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Waterfall Model


Iterative Model

Testing within the lifecycle model

  • Every development activity has a corresponding test activity.
  • Each test level should have test objectives specific to that level.
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Evaluation copy of my book "Foundations of software engineering"

My book “Foundations of software engineering” is primarily written as a textbook for University level courses related to software engineering. It is getting extremely good reviews from professors around the world; particularly from American and Indian universities. 59 kata lagi

Software Engineering

SDLC and SDLC models

SDLC: SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. A Software Development Life Cycle is essentially a series of steps, or phases, that provides a model for the development and life cycle management of an application or piece of software.   413 kata lagi

How much effort involved in building a software product?

When a project starts to design and build a software product, then one obvious question arises as to how many people will be involved for how long in designing and building the software product. 369 kata lagi

Software Engineering

What is an evolutionary prototype (a kind of feasibility study)?

Prototypes are extremely important in building software products. The throwaway prototype was discussed in the last post. Now let us discuss evolutionary prototype in this post. 143 kata lagi

Software Engineering

What is a throwaway prototype (a type of feasibility study)?

When a software is required to be built; it should stick to the requirements of the users. Sadly, most often the built software does not match the requirements of the user. 206 kata lagi

Software Engineering

software engineering simply explained

Most people think of only software programming when they think about software engineering. But software programming is only a part of software engineering. Software engineering includes every activity which is done so that a software product can be built. 209 kata lagi

Software Engineering