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Wind of changes

Familiar fruits and vegetables originally looked not like on the shelves, because nature created them not to look as appetizing as possible in advertising. Standards of cucumber curvature, uniformity color of tomatoes and other aesthetics were invented by people. 247 kata lagi


Watermelon juice

So simple but so delicious!  This frosty drink reminds me of my trips visiting my family in Thailand.

  • Roughly 4 parts watermelon chunks and 1 part ice cubes…
  • 35 kata lagi

Viral Vid Fun: Hippo Devours Watermelon With One Bite

Need a smile to close out your work week? This should do it!

Granted, these aren’t huge melons, but the way the hippo can just inhale it like it is nothing is pretty darn amazing! Enjoy!


Watermelon Geometry

Straight line . . . 

begets . . .

a curve.



Watermelon the perfect summer snack

Summers’ are synonymous with heat, sweat, dehydration and the refreshing watermelon! If you thought that watermelons are just a thirst quenching summer treat then think again. 336 kata lagi