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Why are you still using Windows 95? The Professional Appraisal

The Professional Appraisal are blog post collection that has a more personal touch. Basically they are geeky insights on life in general, made by the working professional who loves to play games but rarely have the time to play them. 789 kata lagi


Cool Windows Backgrounds

Here are some cool Windows backgrounds I found around the interwebs – all images 1920×1080 (full album here):


Tutorial - Installing Windows 95 Using Oracle VirtualBox

While Windows 95 can be installed using the popular MS-DOS emulator DOSBox, Oracle’s VirtualBox offers an alternative, and for later versions (such as Windows 98) is essential. 1.747 kata lagi


Windows 95 Special Edition

On August 24th 1995 Microsoft hosted a Windows 95 launch event at their campus in Redmond, Washington. At this event journalists and other attendees were gifted a copy of Windows 95 in a special commemorative box: Windows 95 Special Edition. 132 kata lagi


Burning CDs with Corel

With the uptake of broadband internet, cloud services, and hard disks terabytes in size, the concept of placing stuff onto optical discs has become as popular as building a new coal-fired power station. 1.058 kata lagi


Setting Up a 386DX with Windows 95 using PCem 12

Not along after posting about using PCem 11, version 12 was available for downloading literally a few days later. Due to this, I’ll briefly go over the changes before delving into setting up a virtual 386 PC with Windows 95. 1.674 kata lagi


Times of Israel hacked! Jerusalem Post’s confusing outdated website thwarts hackers

By Yuval Weiss

Last Updated 11/3/2017 at 9:30 AM

Jerusalem: Israel’s Anglo community was rocked to its core yesterday after a team of Turkish Islamist hackers took down their website for much of the afternoon and evening, forcing its loyal readers to stop trolling each other in the comments section until well past 9 PM. 324 kata lagi

Yuval Weiss