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Relive your win95 experience

Just found some interesting “things” i want to share.
How long it’s been since the last time you operate this old school OS? Wanna relive the experience? 86 kata lagi

Side News

Sống lại ‘kí ức tuổi thơ’ Windows 95 chỉ với một trang Web

Bạn có thể sống lại kí ức tuổi thơ với hệ điều hành Windows 95 chỉ với một trình duyệt web.

Dang ky ten mien… 301 kata lagi

Tin Tức

You Can Now Run Windows 95 on a Web Browser

If for some reason, you ever wanted to use Windows 95, now is a good time. It has become easier than ever to run the two-decade-old operating system from Microsoft – because it can now be run on a Web browser. 223 kata lagi


Oh Say, Can You See?

Last summer, I attended the large Provo 4th of July Celebration called Stadium Of Fire. It’s held in BYU’s football stadium. The band Journey was the headliner. 789 kata lagi

Personal Development

Windows 95 in your browser!

Now this might breach copyright but this is just incredible!! Just the startup sound brigs back lots of nostalgia….

Scottish 19yo creation, super clever what you can create in JavaScript nowadays… 12 kata lagi

Windows 95

VGBS 37 - Homebrew Competition Carts & MS DOS vs DOSBox - Voicemail and Text Hotline: (262) 264-VGBS

Episode 37 has us talking about some of the gaming items that we recently picked up. Jeff received a bunch of NES homebrew competition carts and goes over the ins and outs of each. 97 kata lagi


Windows 95 on the 3DS

The video itself is just the boot screen, but it appears to be working.

How will the legacy operating system work on the popular dual screen device? 14 kata lagi