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Bag of soggy, wet socks make their way into White House briefing room

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It seems someone in the White House decided to skip laundry day after dirty socks were discovered in the briefing room.

Not to be confused with Socks Clinton, the beloved cat of former president Bill Clinton. 186 kata lagi


White House Sinkhole 'Does Not Pose A Risk,' National Park Service Says

(CNN) — Let this sink in: The President is safe from the White House sinkhole.

The area on the North Lawn, which became a social media sensation this week, has been excavated and will be filled in over the coming days, per the National Park Service. 421 kata lagi


President's Twitter Account Constitutes Public Forum

District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled yesterday in a 75-page decision that the president’s Twitter feed constitutes a public forum and that the president’s decision to block users was unconstitutional. 724 kata lagi