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I Sold My 2nd Set of China Dishes Today!

I checked both Ebay accounts this morning at around 8:30, No Sales on either one. David got up around 9 and took over the computer. He had been on for about an hour and also had checked his account. 156 more words


What date is today?

4.20 is national cannabis day, or “Weed Day”.
420 is the police code for Marijuana Smoking in Progress.
In California, the bill to legalize medical use of marijuana is codified SB 420. 267 more words


Anniversary: Year 2

April 20th, 2015… 2 years of marriage! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday we were planning our wedding and getting married. The last two years have been an absolute joy along side Scott. 57 more words


Greetings Happy Wedding Anniversary

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Wedding Invitation

Our wedding anniversary

A year ago yesterday me and my dear wife Rebecca tied the knot in Rufforth (east York).
It was an amazing day and the most relaxed I’ve been at a wedding in over 10 years of professional work. 190 more words

One year of marriage: A look back

On April 18, 2014 I was lucky enough to marry the best man that ever walked into my life. I wrote about it on the blog if you’d like to see it. 1.967 more words

Slummy (lamb) mummy and the perils of wanting it all

Today I truly surpassed myself.

Picking up Esme from her second party of the weekend, I was sounding off to a good friend about how I had had my one and only free hour of the weekend disrupted. 554 more words

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