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Winamp Skin: Tokitsukaze 2

I really love characters that wear a very long stocking and Tokitsukaze is no exception. With that white and black hair of hers, that long stocking is just an icing on the cake of her cuteness appearance. 60 more words


Explain Yourself, Glorified Mixtape. Said No One Ever.

Just in case I do happen to amass any fans of internet radio and inept attempts at comedy, I figured that perhaps a fun little introduction would be fitting. 898 more words

General Updates

Una herramienta para escuchar música de acuerdo a tu gusto

Seguramente nos ha pasado que nos encontramos con la necesidad de escuchar música nueva, pero al al navegar por internet, simplemente se nos complica encontrar la música que se este en nuestra línea de gusto, en este post te presentaremos algunas herramientas para que puedas escuchar música nueva de acuerdo a tu gusto. 195 more words


Glorified Mixtape Radio Update

This is also currently posted in the ‘Radio’ tab, though that portion of the site will be updated in the near future. I just wanted to post it on here and bring it to the forefront in case anyone does happen to stumble upon this project while it’s still in ‘Beta’ mode, if you will. 491 more words

General Updates

Winamp Skin: Maid Girl

Lovely maid girl will fill up our Winamp skin repository today and I can’t believe we haven’t have a maid girl Winamp skin contribution up to this date. 61 more words


Winamp Equalizer

Graphic equalizer with 250+ band -60dB +20dB. Cool bento skin style window.

v1.62 * graphic equalizer * 250+ band -60dB +20dB * logarithmic, linear, low freq scaling- presets * Bento skin style window- mover, freehand, line mode * opacity – share and download new curves… 11 more words

Delphi XE 6 - Get currently playing title from Winamp

const   IPC_GETPLAYLISTFILE  : integer = 214;
        IPC_GETPLAYLISTTITLE : integer = 213;
        IPC_GETLISTPOS :integer = 125;

        WINAMP_BUTTON2   : integer = 40045; // play
        WINAMP_BUTTON4   : integer = 40047; // stop
        WINAMP_BUTTON5   : integer = 40048; // next title

… 69 more words