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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine sites like Google and Bing connect people to websites for their information needs. It allows people access to niche content thanks to their search engine optimization. 218 kata lagi

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Scott's Web Shop: Preparing for Take Off

Saturday, June 24th. Three weeks post-op.

I’m beginning to consider improving my morning routines.

Writing first thing, then cycling on the exercise bike.

Writing is to get deep on my goals, usually shorter term goals but providing a tie to longer term ones. 392 kata lagi



So I’ve recently created an Instagram for my photography.  Check it out @ austinm_photography.  I will post old and new favorites on a daily basis here. 25 kata lagi


Why Blogging Can Make You More Known (1 min read)

People start blogs all the time no matter what time of the day it is. Most of them happen to get a little known to the public. 175 kata lagi


DIRECTV Support & Knowledge Base

DIRECTV’s support website (Help Center) and knowledge base, for which I did tech writing along with creating web pages


2nd Website I Ever Worked On

This is the 2nd website I ever worked on; it was owned by the same company as MyBytes.com. RIP sixdegrees.com. 9 kata lagi