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Prayer prompt for Friday, Aug. 28

Sometimes the choices of others result in negative consequences for us, even when it isn’t our fault. Focus on your own integrity & witness.


The Great MN Get Together! Day #1

It’s the start of the 2015 Minnesota State Fair and we have the guide to get you going on the best food pairings of the year! 196 kata lagi

Belgian Beer

Psalm 119:25-27

I can relate to the psalmist this morning when he says…

“I lie in the dust; revive me by your word (vv.25, NLT).”

My anxiety-filled heart leaves me lying in the gutter (or dust). 559 kata lagi


How Can We Trust an Imperfect Bible?

My post from yesterday on the inerrancy of scripture prompted a lot of conversation, and some of it I think deserves a follow-up response. I’ve already got a post on the Bible and the Word of God planned for next Wednesday, so I wanted to include this follow-up post today so I can keep my weekly posts on schedule. 708 kata lagi


40 Days of Prayer: Day Nine

August 27, 2015

Theme: Good Soil. Bold Witness. 

Daily Prayer

Thu. Aug 27 – Acts 9: 1-22 “Is this not the man who made havoc in Jerusalem?”  Pray for mystical, powerful, “Damascus Road” encounters for decriers of Christianity and for those who are skeptics.  25 kata lagi


Practical praise

My praises should be “Yes, Lord …” they should be obedience. As I do not create choices of obedience for myself, but the Lord does, then the more of His word I hear, the more praise I may give: real, practical, faithful. 285 kata lagi


Paying Attention

“Where attention goes, prana [energy or life force] flows.”  ~ Swami Kripalu

Shortly after I last posted (January), I learned that a close family member has cancer.  

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