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Windows Vision

I came across an image of a CD from the internet recently titled Microsoft Windows: A Vision for the Future that dates back to 1997. Unsure who this would have been distributed to, though I suspect it was circulated around with IT professionals, partnered vendors, and so forth for the UK market. 598 kata lagi


Wink to the Past

Some days ago, my motherboard died. Or so I thought. See, when your PC only turns on without beeping or showing anything on the screen, my first thought is “reset the CMOS”. 558 kata lagi

How I got into gaming

I remember my dad bought us our first home computer back in 1995, you know one of this babies with Windows 95 in it:

I want to say it was an IBM but I don’t quite remember. 249 kata lagi


eBay Purchase #4 - Microsoft Office Value Pack for Windows 95

eBay Purchase Price: $80 AUD

Country of Origin: Australia

Condition: Used

I won the auction for this one some time ago and while the box is rather tatty, it’s been the only one on eBay I’ve seen. 302 kata lagi


Back in time: Windows 95 installation!

The following is a sample chapter from the e-Book: 20 Years of Windows: From Windows 95 to Windows 10. Enjoy reading!

Windows 95 was a nice milestone… 659 kata lagi


Using Windows 95 Kernel PowerToys

“The Windows 95 kernel team got kind of jealous of all the attention the shell team has been getting from its PowerToys, so they decided to polish off their own personal toys and make their own web page. 450 kata lagi


Using Windows 95 PowerToys

Windows 95 was the first to receive PowerToys, a collection of free tools created by some of the developers at Microsoft though was officially unsupported and testing wasn’t as thorough. 649 kata lagi