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You think the NHS cyber-attack was a shock? Wait for this...

by Martin Odoni

The cyber-attack that hit National Health Service hospitals yesterday has, inevitably, been twisted by Amber Rudd into a tool with which to add extra pressure onto the Service. 499 kata lagi


The story of nostalgia

I played this game way back in November of 1997 AD on a pentium 150 mhz, 16 mb RAM, 1.8 GB HDD running windows 95 plus! 20 kata lagi


Legacy Computing vs. Emulation - a resurrection

You know that old dusty gray piece of junk you have in the basement behind that bike next to those yard tools and golf clubs? Yes that one, the one you bought in 1995 with the brand new Windows 95 Operating System installed, the Soundblaster card, and a whopping 32MB of RAM. 587 kata lagi

General Topics

pcAnywhere32 & 3 ThinkPads

For trialling out pcAnywhere32 with the parallel port cable, with me are two ThinkPads for the exercise. The one on the left is a Pentium II 380Z running Windows NT 4.0, and beside it is a Pentium 380D running Windows 98 SE. 497 kata lagi


eBay Purchase #8 - Symantec pcAnywhere32 7.5

eBay Purchase Price: $25 AUD

Country of Origin: Australia

Condition: Very Good

Just recently I picked up a complete copy of pcAnywhere32 7.5 remote access software.  265 kata lagi