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Watch Wayang Kulit and Understanding People There Behind the Screen

Watching  Wayang Kulit People There Behind the Screen

Wayang kulit is a traditional art native of Indonesia and more developing in Java. This traditional art is an art that is played by a puppeteer, where in playing this art, puppeteer role as a narrator once bone player who plays a lot of characters in it. 403 kata lagi

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Bekasi's Puppet, Combination Javanese Wayang Kulit and Marionette Puppet

Indonesia has so many cultures coming from each tribe. One is Java. Java has a unique culture and interesting that could be explored further. The place is famous as a place to preserve and defend Javanese culture is Yogyakarta and Surakarta because of its close proximity to the palace. 389 kata lagi

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Wayang Kulit, Heritage Indonesia Have Global

Puppet is one form of Indonesian culture that must be preserved. Actually, the puppet is not only in Indonesia. Wayang is also found in several countries in the world. 420 kata lagi

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The Puppetmistress

In the age of Netflix and an unending stream of good-quality shows, who has the time for a childish pastime like puppetry? Or so I thought, until I happened to catch a showcase of… 759 kata lagi

George Town Festival


Wayang is an Indonesian word for theatre (literally “shadow”).When the term is used to refer to kinds of puppet theater, sometimes the puppet itself is referred to as wayang. 640 kata lagi


#FusionWayangKulit Reimagines Rogue One: A Star Wars Story As Wayang Kulit

The awesome folks at Fusion Wayang Kulit – who brought us the amazing “Peperangan Bintang“, a wayang kulit (a traditional Southeast Asian shadow puppet show) version of… 79 kata lagi

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