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“Dedicated to my husband, Vinny Sal.”

25 Year Anniversary

Married on February 14, 1993, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

SL Prielipp-Falzone

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What is love? 3 couples know the answer

How do you know it’s true love? These three couples share their stories that prove true love does exist.

Jack & Millie

This couple have been married for 70 years and the secret to their success is so simple and so sweet, you’ll wonder why it isn’t more common. 554 kata lagi

Anniversary Themes

Anniversary Gift Ideas

  Anniversary Gift Ideas

When all else fails, and your mind is blank, turn to jewelry.  You cannot go wrong with a gift of silver or gold.  251 kata lagi

Our Twenty-Seventh Wedding Anniversary

On January 9th Mary and I celebrate our Twenty-Seventh Wedding Anniversary. The photo above shows the two of us celebrating our tenth anniversary, in Yosemite, which was also where we spent our honeymoon. 34 kata lagi

Special Occasions

First Year Wedding Anniversary

Holy shit a whole year has passed by?!?!? Married to an abusive man with a girlfriend on the side, whose family is equally horribly, has gone by and I’m still alive.  1.167 kata lagi

"You Are The Red Oil To My Yam, The Ogiri In My Soup” – Oyinbo Lady Pens Sweet Message To Her Nigerian Husband On Their Wedding Anniversary

A Swiss lady who got married to a Nigerian man has taken to social media to write him a lovely message. The pretty lady who is a blogger is married to a Nigerian man from Anambra state, . 71 kata lagi


The undiscovered ends


We are celebrating a wedding anniversary today

(I think it’s our 21st)

and I thought I’d share some of our fizz with you

it’s of a little something… 89 kata lagi