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The Girl I Ignored .

25 November’17 .

1:29 am .

I was just sitting here in the dark , in my room , reading someone’s blog ….And it hit me . 660 kata lagi


Greg Rutherford's girlfriend reveals their son believes in ghosts because of neighbours' noisy love-making

Mum Susie Verill soon discovered the family weren't being haunted and the noises were in fact being made by the amorous couple next door … 6 kata lagi

121only Weird

Why making someone the perfect cup of tea is virtually impossible

Time for the tea round? Buckle up for disappointed faces
Weird News 121only – intelligent News Magazine

121only Weird

A Sonnet for the Invisible

Author’s Notes: The following is my idea of experimentation. An omniscient, rather asshole-ish narrator reviewing the collective lives of four boys as they find themselves and each other and have the same adventures as basically everyone else at school. 599 kata lagi


Road is white. 

I got home from my walk to the end of the universe and back. Got a few ideas on my way. Check em out.

10 types of cousins

  1. the far, far away cousin, but still your cousin
  2. the “why aren’t you like her/him” cousin
  3. know-it-all cousin
  4. the weird cousin
  5. the “twin” cousin
  6. the annoying cousin…
  7. 12 kata lagi
Best Friend


Poison taken readily,

Held in hand unsteadily,

Given freely to a friend, imbibed in hurtful dose—

Though it serves unrested heads,

Yet within my veins it spreads, 9 kata lagi