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Daily Dose of Encouragement -- What Are You Hoping For?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

-Hebrews 11:1

The definition of faith is the strong belief and trust in someone or something. 286 more words


I crave real: My soul is allergic to fake.

I crave real.  My soul is allergic to fake.

I reverberate on octaves of genuine connections. Please spare me the chit-chat unless you are warming up to dive deeper. 171 more words

Let My Voice Be Heard

Trial and eror part five

“This is jesica armstrong after being delayed,the trial of those acused of sentient trafficking will resume today. The prosicution will resume there case!” The repoter said. 894 more words

Science Fiction

Ancient Drum

I am an ancient drum

Skin stretched over hollow space

A strong, enduring instrument.

A voice to wake the dead.

A spirit drum,

A wild drum, 16 more words

Fat On The Word

So I came across this article on Facebook the other day that I really liked. It’s by Francis Chan and sums up probably the greatest flaw in the modern church. 522 more words

The Word

The Bench

Many winters I have seen,
Sitting in this desolate little park.
Lonely poets who come and go,
Young lovers with yearning eyes,
Children pulling along man’s best friend… 145 more words


Trust no Man...that is no man, woman, or child!

This past Sunday during a break in between my worship team set, I ran into a woman that was troubled by a personal issue that she was going through. 754 more words