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WEfie with Alisha before School + Breakfast as part of Slimming in Action (Progress)

Above is a snapshot of my girl & I. I was waiting for my GrabHitch to come. Anyway, this is a picture in case you were wondering how I look like. 157 kata lagi

My Lunch for Today (Part of Slimming in Action)

This is an update of what I had for lunch. A watermelon, milo as well as the dish you see above.

It consist of the following: 89 kata lagi

Strawberry Margarita

While it may be cold in the rest of the country, LA feels like summer. It definitely feels like summer in the winter with days with a high of 80 degrees. 52 kata lagi

Just a bit of average fun

It always seems to be the days I crave absolutely no materialistic satisfaction that I always find an eye catching, irresistible product to buy. I tend to dislike shopping. 732 kata lagi

Ana Tinc


‘Aisha RadhiyAllahu anha reports that: “Rasulullāh ﷺ ate watermelon with fresh dates.”

[شمائل ترمذي]

In Tirmidhi and other narrations, in explaining this, Rasulullāh ﷺ also said: ‘The cold effect of one removes the heat of the other, and the heat of one removes the cold effect of the other.” 249 kata lagi

Health benefits of watermelon Seeds

Health benefits of watermelon Seeds

By David Lawal with Agency Report

Watermelon is an extremely popular fruit. While we all enjoy eating this sweet refreshing fruit, we usually discard the tiny seeds scattered in it without realising or rather knowing of their health benefits. 470 kata lagi