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That Vlog Life: The Pitch

The Media, Audience, and Place subject requires me to pick a topic for a research topic, and for a while I have struggled to pick a certain subject to do my project on, and then it finally came to me 371 kata lagi


猫系男子 Máoxìnánzǐ

Since: January, 2013

Origin: Japan

Meaning: intellectual man, who loves staying at home and working pursuing perfection.

As it always happens for New Chinese Words on the web, the ones describing men and classifying them into different categories come from Japan first. 91 kata lagi


Ultimate Web Profits

Thinking about increasing your business exponentially? Wow, just the right numbers in sales volume, the right numbers in bank account and the good number of quality and quantity times with your family. 108 kata lagi

Ansible playbook snippets


Task: Get AMI Ids of AWS ec2 instances:

- name: get EC2 facts
  action: ec2_facts
  register: the_facts

– debug: var=the_facts.ansible_facts.ansible_ec2_ami_id

Task: Get python disto in use: 81 kata lagi


How to make Allo for web look identical to Google Hangouts

(Source: 9to5google.com)

While many in the Android and Google-fan communities used and loved (well, sometimes loved) Hangouts for messaging others from mobile and desktop, Google is now shifting the… 250 kata lagi


USA TODAY: ISIS claims responsibility for Barcelona terror attack


ISIS claims responsibility for Barcelona terror attack


BARCELONA — A white van that plowed through a pedestrian walkway in a trendy tourist spot, killing 13, and an explosion at a private house are both believed to be the work of a terrorist cell targeting points in Spain, authorities said Thursday.The van attack happened in the popular Las Ramblas tourist district, injuring at least 100 others in addition to those who were killed. 94 kata lagi