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Online Security and Privacy

Affecting Future Career:

    I think online security and privacy is an important tool for everyone to have, but I think it comes in handy for people with communications majors. 239 kata lagi


Landing Pages: Tolerable vs. Terrible

After attempting to create a landing page on my own I learned several things. My text was oversized, as well as everything else: icons and graphics. 309 kata lagi


Malicious Facebook

Why dose FB slam me with 780MB of persistent cookies (only manually removable) & every other web site I log into only stores 64KB (standard) 90 kata lagi


Quick, dirty and simple: That's how things get done.

It’s second day of working on my new app and have already made much progress. Today I added the home page for creating new tournaments. It links to a page for the tournament. 470 kata lagi

Not Available

(xkcd) – Randall Munroe:

If you ever really want to make people mad, set this as your 404/”Not found” page. …

xkcd 1969


This survey is a coding exercise

I made this  :)  See HTML and JS tabs for my comments.