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A Full Meal

Vegetable soup, rice with natto and scallions, tricoloured rice cakes, and watermelon.


Memory Aid

Last week Lilli used the term “feet wrists.” I almost didn’t want to correct her and let her know most people prefer to use the term “ankles.” After it happened, I wanted so badly to write it down somewhere, so I wouldn’t forget how precious my little girl is. 466 kata lagi


Flushing CSA Reaches Halfway Mark!

Hello CSA members,

Believe it or not, we have reached the half-way point in the season! The farm is doing their fall planting already but we’re still getting great summer variety! 691 kata lagi


Tips for Buying & Storing Four Summer Fruit Favourites


Tip: Store peaches upside down

Peaches are very sensitive and bruise very easily, so to avoid them rolling, bumping, and squishing the ripe flesh, store them at room temperature, stem end down! 365 kata lagi


How to Make a Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri, or how to save watermelon to enjoy it later.

So you bought a giant watermelon, because you love watermelon and it was a good price.  Plus it is summer  – who doesn’t want to eat some watermelon.   309 kata lagi

Dollar Drinks

Tweezers & Other Things to Buy When Having A Bad Day

Retail therapy is RE(t)A(i)L therapy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Shopping when having a bad day will make you feel 1,000x better. Who cares if it hurts your wallet? 255 kata lagi

Open Letter(s)

My Favourite Infused Water

Sorry it’s not a full glass, I took a few sips first. It’s that good.

Its simple as ever too, for each serving of water I make this for (displayed here is one) I include half a full slice of watermelon, two slices of lemon, and three slices of life. 54 kata lagi