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Month O' love: Written In The Stars

Yesterday I put up one of my absolute favourite love songs, today I’m also putting up another Adaeze’s absolute favourite love songs. 573 more words

Favourite Songs

Artificial Happy

I think I have mentioned previously I how in the mornings I make myself happy via listening to hilarious podcasts or youtube video clips. Well I have started doing that on sleepless nights too. 100 more words


terbawa nostalgia

bohong kalau aku nggak berkaca-kaca.

ini malam menye-menye. gara-gara nggak sengaja nonton TV yang digantung di bagian luar salah satu minimarket (sekalian tempat nongkrong anak-anak muda) di Pandega tadi. 570 more words



Hôm nay tôi được làm bánh kếp trong lớp tiếng pháp. Tôi nhớ mẹ. Hồi nhỏ mẹ hay làm bánh kếp và mứt cho anh em tôi. 512 more words

They Are Telling Stories...

#BEDM Challenge: Guilty Pleasures

I have an issue with the term guilty pleasure, and with guilt in general I guess. I just don’t see the point in it. I like what I like and I do what I do, and I think feeling guilty about any of it is a waste of emotions. 115 more words


Westlife - Thank You

I wanna thank you very much
Thank you for lending me love
Now I’m levitating
Cos I feel like I’ve been waiting
For a lifetime… 400 more words

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