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The Orphaned Internet Domain Risk

I have clicked on company websites of social media acquaintances, and something is not right: Slight errors in formatting, encoding errors for special German characters. 586 kata lagi

Science And Technology

An attempt to demystify Symfony configuration

A symfony application’s configuration is stored in app/config directory.

When the kernel loads, it looks for an appropriate config file in this directory, based on the current environment (e.g, config.yml for production and config_dev.yml for development).   1.137 kata lagi


I am still here!

Unfortunately I had no time to write something for a while, the goal of this post is to summarize what did and what I am doing! 108 kata lagi

General Programming

Learn how to generate free web traffic

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lead generation

10/24/2017 W10.01 Small Business Website Project

  1. Journal site 15%—semester project
  2. Portfolio Site 15%—semester project
  3. Event Site 20%
  4. Small Business Site 25%
  5. Global Branding Project 25%
Project sheet: Small Business Site

Schedule… 35 kata lagi


Proclaiming Efficiency

He stands on a short wall that looks out toward the city

And he spreads out his arms and he yells

“I can see it! 54 kata lagi