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I've Only Done Windows

Hey Kids,

I’m not one of the early pioneers. I started out in the computer world using Windows 95. I played a little in DOS but I can do nothing beyond what I have been explicitly told to do. 146 kata lagi

Useless Observations

The Evolution of Software and Services

Update July 17: Interestingly this was published today about Windows 10

I still remember being in college, buying my first PC with a monochrome monitor and installing Windows 95 using 13 specially formatted 3.5 inch floppy disks. 324 kata lagi

Microsoft reveals plans for humble Windows 10 launch

TORONTO – Microsoft’s flagship operating system Windows 10 will officially launch on July 29 – but, unlike previous launches, the software company is planning a more subdued event this time around. 348 kata lagi


Windows 10, good and bad and on the way

Microsoft is in the home stretch with Windows 10 for PC. Releasing TWO builds in two days, they are proving that they are agile, listening and, above all, making sure this thing works—it HAS to. 526 kata lagi

Computers And Internet

Microsoft warns Netscape in prelude to the 'browser war' of 1995-98

Before they were locked in a death struggle known as the “browser war,” the software giant Microsoft and Web upstart Netscape made nice, at least for a while. 670 kata lagi

Watershed Year

When Secret Service officers wore rubber gloves to greet gay officials

Is it “different enough”?

One of the tests for conducting research into the recent past is whether the period under scrutiny is “different enough” from the present. 697 kata lagi

Watershed Year