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Annoying Animals

This honey badger was so cross with us this morning, he spat at the vehicle. He was not as mad as the hippo though, who charged us! 34 kata lagi


Small cells and Wifi offloading Market: Size, Share, Demands, Growth, Trends and Opportunities

As mobile data proliferates so too does the demand for capacity and coverage.

Many options exist to cope with data surge. Small cell deployment and Wifi offloading are the main ones. 571 kata lagi

Big Market Research

POST #4: A connection doesn't mean 'Wifi'

The fourth blog in my ‘A post every day for a month’ challenge

When was the last time you and your partner or best friend hung out together and didn’t get your phones out? 331 kata lagi


A cathedral, old bottles and rough seas…..

20 Sept 2015

……but first, thanks to friends for texting us the West Ham score advising that West Ham were the first team this season to put goals past Man City, and in fact the first team to beat them, winning 2-1 at Manchester. 189 kata lagi


Animals to order

When on safari we try not to encourage the guides to look for particular animals as that puts them under pressure and often results in a fruitless hunt. 68 kata lagi


#Google rolls out high-speed WiFi to India's train stations - an annotated infographic

Here’s a high-tech counterpoint to the traditional Westerner’s view of Indian train travel, a picture of thousands of smiling brown faces crowded into – and onto – antiquated rolling stock, bodies sprawled over the rooftop, hanging off the sides of the train, enjoying the subcontinent sunshine, while a splendidly uniformed buffet car representative tiptoes delicately amongst the huddled masses, offering tea and samosas. 75 kata lagi