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And Now Do the Shades Rise Up To Praise You

Note: I wrote the following in April 2012 and have decided to share it here, more than four years later, because it is still so very appropriate. 633 kata lagi


In(ter)dependence Day

Today’s readings (click below to open in new tab/window):
Psalms 96; 147:1-11, Nahum 1:1-14, Revelation 12:1-6, Luke 11:37-52

We admire independence. We sing the praises of the self-sufficient, the self-made, and the independently wealthy. 460 kata lagi


Mayor Kenoi takes the stand on Day 5 of theft trial

Hawaii Island Mayor Billy Kenoi took the stand in his own defense Wednesday.

The criminal trial, now in day five, focuses on the alleged misuse of his county-issued credit card, also known as a pCard. 431 kata lagi


Children’s Respect

I really never intended for the children to do that. Occasionally, the children surprise us in delightful ways. When we began way back in the 90s, being a relatively new parish, funerals were relatively infrequent. 517 kata lagi

Be a Witness

Today is Wednesday. Witness to someone. Hand out a tract, ask a person if they know the 3 things God cannot do, text or write an unsaved friend and tell them how you got saved. 81 kata lagi

Email: Info@sosevents.org

Laying R.I.P. To Rest (via Nick Batzig)

There’s a difference between deserved and heartfelt appreciation for those who are deceased and the use of unhelpful sentimental phraseology about their eternal state.
This is not about making judgments, it’s about leaving what is unknown unsaid. 105 kata lagi



Why are you here?

Not to collect more things.

Not to become an expert.

Not to be happy all the time.

Not to look good all the time. 162 kata lagi

Just A Minute