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WordPress query posts my meta data


On a WP powered site, if you add custom meta information, you might want to query the posts that have a particular meta information, like a custom post template. 63 kata lagi


How To Load the Contact Form 7 Script for a Contact Page Only

Contact Form 7 loads its JavaScript and CSS files on every page and this cause load problems in the whole site specialy in the home page with PageSpeed Insights when i notice the CSS and JavaScript and there was no contact form there so what we need to fix this is to remove these js and css from any page who is not contact page that contains the contact form itself… 95 kata lagi

Computer Programming

In Praise of the Google Translate App

If I were inclined to write poetry today (I’m not– the muse is not in the building), I would write an ode to the Google Translate app. 338 kata lagi


IIS WordPress Uploaded Files 500 Error

therI cannot believe I ran into the same problem I blogged about 3 years ago. So I am add more symptoms and more details to the problem. 483 kata lagi