 290 more words

Daily Word Vomit

The Example

What example are you setting? Who are you? What are you becoming? Your actions today dictate your actions tomorrow. I’m not saying all this to preach I’m saying all this to get you thinking. 152 more words


I’m flattered.


Your stats are booming! the hut owner blog is getting lots of traffic.

  1. Your blog, the hut owner blog, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

  2. 11 more words


WordPress es un sistema de gestión de contenidos o CMS (por sus siglas en inglés, Content Management System) enfocado a la creación de cualquier tipo de sitio, aunque ha alcanzado una gran relevancia usado para la creación de blogs (páginas web con una estructura cronológica que se actualiza regularmente). 33 more words

Herramienta Web 2.0

Episode 342: Wordpress Weirdness!

I know some people have mentioned about missing comments, and other weird happenings on WordPress lately and I have noticed a few odd things myself. 126 more words


It's so Hot || Art by Erika

doodled about the weather.
I started on this yesterday (Saturday), and finished it on the same day. haha

People And Blogs

The Phoenix || Art by Erika

I had this image of a Phoenix in my head. I didn’t have a clear image of what it looked like because i was unable to use the internet, so Behold the product of my imagination ! 18 more words

People And Blogs