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Gmail Will Soon Warn Users When Emails Arrive Over Unencrypted Connections

Soon, you may see a warning in Gmail that tells you that an email has arrived over an unencrypted connection.

Gmail already defaults to using HTTPS for the connections between your browser and its servers, but for the longest time, the standard practice for sending email between providers was to leave them unencrypted. 244 kata lagi


Opening a Webmail Account on Sina.com


This is a short post to streamline opening accounts on sina.com, which is a free Chinese webmail account provider. Why would you want an account on Sina? 557 kata lagi


Gmail, We Need To Talk

Dear Gmail: Two years ago, you launched an ambitious endeavor with Schema.org to bring a new level of richness to email. Schema.org allowed senders to embed rich meta data in email that allowed any modern email client, not just Gmail, to present actionable items within email. 1.096 kata lagi


ProtonMail On Battling A Sustained DDoS Attack

Encrypted webmail provider, ProtonMail, has been fighting a wave of DDoS attacks since November 3 that, by last Friday, had taken its service offline for more than 24 hours. 1.114 kata lagi


(Behind the scene) Cara mengarahkan webmail.domain.com ke mail.domain.com

Mumpung masih ingat dan segar dalam ingatan,ceritanya beberapa hari yang lalu saya dapat tugas untuk membuat akun email bagi klien dan supaya url di browser di set di alamat mail.domain.com. 201 kata lagi


The Future of E-mail

I think about E-mail a lot. I’m weird that way. I think of E-mail as an annoying neighbor who wanders over to your yard on a regular basis to chit-chat when you are obviously busy – It just won’t go away. 620 kata lagi

Gmail Now Lets You Easily Block Annoying Senders

Here is a small but useful new feature in Gmail that’s launching today: you can now block specific email addresses with two clicks. So whenever you’re getting.. 9 kata lagi

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