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Sapphire Brooches
Weiss Brooch Blue Green AB Navette Rhinestone Prong Set Open Back Large Signed #Weiss
Weiss Brooch Blue Green AB Navette Rhinestone Prong Set Open Back Large Signed… 32 kata lagi

Lychee & Watermelon

Such a nice, refreshing bowl of fruit to cool down on a summer day. Pre-prep it and just leave it in the fridge till you’re ready. 54 kata lagi


A Totally Different Watermelon Salad To The Last One

I needed to use up that watermelon.

– Watermelon

– Apple

– Sunflower Seeds

– Red Onion

– Avacado

– Grapes

– Spinach

– Balsamic Reduction. 54 kata lagi


Watermelon Sandwich


  • Watermelon
    Goats Cheese
    Balsamic Vinegar

Watermelon & Hemp Salad

Hemp hearts are hemp seeds without the shell. I use the Manitoba Hemp Hearts. This superfood adds a nice crunch to a juicy salad. And the omega fatty acids it contains keeps your joints, bones, skin, hair and metabolism in tip top condition. 36 kata lagi



From the Pink City we travelled into the most western corner of Rajasthan, home to the Thar Desert and the sandy Golden City, Jaisalmer. 585 kata lagi


Pier Solar Collector's Edition for the Sega Dreamcast

It was the year 2012 when I pledged $125 UDS to the Kickstarter campaign for Pier Solar HD for the Sega Dreamcast.

Today, just about three years later my Pier Solar Collector’s Edition has arrived. 592 kata lagi