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Learning Angular

I would like share some of the resources which was useful for me while learning Angular and continue to give more insights in to the platform. 403 kata lagi


All About Books

There is something about books and summer, once the warm weather hits, I just want to read as many books as I can. My summer to be read list includes… 219 kata lagi


8 Things That Make Me Happy

Before we get this blog post started I just want to say a big thank you to you all for all the love and support you all show towards my blog so thank you so much. 374 kata lagi

A Matrix Worth Nourishing and Sustaining

Dear Friends,

It is a chilly, grey morning in Atenas. I am awake a little early already in
anticipation of going out this morning to do some errands I put off until… 272 kata lagi



As someone that has followed Firefox since it was called Phoenix, and used it as my primary browser since its earliest days as Firebird, I was feeling a bit sad about the browser not that long ago. 182 kata lagi


Properly Securing Web Tokens

For those following my Spanish post series on how to do a blazing fast website you’ll know already that I’m researching on the use of… 2.142 kata lagi


6 diffrent websites


What I like is the colour scheme and how they make it work. Spotify is known for iconic green. But on the website, they use blue, black and white to complement each other. 465 kata lagi