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Spino-Whales #3

For an introduction, see earlier post

Today we’re going to be looking at my last in the Speculative Spinocetacean Series (alliteration!) and exploring a blue whale convergent – the gigantic   150 kata lagi


How Louisville Makes Me Feel

Thinking of Louisville I get a weird mix of joy to see my family and Monica, and familiarity, and some nice places I have gone to in the past and like to go to now. 151 kata lagi

25 June 2017: A perfect ten! Oh what a streak we're on!

A perfect ten! Oh what a streak we’re on!
Achieved by sweeping team named after peaks.
And crazy was the game; control was gone!
So many wild pitches from the meeks. 75 kata lagi


The common toilet habits which are making your loo a health hazard - and men are the worst offenders

No matter how clean you keep your toilet, you could be undoing all your good work without realising
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Escaped prisoner recaptured after 32 years on the run

A prisoner on the run for more than 30 years has finally been recaptured.

Steven Dishman, 60, evaded the authorities since he escaped from prison on May 28, 1985. 164 kata lagi


Can I Borrow Their Magnifying Glass?

When this experience happened, I was currently working as a server at a (Greek) family owned Mediterranean restaurant.

In this restaurant, we have delicious food and the portions are also quite generous. 1.102 kata lagi


How to always get a reply when online dating when with that tricky first message

Sending that first message is the hardest part – here's how to do it
Weird News 121only – intelligent News Magazine

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