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Top Tips for Creating Your Own Brand & Getting It to Grow

More people are realizing the benefits of entrepreneurship. As a result, many people are building their own brands to achieve professional dreams. If you’d like to do the same, understand that it’s a process. 462 kata lagi

Should The Web Be Decentralized?

This isn’t one of those articles that starts off with a question and the long and short if it is that the writer just wants to say no. 772 kata lagi


job ads global search

job ads global search is becoming always more difficult in some european countries as the time goes bye.

Lots of different job recruiting services are available online, but are them all really usefull? 68 kata lagi


The Little Things

What made the walk wonderful

Were the little things:

The spider’s webs.


P's Advice: Online Dating 2k18

This is the tech based generation which means we are the generation of social media, self-absorbed picture taking, and online dating. In a world where 20% of all serious relationships start online, that means one of the five people around you met their current dating partner in cyber space. 693 kata lagi