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3 Crazy effective skincare cocktails

It’s time to get creative with your skin care! These skin cocktails use supercharged ingredients with extraordinary benefits, made even more superior by combining them with other synergistic actives. 621 kata lagi


Friday Affirmation

I am defined by my purpose, visions and goals.

-D. Edwards | www.pain2poetry.com


7 jednostavnih koraka kako voditi računa o sebi

Život često može biti veoma buran i brz, zato jedna od novogodišnjih odluka bi trebalo da bude i da ponekad usporite. U stvari, jedina odluka koju bi svi trebali da prihvatimo je da ove godine vodimo računa o sebi. 703 kata lagi


Let's Talk About It: Hygiene in Islam

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

You may be wondering why I titled this post, “let’s talk about it,” for a subject that might seem quite simplistic as basic Islamic hygiene. 1.606 kata lagi

Convert To Islam

Potato and Aubergine Winter Salad With Tofu

In between complaining about the cold and longing for summer salads, I sometimes remember that winter is one of the best times to get creative with your meals, and that ‘winter’ and ‘salads’ are not mutually exclusive. 701 kata lagi


How to Make Your Own Natural Vapor Rub

Hopefully cold and flu won’t strike at your home this year, but in case it does, this natural vapor rub is a good natural remedy to have around. 46 kata lagi