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チャイナタウンからスタバ以外でWiFiが使えるカフェを探して歩いていたら、気がつけばこのカフェに到達していました。シンガポールのカフェはほとんどどこでもFree WiFiがあるはず!と思っていたら意外とそうでもないので、入店前に確認した方がよいですね。
こちら、Free WiFiは使えますが、Facebookでのログインが必要です。

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Mon-Fri 7:00-23:00
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The Samsung Galaxy Book is a premium 2-in-1 device running Windows 10

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

The Samsung Galaxy Book is a premium 2-in-1 device running Windows 10

At Mobile World Congress today, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Book… 223 kata lagi


The Wireless World Of Health Harms

By Catherine J. Frompovich | Activist Post

January 30, 2017, Olga Sheean presented an opus-like, 57-page report “Setting the standard for a wireless world of harm,” a call for action and accountability [1] to the United Nations for whom she worked at one time until, unfortunately, she became electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS).  1.121 kata lagi


On Friday, Mavin Records founder, Don Jazzy and technology company Tsaboin launched Flobyt, a free WiFi service for Nigerians residing in Lagos. According to Dele Odufuye, Tsaboin MD/CEO, disclosed that the WiFi service can be accessed in locations like eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, and cafés. 193 kata lagi


Getting to Know Cape Networks

I recently attended the 2017 edition of the Wireless LAN Professionals conference in Phoenix. As usual, it was awesome. Catching up with old friends who are scattered far and wide, hearing information-rich presentations, and meeting new people with their own wireless story made it a very enriching week for me. 345 kata lagi

Wireless Networking

Li-Fi. What is it? How it works? How fast is it?

Li-fi is said to be 100 times faster than Wi-Fi! But what exactly is LiFi ?

Li-Fi is a type of Visible Light Communication (VLC) system having wireless communication at a very high speeds. 591 kata lagi


'Man-Eating Tiger' EATS 'Man Eating Tiger' for Eating 'Man-Eating-Tiger-Eating Man'

30 February, 0137: Honestly, we have no idea, who ate whom!

Zoologist Mrs Terribly Horrific and Botanist Mr Horribly Terrific were wandering in the forests of Sunderban, where they observed food chain at its most complicated. 327 kata lagi