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Let Them Not Say

Let them not say: we did not see it.
We saw.

Let them not say: we did not hear it.
We heard.

Let them not say: they did not taste it. 80 kata lagi

If My Life Story Isn't Dramatic, Is It Still Important?

I suppose I do have a pretty dramatic story for a 25 year-old. A lot of people are surprised by it, others have an oh-now-it-makes-sense reaction (that sometimes escapes their mind in awkward word vomit). 857 kata lagi


My Disclosure

I am a poem composer
And in way of a disclosure
I give my Jesus exposure
Because I love Him so

He took my life from chaos… 52 kata lagi


This is Called Turning In - Osho

What is turning inwards?

Turning inwards not a turning at all. Going inwards is not a going at all. Turning inwards simply means that you have been running after this desire and that, and you have been running and running and you have been coming again and again to frustration. 1.042 kata lagi


Witness Deleted

Police have asked me take down this video of man speaking to journos at scene.They're concerned it makes ppl believe it was a terror event. …

21 kata lagi

1/22/2017 Follow Me

Third Sunday after the Epiphany (Ordinary Time)
Isaiah 9:1–4; Psalm 27:1, 4–9; 1 Corinthians 1:10–18; Matthew 4:12–23

A few years ago I tried out a new hobby, fly fishing. 1.020 kata lagi

Gospel Of Matthew


Have you ever been scarred?

By falling out of a tree or being run over by your sibling’s bike or accidentally stapling your finger? Maybe your scars are more internal than external; from listening to too many ghost stories or being hurt emotionally at some point in your life. 687 kata lagi