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PSA: If Your Switch's Internet Won't Work, Reboot The Console

(Source: kotaku.com)

At some point recently, Nintendo Switches all over the country (including several belonging to Kotaku staff) decided to stop connecting to the internet, offering up some nonsense about DNS errors instead of taking us to that sweet sweet eShop. 117 kata lagi


Orange Pi Zero, a sub-$20 Linux computer

Orange Pi Zero with 512MB RAM, expansion board and black case is sold for sub-$20, including postal costs, and it is so far the cheapest Linux device you can buy. 326 kata lagi


How To Connect WIFI Without Password

A lot of peoples search on internet how to use wifi without any password.Today i will show you a very easy method to know any wifi password .After watching this you will be able to use any wifi without password. 41 kata lagi

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What You Should Name Your WiFi, Based on Your College Major

If you, dear reader, live in an apartment building or a house where you hear your neighbors’ toilets flush- sup, Brooklyn- you know this struggle all too well. 185 kata lagi

pocket wifi

It’s been a busy week-end, so just a quick post today. This one’s another more general post, similar to what I wrote about the trains… 491 kata lagi