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Watermelon Summer Salad

This super refreshing watermelon and goat cheese salad is perfect for a hot summer day. It may sound surprising if you’ve never tried it before but the saltiness of the cheese mixes really well with the sweetness of the watermelon. 147 kata lagi

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TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 157, Friday May 23 2014

It was too hot to do anything but nun-chucks in the shade by the time I got out of bed. I picked up breakfast for me and Nate after my “workout”. 582 kata lagi


Vegetable Garden

“Nothing so benefits a man’s physical disposition as the regular consumption of vegetables. Nothing so benefits his mental disposition as the growing of them.” -Samuel Johnson… 1.225 kata lagi

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5 Foods To Boost Your Immune System

Some of the things that can fight diseases and keep you well are watermelon and spinach. 196 kata lagi


Friendspiration All Around!

Visiting specialty food stores is a practice in exploration. These stores not only offer specific special novelty ingredients you won’t see at your friendly neighborhood grocery store, but they often feature various staples available at extra friendly prices. 516 kata lagi


A Week in the Life | 16th - 22nd May

Photograph of the Week

A woman walks on a beach blanketed with dead sardines.Chilean authorities are investigating the country’s salmon-farming industry after an algal bloom carrying a virulent neurotoxin spread for hundreds of miles along the rugged coastline of Patagonia, triggering a health emergency and angry protests by fishermen… 212 kata lagi

A Week In The Life

Dining Al Fresco (or is it Fresca?)

The sun came out this weekend. Yay! We bought dirt and planted the herbs and flower seeds for Four O’Clocks which rarely turns out. Four O’Clocks were in the front of the house where I grew up and I’ve been trying to get a bed going ever since I moved into this house. 269 kata lagi