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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Melony Secrets for your Doggies Diet Melon!

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon- The Truth Answer to this query is just a step ahead. What Vets say about this query, Read before you feed Watermelon

Haiku #198

Hot sand burns my feet

Eating cold watermelon

Watching seagulls fly


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I havenโ€™t been able to sleep all night so hereโ€™s a ridiculous post about watermelon and other crazy things


I lost my credit card for my bank in Costa Rica.

Yeah, what a pain in the ass that is. I have to go back to the store I was at yesterday to see if they have it. 557 kata lagi


Summertime and Watermelon

I haven’t eaten enough watermelon to know if it keeps the blues away or not. Maybe I’ll give it a try this Summer!

I created the following images/cards using PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate, picture tubes, and lots of layers, texture, and other special effects. 43 kata lagi

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