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Why do we march on Washington? [Part One]

For many of us, election night 2016 will be one of those occasions that, for the rest of our lives, we’ll remember exactly where we were and exactly how we felt as we watched the states, one by one, trickle in with results that horrified and disgusted us. 453 kata lagi

Democrats Move to Divide Donald Trump From GOP on Coal and Steel

Democrats spied an early opportunity this week to divide President-elect Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans on two sleeper issues, previewing a tactic the party could use next year to broaden its popular appeal. 688 kata lagi

Favorite First Ladies

With the release of Jackie coming up (and the hopes that I am going to post my story about a First Lady to Wattpad soon), this history nerd is rating her favorite First Ladies of all time.  313 kata lagi


The Jury's Out on Obama's Terror Fight

If you said on Sept. 12, 2001, that there wouldn’t be another major terror attack on U.S. soil over the next 15 years, most Americans wouldn’t have believed you. 877 kata lagi

President Obama: Stigmatizing Muslims ‘Feeds the Terrorist Narrative’

President Obama used his final national security speech to not only thank U.S. troops for their work over the past eight years, but also appeared to send a message to his successor, President-elect Donald Trump. 504 kata lagi

2016 Election isn't over yet

Hillary Clinton, who is obviously behind these sickening recounts, wouldn’t be wasting her time on something that appears to be a pathetic, last-ditch effort to win the election.  176 kata lagi

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