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Shine a Light

Our doorbell rang last night about 6:30. It was Dad, who had stopped on his way to the emergency room. Mom was sick and he couldn’t get a hold of us. 435 kata lagi


Plan with me | Anniversary week 

It’s been awhile since my last plan with me blog post but hey hey hey this week is very special!… I can’t contain my happiness you guys! 267 kata lagi


Disney World Blitz: Parklife Part II

Continuing my ever so long-winded (detailed!) account of my recent trip to Disney, I thought we’d dedicate this installment to nearly everybody’s favourite subject matter, food!  1.682 kata lagi

The Island Of Misfit Posts

Wedding Anniversary Limo

That time of year is approaching.. you know.. the time of year you forgot about last time. That didn’t go over well, did it?  You didn’t hear the end of it for months.  476 kata lagi

Unsaid love story.....❤️❤️❤️

I wanted to write something really different and brief today….and I thought of writing about my real love story ♥️♥️♥️ because our wedding anniversary is coming soon……so, basically this will be an early post😅.😅…..but that’s ok …….Personally I feel this thing is just miracle happened in my life and my biggest turning point ever…Having a secret crush during teenage is what we all have experienced and magically getting married to that person….. 533 kata lagi

Disney World Blitz: Parklife Part I

Sick of hearing about my recent whirlwind, spur-of-the-moment anniversary trip to Disney World?  Too bad, ’cause you’re getting more!  A lot more, actually.  This was our amazingly fun trip, in a few different installments. 1.004 kata lagi

The Island Of Misfit Posts

Quick thinking, exhausting holidays and crazy parties!

There are very few dull moments in Newman Towers and the last few weeks have not been an exception! The first six weeks of this school term have been all about finishing my novel, and after a lot of hours spent with my laptop, I have now taken a break for a few weeks which is a good thing as they have been full with other stuff. 434 kata lagi