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Internet best practices: email security

There are a couple of things we need to understand about email.

Browsing is anonymous; email is not.  You can clicky-click all over the open web without logging in to most places.  291 kata lagi


Squirrelmail IMAP 111 : Connection refused

After I started using K-9 Mail on my Oneplus 2, I hardly accessed webmail service hosted on my #RaspberryPi. I wanted to send an urgent note but when I tried to login, got a error message as under. 102 kata lagi


Accessing E-mail: Google Apps

For the UAS Whalesong

Welcome new students! You may have noticed that all students, staff, and faculty have a Google Apps account. 356 kata lagi


Cypht Webmail Screen Shots

This is YET ANOTHER post to shill for Cypht, my Open Source webmail project. But instead of droning on endlessly about technical mumbo-jumbo like I usually do, this one has pictures! 182 kata lagi

How To Troubleshoot, The Two Most Common Issues Reported In SBCGlobal Webmail?

SBCglobal webmail is one of the mostly used webmail service in the world. This mail service gives you a chance to access mails, read it, compose and delete from anywhere. 576 kata lagi

Att Net Email Login

5 Cool Cypht Webmail Features

Cypht is the Open Source webmail program I have been toiling away on for the last few years. It stands out from the competition because of a few unique options, not that it doesn’t have its own warts. 691 kata lagi