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Is It Worth The Extra Money To Book A Room Directly From The Hotel Website?

The hotel chains have spent a lot of money on marketing to try to get you to book a hotel room directly with them by using their website or app and have gone with the “carrot and stick” approach to achieve that goal. 1.808 kata lagi


Mobile Phones Give Cancers

Also, look into the effect wifi is having on your body.

Our Immune Systems are being attacked in so many ways these days.

Control Of Humanity

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Christians, recently I was getting connected to the internet, logging in, seeing my signal strength and was realizing how much our digital age is equivalent to our connection with God.   655 kata lagi


Hackaday Prize Entry: Don’t Build This

The ESP8266 is a remarkable piece of hardware. What we originally thought — and what was originally marketed as — a simple UART to WiFi bridge with Hayes modem commands has turned into one of the best embedded platforms around. 72 kata lagi

The Hackaday Prize