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HP: Tech Support Horror Story

It is now 9:03 pm.

I have been either on the phone, or waiting for steps that I was told to take on my laptop since just after 5 pm.   906 kata lagi



What is the ESP8266?
In a nutshell, the ESP8266 is a WIFI enabled microcontroller in a Maker friendly form factor which has developed an incredible following.


The Connected Car

The Connected Car


Driver and passenger desire for “always on” access has created a need for in-vehicle network connectivity and bandwidth. Technology giants and car manufacturers are leveraging expertise in wired and wireless communications to deliver innovative technology to satisfy consumer demands for seamless connectivity on the road. 435 kata lagi


Coworking Amsterdam @ Vinnies Deli

Overall Ranking: ★

Neighborhood: Haarlemmerbuurt (Center)

Haarlemmerstraat 46 HS, 1013 ES

Phone: 020 771 3086


Monday-Friday 7:30AM–6PM
Saturday 9AM–6PM
Sunday 9:30AM–6PM… 163 kata lagi


Three Weeks In

Almost a full three weeks into living in the Czech Republic, and I’ve already learned so much. And even though I’m not a fan of listicles, here are three things I’ve learned in my short time abroad. 323 kata lagi


LiFi is 100 times faster than WiFi

By Bernard Marr
The enormous demand for WiFi and transmissions of mass quantities of data is putting a strain on the current technologies. With the predicted exponential growth of mobile devices, by 2019 more than ten billion mobile devices will exchange 35 quintillion (1018) bytes of information each month — and that’s just mobile devices. 192 kata lagi


Internet Addiction

When my internet cut off the other day, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Despite the fact that I didn’t actually need to use it at that given moment in time I suddenly had a burning desire to check every website that I knew. 252 kata lagi