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Westlife star Brian McFadden slams Take That: 'They should be called F**K THAT'

He may have been known for warbling high-pitched notes about love when he was a member of popular ’90s boy band Westlife but ex pop-star Brian McFadden, 36, is now getting vocal about another topic  – fellow boy band Take That. 378 kata lagi


Le Moribond

Le Moribond (Kẻ sắp chết) là một bài hát, với những lời chào từ biệt của một người đàn ông trước lúc đi xa, được diễn tả bằng một thái độ thù hằn, uất ức. 769 kata lagi

Nghệ Thuật

"Westlife - Mandy

Mandy“, originally titled “Brandy”, is a song written and composed by Scott English and Richard Kerr.

“Brandy” was a hit in 1971 for Scott English in the UK and in 1972 for Bunny Walters in New Zealand, but achieved greater success when covered in 1974 by Barry Manilow in the US with the title changed to from “Brandy” to “Mandy” to avoid confusion with Looking Glass’s “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)”. 94 kata lagi

American Music Artists


Us against the world
Against the world
Us against the world
Against the world

You and I, we’ve been at it so long
I still got the strongest fire… 353 kata lagi

Lost and Found

Well Good Morning Guys, just went to my office,I have been listening to this very special song throughout my journey to the office.


A special one for a reason, it was the first song that i sung for her when we were together and it reminds me of that glimpse of the smile appeared on her face i could never forget,i knew she had felt it with all of her heart and i knew it because i know her. 250 kata lagi

Love will Remember...!!!

“I have always wondered if we will remain together, even after death,” she said, looking in his eyes, holding his hand.
“Yes and why not? You think anyone can separate you from me?” … 386 kata lagi