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The New Face of Business

Not surprising but fascinating stats!

The U.S. has 200 million smartphone users and 80 percent of them are using the Internet. There is evidence that 90 percent of smart-phone users use their phone to research long term and higher priced purchases during their leisure. 75 kata lagi


Beyond data offload: Gemalto’s advanced Wi-Fi services put new revenue streams within easy reach

Among consumers, Wi-Fi is perhaps most commonly associated with the simple pleasures of a few minutes free surfing on the train or alongside a coffee. For mobile network operators, however, the stakes are rather higher. 506 kata lagi


Here's the Skyroam hotspot that offers travelers hassle-free Internet service

Are all mobile hotspots created equal? Not if you’re a global traveler. Some models are incompatible with networks in other countries. Also, depending on your carrier and service plan, you could be on the hook for massive roaming charges if you try to connect anywhere outside the U.S. 503 kata lagi


2016 will be the most expensive year for business travel accommodations in a decade

Business travel accommodations are generally negotiated between corporate travel managers hotel chains long before employees ever learn they are headed to say that conference in the second fiscal quarter.  243 kata lagi


Programming Grocery List

When ideas are plentiful but motivation is lacking I tend to accumulate tasks to be programmed. Things I would find handy, but either don’t have the time or drive to engage them. 809 kata lagi

Wi-Fi Site Surveys -- done FAST!

How long does it take you to do a passive or post-validation Wi-Fi site survey?  Using the overused WLAN mantra:  It depends!   How big is the building?  754 kata lagi