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Command & Conquer

Another retro game that deserves recognition, one of my favorite Real-time strategy franchises and the first RTS I played. Released in 1995 on DOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Sega Saturn, PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 by Virgin Interactive, Sega, Nintendo and developed by Westwood Studios and Looking Glass Studios for the N64 port. 758 kata lagi


Your Teen Years For Dummies

That age when your body comes into fruition is so delicate, and every adult knows it. Your elbows become pointy jabbers that get stuck in doorways and there’s never enough room in the back of the car for your spider legs. 1.282 kata lagi


ChaoS;Child 10 – Small Failings Clarify a Larger Problem

ChaoS;Child episode 10 sees this series continue to chug on at the level of quality it apparently is satisfied with – namely, better then Occultic;Nine… 906 kata lagi


Setting up PCem for Windows 95 games

PCem is an impressively versatile emulator, capable of emulating a wide range of IBM compatible PCs. From XT 8088 based machines up to Late Pentium I MMX era machines, making it a viable alternative to DOSbox and virtualization. 3.573 kata lagi


Windows: What is a taskbar?

A taskbar is the piece of slab that runs across your screen (usually located in the bottom part of your screen) which holds the running applications and shortcuts. 358 kata lagi


Windows Vision

I came across an image of a CD from the internet recently titled Microsoft Windows: A Vision for the Future that dates back to 1997. Unsure who this would have been distributed to, though I suspect it was circulated around with IT professionals, partnered vendors, and so forth for the UK market. 598 kata lagi