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Today, Roel and I would mark our 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years!

A lot has changed since that fateful day, but I could still vividly picture in my mind the young groom patiently waiting for me at the end of the altar……as if the wedding happened only yesterday. 660 kata lagi

Valentine's Day isn't the only day to say "I love you."

Although it’s probably the biggest single day for doing so, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day married couples can exchange hearts and flowers. Somewhere among the remaining 364 days of the year is a wedding anniversary, a special day to commemorate the day you exchanged those “for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” vows. 84 kata lagi

Wedding Anniversaries

2 Years of Paw's Family

Alhamdulillah, bertepatan dengan Gong Xi Fa Cai, hari ini kami merayakan ulang tahun pernikahan kami yang ke-2. Kalau ibarat manusia, usia pernikahan kami ini masih sangat kecil dan muda :) Kami belum memiliki kosakata yang lengkap dalam cinta dan keluarga, kami masih harus belajar menyempurnakan motorik halus kami dalam manajemen rumah tangga, belajar mengenali perasaan satu sama lain dan cara mengekspresikannya yang tepat. 486 kata lagi

Husband And Wife

Anniversary Getaway - Part II

Continued from here

We started back from the beach and was about to enter the highway. We stopped at the Stop sign and it had a Navigation board nearby which said Muirwoods to left and San Francisco to right. 624 kata lagi

Me And Jay Times

Anniversary Weekend Retreat

Last weekend, Mo and I had the opportunity to stay at Copperstone Inn, the B&B on the same property where we got married. A “relaxing weekend” has been nonexistent since moving back to Chicago, so we were extra grateful for a quiet retreat (shoutout to our folks who puppysat Sydney!). 387 kata lagi