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Setting Up a 386DX with Windows 95 using PCem 12

Not along after posting about using PCem 11, version 12 was available for downloading literally a few days later. Due to this, I’ll briefly go over the changes before delving into setting up a virtual 386 PC with Windows 95. 1.674 kata lagi


Times of Israel hacked! Jerusalem Post’s confusing outdated website thwarts hackers

By Yuval Weiss

Last Updated 11/3/2017 at 9:30 AM

Jerusalem: Israel’s Anglo community was rocked to its core yesterday after a team of Turkish Islamist hackers took down their website for much of the afternoon and evening, forcing its loyal readers to stop trolling each other in the comments section until well past 9 PM. 324 kata lagi

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'Reply All' Ridiculousness

It’s 20-freaking-17. Everyone should know how to appropriately use the “Reply All” function in our email by now.

But, alas, some of us are still living in a Windows 95 world. 391 kata lagi

Real Jacki

A Look Back At Windows 95

The operating system that sold the graphical user interface to the mainstream masses was Microsoft’s very own Windows 95 operating system, released twenty-two years ago to huge fanfare and supported by a brilliant marketing campaign that got many every day users excited about using a computer. 85 kata lagi


Under the sea, nobody can hear you scream in frustration

There’s a joke (among many, countless others) in Monkey Island 2: as Guybrush is hanging over a pit of acid, you can make him ask LeChuck “why didn’t you just shoot me?”. 667 kata lagi

Flashback: Agosto 1995

No mês em que se celebraram os 50 anos da largada de 65Kg de Urânio em Hiroshima, a tecnologia era o principal foco de atração neste mês. 426 kata lagi

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