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Winamp Skin: Akizuki 2

Akizuki from Kantai Collection (Kancolle) got her second chance to be featured yet again in the Winamp skin repository. I just can’t resist not making this into a Winamp skin since the artwork is just too good. 62 more words


Winamp Skin: Snow Miku

Snow Miku is looking so damn cute that I just have to make a Winamp skin out of her. I’m satisfied with the outcome of this Winamp skin and I hope you do enjoy it too. 69 more words


Winamp Skin: Military Girl

A little bit resembling a Nazi uniform, here’s a cool Winamp skin for you, girls in military uniform that will surely make you screaming like a fanboy. 72 more words


Winamp Skin: Yukikaze 3

We are honoured by another Yukikaze Winamp skin and this time it’s in the roundseeker format. She is looking very good in this Winamp with a black & grey theme going on here. 63 more words


Winamp Skin: Aircraft Carrier Hime

Hell yes, finally we got ourselves an enemy vessel’s Kantai Collection (Kancolle) and I’m proud to announce that Aircraft Carrier Hime is available as a Winamp skin. 71 more words


Winamp Skin: Tokitsukaze 2

I really love characters that wear a very long stocking and Tokitsukaze is no exception. With that white and black hair of hers, that long stocking is just an icing on the cake of her cuteness appearance. 60 more words


Una herramienta para escuchar música de acuerdo a tu gusto

Seguramente nos ha pasado que nos encontramos con la necesidad de escuchar música nueva, pero al al navegar por internet, simplemente se nos complica encontrar la música que se este en nuestra línea de gusto, en este post te presentaremos algunas herramientas para que puedas escuchar música nueva de acuerdo a tu gusto. 195 more words