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Windows 95 on an Apple Watch!!!

You guys remember Windows 95 – That DOS based Windows system that took the world by storm in errr… 1995!? Well, that’s back … And in some style as well! 412 kata lagi

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Windows 95 rulat pe Apple Watch?!

Deși nu este o idee practică, Windows 95 pe un Apple Watch poate să vă aducă sentimente de nostalgie din anii ’90. Există o diferență enormă dintre ce era considerat ”puternic” în anii ’90 și ce este ”puternic” astăzi. 99 kata lagi


Developer gets Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may admittedly feel a big sluggish at times, but the device’s internals – 520 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage – are more impressive than what many old PCs were running back in the early to mid 90s. 240 kata lagi


Windows 95 comes to the Apple Watch

The smartwatch hobbyist community has been somewhat obsessed with tweaking their smartwatches to install impractical stuff that just looks cool. Just look at the history of smartwatch hacks: PS1 Emulators, 232 kata lagi


What is NetBIOS?


NetBIOS stands for Network Basic Input Output System. It is an Application Programming Interface (API) that programs can use to perform basic network operations such as sending data to a specific computer on the network. 23 kata lagi


Developer hacks Apple Watch to boot and run Windows 95

Developer Nick Lee has managed to hack a working version of Windows 95 onto his Apple Watch. The utility of this is close to zero — but it is hilarious to watch. 166 kata lagi

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Windows 95 on the Apple Watch features the world's most twee Start button

Big, complex things running on tiny things is a common theme this week. Earlier we had a hack that put Counter-Strike on Android Wear, and today some maniac has installed Windows 95 on his Apple Watch. 351 kata lagi